New Class!! Drama Tots Classes in Basingstoke

My background is in acting and theatre and a good friend of mine has developed the Drama Tots programme with themes related to the EYFS curriculum.

Having attended several different classes with my own children as well as having taught preschool sessions before, I am delighted to be bringing this new programme to our area. Drama Tots harnesses imaginary play, music and movement in fun interactive sessions.

We use original music recorded and written by our creator, making each session completely unique.

I am saddened by the removal of many of these kind of activities from the curriculum in school. I feel Drama Tots fills a gap in the market and has been doing really well in Coventry where it originated.

More information can be found on our website, and I will be updating my Facebook page regularly, Drama Tots Basingstoke.

Classes will be held term times only on Monday mornings at St Mary’s church room in Old Basing and Thursday mornings at Lychpit village hall, starting the week of the 25th September.

I am also planning on visiting nurseries and preschools on a regular basis so please contact me for more information.

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