Are you looking after yourself?

My word for 2016 at the beginning of this year was health.

Given that it’s nearly the end of the year (EEK!) I’ve been reflecting on this word and how it’s been incorporated it into my year.

Interestingly, someone very dear to me has had some considerable health challenges this year, which is ironic given my word for the year. I probably should have written “my health” but that’s two words!

When we have children we tend to focus all of our attention and effort on them, and as a result we neglect ourselves in the process. When it comes to our health, this can sometimes be catastrophic.

So, when was the last time you:

  • Had your eyes tested?
  • Had a hearing test?
  • Had a smear?
  • Went to the dentist?
  • Had a breast check?
  • Went to the hygienist?
  • Went to an osteopath?
  • Checked your pension to see how much you have and if you don’t have a pension, thought about what provisions you need to put in place for when your children have left home and you are older? (this isn’t technically health related, but I would argue that it is because if anything goes pear shaped with your health, your pension can be very important!)

We are so incredibly lucky to have the NHS in this country. Having spent 10 years working in the US, I know just how lucky we are, because many of the routine checks on the list above are covered by the NHS, which aren’t in many other countries in the world.

If you do nothing else this Christmas, make your gift to yourself to focus on your health next year.

Because if Mum isn’t well, everyone suffers, as you probably already know from experience! ;-).

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