NHM Reader Recommendations: Games and activities for a 10th birthday sleepover

I received a question from an NHM Reader that I asked the NHM Community to help with: “My son would like a sleepover for his 10th birthday. I’m looking for ideas about what sort of games and activities the boys can do. I’m a single mum with a small house, and a small budget and it will be in the middle of winter so indoor activities. Many thanks”.

Thank you for all of your responses, listed below in no particular order:

NHM Reader Recommendations: Games and activities for a 10th birthday sleepover

Kimberley said “Pizza making. Buy some pre made bases and let them do own toppings?”

Kelly said “Home cinema”

Lisa said “Blink Murder”

Rachael said “Ask him what he would like, get him involved in organising it”

Wendy said “Old school games console with old games they haven’t played before. Lots of people have them buried away so you could probably borrow from a friend.”

Natalie said “Do you know the game were each person takes it in turns to roll a dice. If you roll a six you start putting on gloves hat scarf etc, then try and cut some chocolate to eat before another person rolls a six. Always laugh especially if you use oven gloves.”

Hannah replied “Put the chocolate in the fridge first … makes it much more entertaining & lasts longer. My class love this game at Christmas!”

Susan said “Simpsons Cluedo went down well with my son and his chums on his 10th birthday sleepover. They dressed as characters!”

Gail said “Treasure hunt, you can even find the clues on the internet!!”

Helen said “Twister is always a giggle”

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