Breastfeeding drop-in closures and those remaining

This is so VERY disappointing to read (and no, it’s not an April Fool unfortunately).

Especially after the hard work of so many Mum’s to try to ensure that the drop-in’s aren’t closed.

I am so angry with the council for making this decision.

How many future families have they jeopardised!!

Yes, there may be health visitors who might be able to help, but I know, from bitter experience, that the health visitors are useless when it comes to breastfeeding support.

I was told by one midwife and two different Health Visitors that Miss NHM didn’t have tongue tie in the first three weeks of her life.

When Miss NHM was three weeks old the breastfeeding support lady (Rachel) advised me that Miss NHM had a posterior tongue tie. However, I stupidly trusted the medical profession, and because three of them had previously said it wasn’t tongue tie, I was naive enough to believe them rather than Rachel.

I then had another midwife and a health visitor tell me that Miss NHM didn’t have tongue tie.

When Miss NHM was six weeks old we were struggling so much with breastfeeding, and I was at breaking point, that we went back to the breastfeeding drop-in’s and they confirmed that she did have a posterior tongue tie (despite being told by five “medical professionals” that she didn’t).

We finally got it sorted when Miss NHM was 9 weeks old, which was an absolutely awful experience and involved going to Southampton hospital, her being taken away from me and having her tongue “snipped” and then I had to try to breastfeed her immediately after, whilst she was screaming in pain with a mouth full of blood! (that image still haunts me, five years on).

It was a horrific experience and I will NEVER forgive those medical professionals who adamantly told me that Miss NHM didn’t have tongue tie.

If we had got it sorted out sooner, at three weeks as Rachel first diagnosed, maybe we wouldn’t have ended up in hospital when Miss NHM was a month old and throwing up blood (it was my blood from breastfeeding).

How many other families are now going to have to go through the same experience that we did, because health care professionals aren’t trained properly and the only people who seem to be are the breastfeeding supporters who will no longer be available to support Mum’s who desperately want to breastfeed and desperately need their support like I did?

As you can probably tell, this makes me, very, very angry.

And don’t get me started on how this wouldn’t be happening if it was men involved!!

Breastfeeding drop-in closures and those remaining

As you know, hundreds of women across the county have been fighting the closure of breastfeeding drop-ins over the last 12 months.

As a result of decisions made by Public Health at Hampshire County Council, from 1st April the 6 drop-ins below will close.

Breastfeeding Support Update: March 2016

Breastfeeding drop-ins with professional, qualified breastfeeding counsellors 

From 1st April 2016

  every Friday 10-11.30 at Brookvale Village Hall, Basingstoke RG21 7RU (this will be funded by donations and fundraising)

Andover  the Tuesday drop-in (alongside the Health Visitor clinic but run by professional breastfeeding counsellors) at Spring Meadow Children’s Centre, Smannell Road, Andover SP11 6JP  from 10-11.30 (funded by donations and fundraising)

Winchester the Wednesday session run by professional breastfeeding counsellors will remain open from 9.30-12 at Lanterns Children’s Centre, Bereweeke Rd, Winchester SO22 6AJ (funded by donations and fundraising)

Eastleigh both the Wednesday session (10am – 12pm at the Chamberlayne Children’s Centre, Eastleigh, SO50 5JL) and Friday session (10 – 11.30am at the Aviary Children’s Centre, SO50 9JW) run by professional breastfeeding counsellors will remain open until July (funded by the Borough Council). 

Basingstoke and Deane the following drop-ins will close:

Chineham (Monday)
Tadley (Tuesday)
Whitchurch (Tuesday)
Kingsclere (Thursday)
Overton (Friday)


The Friday session will close. 

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