NHM Interview: Gino D’Acampo

I’m very excited to feature our first interview on NorthHantsMum. I was invited to meet with Gina D’Acampo but unfortunately couldn’t make it due to work commitments (boo hiss!) so I asked my NHM Writers if any of them would like to meet Gino and ask him some questions.

Thank you very much to Karen for her lovely review below (can’t BELIEVE she also got a snog from Gino! lol) and also to everyone who put forward questions for Gino via “Louise nhm Smith“.

NHM Interview: Gino D’Acampo


Small J and I were very excited when NorthHantsMum asked us to visit Waterstones and interview chef Gino D’Acampo (although I expect Smalls excitement had more to do with the singing train in Festival Place!)

We arrived to find a rather large queue of very excited people all clutching a copy of Gino’s new book ‘Gino’s Islands in the Sun,’ waiting patiently to catch a glimpse of the author.  We hurried to get a copy and waited inside the store in anticipation. Soon word went round that he was here, but lost in the backstage area behind the shops.  Thankfully Gino found his way through the maze and we were lucky enough to have the first opportunity to speak to him and ask him some of your questions

We asked Gino how Italian’s foster a healthy attitude to food in their children. Gino answered that it was easy as that’s how they are born. Italian food is healthy and delicious so it is not difficult to get children to love it. In his book he mentions rules that are taught to Sardinian children including taking a walk and going out and enjoying fresh air whatever the weather which might go some way to explaining why Sardinians have such a long lifespan.

One reader wanted to know who Gino’s food inspiration was. He told us that it was his Grandfather who used to cook him anything and everything Italian. He used fresh simple ingredients to make wonderful Italian dishes. I could understand how that would cause him to fall in love with food.

It’s easy to see where Gino gets some of his rules for life, ‘Celebrate your elders’ and ‘use fresh ingredients where possible.’ I also like the one regarding drinking a glass of red wine daily and the bonus is that he suggests Cannonau, from Sardinia, which contains more antioxidants than any other wine in the world.

Gino’s suggestion for a simple fun Italian recipe to cook with your children was pizza.   In his new book there are 2 pizza ideas, one with courgette ribbons and flowers and one with anchovy, olive and capers.

Gino was kind enough to sign my copy of his new book and I am planning to try out his suggestion of courgette pizza out on Small J soon. Of course he’s going to have to help to cook it.

After being kissed on the cheek (blush) by Gino in front of the whole store he was nice enough to pose for a photo with us. We left him to continue to meet the rest of his fans (and went to visit the singing train….again).

Karen and Small J Johnson

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