NHM Readers Recommend: Someone to make a Taggie

I recently had a question from an NHM Reader: “I’m looking for someone to make me a Taggie which has a child’s name stitched onto it. Can you ask if anyone has any suggestions”.

Many thanks to the NHM Community for your responses, listed below in no particular order:

NHM Readers recommend someone to make a taggie

Madeleine said “Easy2Name may be able to help you…”

Stephany said “Lynsey everytime!”

Heidi said “Frames & Keepsakes By Liz

Debbie said “Mandy sew whatever is fantastic and local.” https://m.facebook.com/Sewwhatever2016/

Hayley said “Danielle is amazing at that sort of thing”  Dreamy Owla

  • Kelly said “Yep def get Danielle on the case”

Katie said “Little menace made some for me and they were gorgeous. Super quick delivery too”

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