Lee Orchard Photography

Who is Lee Orchard Photography?

Lee Orchard is one half of a Husband and Wife photography team.

We are parents to 2 young kids, which is where we got our love of portrait photography from, especially Maternity, Newborn & Kids portraits.

As we’ve been through the Maternity, Newborn and Toddler stages, it gives us a great understanding and background for this style of photography having taken 100’s of photographs of our kids and the pregnancies.

We offer portrait sessions in our home based studio in Farnham.


Our Maternity portraits offer a range of photos, from classic poses to floating wrap photos. They are designed to show you at your best during your pregnancy.

They are not just for the Mum, the Dad can also be involved, helping to create a loving photo of the parents to be.


A newborn session is something to cherish. These are for babies up to 5 weeks old.

A session can last 3 hours or more, allowing time for settling, feeds, breaks, snacks and cuddles! (for the babies of course!)

We have a wide range of props that are used, from hats & wraps to baskets and rugs, creating a wonderful photo of your baby that you can look back on in future years.

Kids & Family

Our portraits don’t stop at Newborn. We offer Baby, Toddler, Kids & Family portraits with different background and styles, colour and back & white images.

Kids Creative Mini Shoots

All kids love dressing up. As part of our portraits options, we’ve created new Creative Mini Shoots just for Kids. These are short, affordable sessions, of your kids in a creative style.

They can dress up in their favourite outfit, come along for a short photo shoot and get a great creative photo that you & they will treasure.

Adult and Business

Not forgetting the Adults, our Adult portraits can be anything from Glamour to an informal portrait. You could even dress up too!

Or if you run a business, we can update you business portraits or social media profile photos, website portraits & avatars!

As well as Business portraits, we can also offer products photos, food photography or come out and photograph you on location.

We offer a wide range of photography, please visit our website for more information.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us.


Website: www.LeeOrchard.Photography

Email: Photography@LeeOrchard.com

Twitter: @LeoPhotography

Facebook: facebook.com/LeeOrchardPhotography

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