NHM Readers Recommend: Where to go to Make Mummy Friends

An NHM Reader recently asked: “Hi Louise would it be possible to have a post please? I’ve only lived in Basingstoke just over a Year now and left all my friends/family behind, just wondered if anyone knew anywhere I could go to make mummy friends as I’m starting to feel really lonely and isolated many thanks in advance”. There was an amazing response from the NHM Community, including many offers to meet up! Thank you so much everyone! Suggestions have been listed below in no particular order:

NHM readers recommend – where to go to make mummy friends

Joanna says “BusyBees Hook is a very welcoming toddler group it’s at Elizabeth Hall on a Friday morning at 9.45am”

Cathy says “Brookvale Toddler Group is near the town centre – baby chicks there today”

Louise NHM says “I have a “secret pregnancy” group? It’s a great way to meet other local mums who are also pregnant. I think there are about 50 Mums in the group at the mo… If anyone would like to be added to the groups that I have set up for Mum’s with little ones who would like to make some new friends, please just let me know.”

Wendy says “Gym classes are a pretty good place. There’s a wide range of classes available in Basingstoke. Between them Helena (4fitsake), Kelly (Boogie Bounce Xtreme), Vicky (MummaBfit) and Marie FitMama Behenna cover every type of class and every time slot possible. I think Vicky started her business because of the mum friends she made at gym classes. Also Louise has a NHM night out.”

Erica says “There are lots of toddler groups around and those would be a great place to start but it can be intimidating and difficult as someone who doesn’t know anyone else in these situations. I would maybe find one of those that is close to you and then send out a message to the regulars in that toddler group to say hi this is me… please come and say hi if I’m there next time!”

Cerys says “Coffee & Chat at Brookvale on Fridays (but not this Friday as it’s a bank holiday)”

Lucy says “How old are the children/child? Def look at groups near where living as then hopefully will make friends with children going to the same school”

Laura says “Look for a local nct coffee morning group. Definitely less intimidating than a toddler group and more about mummy chats than most classes are. They’re listed on the nct website.”

Stacey says “Apps like Mush Mums or Mummy Social are a good idea. You can send other mums messages who have kids the same age or have same interests as you. A great idea would be to organise a coffee meet up on there and get chatting!”

Emma says “I felt exactly like this when I had my first son – I moved here from Bournemouth and when I was working it wasn’t so hard as I socialised with work colleagues, but after having baby I needed to meet people in the same situation which was really hard. I found net mums ‘meet a mum’ board good (although it’s a bit like speed dating for mums!) and Louise runs her prosecco meet ups where everyone is encouraged to socialise. Defo look at local baby groups as you’ll probably end up meeting people who live nice and close to you. I totally sympathise with how you feel and you’ve done the right thing to ask for help as everyone needs companionship, loneliness sucks”

Sarah says “Find on Facebook – Basingstoke Mama Tribe. We’re a new group of first time mum’s and mum’s of toddlers but anyone welcome. It’s a casual affair and most of us moved to Basingtoke within the last few years. Hope to see you soon.”

Helen says “Ready Steady Mums is a free walking group mums who meet and have a social walk and chat, they have a Facebook group. Basingstoke Mums is another group where the mums chat and meet up for coffee.”

Sasha says “I know how it feels and i found just joining lots of groups and taking the plunge to go along sorted it in the end”

Lindsey says “Try bouncing beans on Sarum Hill in a Friday. So very friendly and lovely group for pre schoolers”

Rebecca says “If anyone wants to pop into our B Group in Odiham for bumps and babies under one feel free! Find us on Facebook. We set it up so mums could meet each other and support each other”

Becky says “Try the app hoop for ideas, or baby/toddler signing tiny talk classes are fun!”

Kelly says “Www.facebook.com/jiggybasingstoke This is a lovely musical movement class in Basingstoke, Hook and Fleet. Good opportunity to meet new mums. If anyone wants to know about local meet ups, this page is good www.facebook.com/mummymeetupbasingstokeManage

Allison says “There are two parent and toddler groups held at St Mary’s Church Eastrop – Tuesday and Thursday mornings (check website for details). Also there’s a Dad’s and toddler group once a month on a Saturday (bacon butties are involved!).”

Rachael says “Bumps into mums at Sherfield Park on a Friday morning 10am till 12pm, friendly group with little a ones from 0 up to school age and runs through holidays aswell. 0-5 toddler group at Sherfield Park as well on a Tuesday morning 10-12pm very friendly and lots of age groups and people from different back grounds. And mummy social”

Erin says “There is an app called Mush”

Naomi says “ Melrose Hall popley little people on a Tuesday 10 till 11.30. And Melrose Friday Tots 10 till 11.30 (with a stay for Lunch option aswell)”

Jenny says “I organise a weekly Wednesday meet up through ‘Last Minute Mums’ on Facebook. Anyone can be added. There won’t be one now until after Easter though. We are a small group so would be great to have some more mummies who can join us. We usually go to a playgroup or soft play”

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