My Experience: My “uniform”

I picked up this idea from one of my favourite websites, Modern Mrs Darcy. She wrote a lengthy post about her “summer uniform” and it really hit a note with me. (Try this free Myers Briggs test if you want to understand what she means by INFP).

I then realised that I have a “uniform”. Most days I wear jeans with a short sleeved T-shirt and a long sleeved T-shirt over the top, both from uniqlo (their T-shirts wash really well and don’t shrink!).

As someone who is allergic to polyester, this can make clothes shopping rather challenging. This isn’t helped by me being someone who doesn’t enjoy clothes shopping!

Perks of having a “uniform”

I don’t have to make ANOTHER decision in the morning!

Morning’s are frantic enough in our house as it is. Getting Mr NHM ready for work (although he’s fairly self sufficient these days :-D), Miss NHM ready for school and myself ready for work means that I have enough to think about without having to worry about what I’m wearing.

I don’t even have to bother about sorting out what clothes I’m going to wear the night before.

You could argue that my wardrobe is part of a capsule wardrobe, but I’d go so far as saying it’s not even that. I have five of the same T-shirts in the same colour!!

Whilst writing this, I’ve realised this could be deemed as being a bit sad, but it’s actually a huge weight off my mind. For example, I can tell instantly when I’m running out of clothes and need to do more washing.

I realise that I’m incredibly lucky being able to work from home most of the time and wear what I like and I totally appreciate that having a “uniform” won’t work for everyone but it really works for me.

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