Top tip: Ecover limescale remover

I discovered Ecover limescale remover from a friend who raves about it. (yes, I’m well aware of how tragic that sentence is! lol).

It’s great stuff, safe for the environment (and therefore little ones) and it does a FANTASTIC job of removing limescale.

It’s quite expensive at £4 a bottle and I’ve only ever found it in Ocado, but it’s the only thing that gets my shower screen clean that doesn’t have harmful chemicals in. It does an awesome job on metal sinks too.

Highly recommended if you want to get something that cleans but doesn’t have harmful chemicals in.

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3 thoughts on “Top tip: Ecover limescale remover

  1. Lomi Reply

    Ecover products are available in all major supermarkets or they can be ordered directly from their website (lots of buy 2 get 1 free offers)!

    • Louise NorthHantsMum Post authorReply

      Thanks for your comment Lomi. Unfortunately the Limescale remover isn’t available in major supermarkets. Not Tesco’s, Sainsburys or even Waitrose. I’ve checked on numerous occassions. The only place I’ve managed to find it is Ocado. I hadn’t even considered ordering it off their website, so thank you for the top tip! Please let me know if you find it somewhere else! Thanks!

  2. Sarah Reply

    You can buy it in Vitality, the health food shop in Basingstoke town centre. Thanks for your review. Was looking for something like this!

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