Sleepless nights because your little one kicks off the bed covers?

Then you need a fidgetbum!

Hi Mums,

My name’s Mel and I’m a mum of two girls – Hannah (10 years) and Amelia (5 years).

When my girls made the move from cot to toddler bed, we’d have to endure sleepless nights when they kicked off their bed covers. Sometimes, during particularly adventurous dreams, they may have even rolled out of bed. The girls would become cold and call out or cry. Not good for them, and not definitely good for mummy and daddy. Sound familiar?

We tried the different options on the market, but nothing worked quite how we wanted it. Bed guards kept them in the bed, but didn’t solve the ‘bed covers’ issues. Duvet Clips restricted movement and didn’t solve the ‘rolling out’ problem. The only other options was folding covers widthways across the bed to ‘tuck them in’ – but this restricted movement as well.

That’s when I came up with the idea of fidgetbum (

Fidgetbum is a stretchy length of fabric, and goes under the mattress, round and over the top of the duvet, and then zips up. Keeping the duvet on the child, and the child in the bed.

Because of its stretchy nature, it still allows for the little one to move freely. In my daughters words “Its like someone cuddling me all night”.

I used my first (homemade) fidgetbum for three years. It guaranteed a snug and safe nights sleep for my daughters.

In January of this year, I launched fidgetbum as a business. We manufacture in the UK and have two sizes – for toddler bed and for single bed.

We’ve been delighted with the response. So far we have 600 likes on facebook and some great customer testimonials.

The fidgetbum is made from a lovely 100% cotton material – which is really soft to the touch. It folds neatly into its own fidgetbag – ideal for packing and taking on holidays and sleepovers.

To learn more about fidgetbum and see it in action – visit us at:

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