NHM Readers Recommend: Where to seek advice for Oppositional Defiant Disorder

In December 2018, a NHM Reader asked for: “Recommendations or advice on a child who has a condition called oppositional defiant disorder. (O.D.D), and where I can go for an actual assessment/diagnosis. NHS or private! He’s on waiting list for screening at CAHMS but they don’t diagnose O. D. D. He is in Secondary Education.”

Thank you for all your responses, they are listed below in no particular order. All opinions are the readers own and are not that of NHM.

Please be aware that listings may change in subsequent years.

NHM Readers Recommend: Where to seek advice for Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Victoria said, “Try contact.org.uk. They may be able to help.”

Anne said, “I’ve been told my 2 year old has oppositional behaviour, I don’t know if that is the same thing but this was through patch. I was referred to them because of speech delay and the fact that the speech therapist couldn’t assess him properly. Has she tried calling solent child services? I’m sure that’s who I called initially and did a self referral. I was given the number from my health visitor.”

Carina said, “Can the school/ nursery help? Regardless of the diagnosis they should start putting some things in place.”

Marie said, “…as a senco at a nursery, speak to their nursery /school. We have lots of experience, but can also access support, information, and how /where to get more support, both at home and in the setting.”

Helen said, “Depending on the age of the child YPI maybe able to help, there’s usually a waiting list but they’re very good and while can’t always diagnose they can expedite matters where necessary.”

Katy said, “We would massively recommend Hemispheres in Camberley. They have been super with helping us get to grips with how to support our daughter’s sensory processing issues.”

Jo said, “It will depend on the child’s age. Please feel free to pass on my details to the parent, I work for Parent Voice and we can help this parent. jomaxwellheron@roseroad.org.uk 0300 303 8603″

Pixie said, “I’m a specialist dyslexia assessor etc. This isn’t in my remit to. Diagnosis but I can help. With assessment that relates to supporting referral ls etc Inc ruling other aspects out.”

Amanda said, “My (now 25 year old) was diagnosed at secondary school. It became less and less apparent after we removed him and is non existent now. Happy to advise…”

Rachael said, “My son was diagnosed by the paediatric team at the hospital. He was referred by GP practice and then assessed. We where told it was ODD and learning needs. We were not offered any support or how to deal with a child with these needs. I did my own research and by learning my child’s needs. We no longer engage in arguments we state what we would like re behaviour and walk away. He is now a lot older so easier to reason with.”

Louise NHM Smith said: It could be worth joining the following FB group, who provide support for parents of children with Additional Needs in Basingstoke and surrounding areas: HPCN Basingstoke Share Together

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