Top Tip: YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids

You Tube have put together a specific App for children which is called: YouTube Kids.

If you let your little ones use YouTube a lot, this App will be perfect for you.

Although YouTube can’t guarantee that there won’t be anything inappropriate on the App, it’s a lot better than your child using “YouTube” where they can literally stumble over anything.

They say: “YouTube Kids gives your family an easy way to watch their favourite shows, or explore anything that captures their imagination. It’s free, simple to use, and full of family-friendly videos.”

There is also a section which is tailored just for parents which explains how the App works.

Apparently it tailors the content too, so your child will be shown more of what they like.

So don’t start them off on “My Little Pony” if you don’t want their brains to rot :-D.

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