Review 2016: Danebury Hillfort

Last weekend we went to Danebury Hillfort for a walk and a picnic with friends.

My family used to walk the dogs at Danebury Hillfort when I was growing up, a loooong time ago, but I didn’t remember the site when we got there.

Danebury Hillfort is about 30 minutes drive from Basingstoke, just past Andover.


We had a BRILLIANT time exploring Danebury Hillfort.

It looks like there’s not much there but we had a great time with Miss NHM, running up the hill (her, not us!) and walking around the ramparts.

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There’s a lot to see and do:

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Miss NHM had fun exploring the wooden bivouac:


The views were absolutely spectacular, even on the cloudy day that we visited:

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You can find out more about Danebury at the following link:


There are Exmoor Ponies roaming around but do not touch or feed them as they are wild ponies.


Take a picnic blanket as there is only one picnic table (used to be more but they’ve disappeared) so if another family is using the table you will either need to walk to the bench at the top of the hill opposite the car park or sit on the floor.


If it’s windy, take a kite as it’s a brilliant place to fly kites.


There is no food available so you need to take your own.

Baby Facilities

Most of the paths looked ok for an off-road buggy but it would probably be better to take a sling with your little ones when walking around the ramparts.


There are toilets in the car park at the top of the hill.

There are lots of signs up around Danebury Hillfort, explaining the historical significance of the site:

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When you arrive at Danebury Hillfort, don’t park in the car park at the bottom of the hill. Keep driving up the hill and there is a much larger car park at the top. It also has public toilets.

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Even the parking is Free!!!

Rating out of 5

We give Danebury Hillfort 5 out of 5 because we LOVED the place.

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One thought on “Review 2016: Danebury Hillfort

  1. Honor Watts Reply

    If you want to go again or if anyone is interested ,there is going to be a show Just along from there .10th/11th Sep. Really worth a visit by all the family. It’s got stuff for everyone. On the danebury road on the way to middle wallop.

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