NHM Readers Recommend: Newborn Classes to Meet other Mums

I recently asked the Friends of  my “Louise nhm Smith” profile on Facebook for their suggestions on classes to go to with a newborn to meet other mums. (Thank you very much to everyone who responded and thank you to Shona for putting this post together!!) 

These were the responses I received.

NHM Readers Recommend Newborn Classes to Meet other Mums

NCT Early Days

Becky said: Doesn’t necessarily count as a ‘class’ perhaps, but I found the NCT Early Days course really useful for meeting Mums with other newborns

Fiona said: I would echo this. I met a great group of mums on the course and we still meet now 3 years on

Corissa said: Absolutely NCT Early Days. Our group are still close friends almost two years after we met.

Naomi also recommends NCT Early Days.

Alexandra said: NCT courses for new mums such as early days, baby massage etc just because the groups are smaller and more intimate.

Diana also recommends NCT Early Days

Information on NCT Early Days: This is a group that meets in a supportive, relaxed and friendly atmosphere to openly talk about life as a mum. You can discuss challenges, tips and the reality over the expectations you had/have. You will meet other parents, make friends and gain support and tips. Courses run over 4-6 weekly sessions for new mums. They are aimed at new mums with babies under 6months. There is a fee for this course – enquire and book via link below.

NCT Early Days

Baby Sensory

Lucy, Sarah, Diana, Verity and Caroline recommend Baby Sensory.

Information on Baby Sensory: These are nationwide so have a look online for your local session as there are quite a few in Basingstoke. They offer a musical world of sensory experiences for both parents and children. There are light shows, bells, bubbles, puppets and signing to name but a few of the activities. The class is split into three phases so there is a free play session in the middle where you can play with the toys and activities set out and sit and talk to other mums and dads. Sessions run term time only and the course is £70 per term you wish to take up.

Baby Sensory

NCT Mother and Baby Yoga

Claire said: NCT Yoga with baby, met some lovely mummies there.

Information on NCT Mother and Baby Yoga: These sessions are designed to ease yourself back into exercise after birth. Yoga helps to stretch, strengthen and tone your body. You must have had your 6/8 week check with your doctor prior to starting. There is a fee for this course – enquire and book via link below.

NCT Mother and Baby Yoga

Fitmama at Studio 41

Wendy recommends the Post Natal Class at Studio 41.

Information on Fitmama: These sessions are known for giving women a safe return into fitness following birth through pelvic floor and core repair, nutritional coaching and support for sleep deprivation. Courses can be started as early as 3-4 weeks depending on delivery type and recover. Baby can go with you too! The charge for this course is £50.


Newborn to Parenting at the Hurst

Samantha said: Newborn to Parenting at the Hurst was brilliant. Definitely recommend it.

Information on Newborn to Parenting: This is a 6 week course aimed at helping parents to find their feet in the early weeks and months. Contact the centre for more details at the link below.

Newborn to Parenting

Caterpillar Music in Chineham

Jaz and Verity recommend Caterpillar music in Chineham.

Information on Caterpillar Music: These are music sessions on weekly which include themes, colourful instruments and puppets. Check out your nearest class and timetable by checking the link below.

Caterpillar Music

NorthHantsMum has also found these groups/classes you may be interested in looking into:

NCT Coffee groups

Basingstoke NCT runs coffee groups that meet regularly to support parents-to be and parents. Anyone is welcome, you don’t have to be a member of NCT and is open from pregnancy right up to pre-school age. Opportunities to meet other people and talk to them about their experiences and make new friends.

No fee to attend, there is a collection towards the work the NCT do.

NCT Coffee Groups

Little Tots Poppins

This is an Art and Messy session followed by Music and Movement.You don’t register, just pop in. The sessions are run on Thursday mornings from 9.30am to 11am and costs £3 per session. The sessions are term time only.

Little Tots Stoney Heath, White Lion Court, Hollybush Farm, Stoney Heath, Ramsdell, Tadley, RG26 5SL. 01256851398


Little Munchkins Baby

These are Baby Massage and Baby Yoga classes which help you to feel relaxed, happy and confident with your baby. Baby massage helps build bonds and will help you become more in tune and confident with your baby’s needs. The course is taught in 5 weekly session (1 hour long each session). Suitable from birth. It runs on a Tuesday from 11am to 12pm at Tadley Community Centre.

Little Munchkins Baby

Tots Play

This is a 6 week course suitable from birth to 6 months. You learn fun ways to play and communicate with your baby using massage, music, signing and is also a great way to meet other mums. The class runs from 11.20am to 12.20pm and you must book in advance.

Tots Play

Barn Tots

This is a friendly play session from birth to pre-school. They meet at Viables Community Centre on Tuesdays from 10am to 12pm and Thursdays from 9.45am to 11.45am. It is term time only. There are different toys each week and a great soft play area for babies. There is singing and storytime and music and movement too. It costs £2 per session and includes refreshments for adults and a cold drink, fruit and biscuits for the children.

Barn Tots

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