Water Babies

Hi, I’m Kate and I work for Water Babies Berkshire. We cover both Berkshire and North Hampshire and currently swimming in 23 venues with a few new ones looking good for next term!

I’m passionate about Water Babies and first heard about it when my Mum bought my little boy, then only 10 months, a term of swimming for his birthday. We started swimming and loved it so much that we asked for vouchers for Christmas presents so we continued onto our second term. My little boy is now three and a half and is still enjoying swimming with Water Babies. The added bonus is that through his swimming I heard about a job opening, applied and now I’ve been here six months!

Water Babies has given us both great water confidence, they actually teach you as the parent to teach your baby to swim. We are a family value-based company and embrace every child that swims with us. We understand that children learn at different speeds and our lessons are taught in stages over a ten week period to encourage all children to move along at the same level.

Rebooking for your next term is so easy, if you wish to continue in your class for the following term you don’t even need to remember to rebook since we automatically do this for you!

Water Babies has given me a wonderful bond with my son; he loves messing around with Daddy in the pool but Mummy is for lessons and “proper swimming”! I can actually say, that out of all the baby clubs and courses you do as a parent (and I was lucky enough to stay at home with my son from birth to three) Water Babies was THE best thing that I did with him.

Not only did I get lots of cuddles with him in the pool and afterwards to for our “ahem” afternoon nap, but it’s given him a vital life-saving skill. He knows what to do if he falls into water and he is able to swim to the surface, turn himself around, get to the side and hold on! This to me is one of the best gifts he has been given. I wish I had done the same with my twin daughters when they were little.

Water Babies sets your child on a journey which takes them right up until they start school. After that we are lucky enough to be able to refer our little swimmers onto another swim school. Our terms run over 10 weeks during term time only, meaning that swimming does not interfere with your family holidays.

At the end of each term we hold an underwater photo shoot, which gives you as a parent the amazing opportunity not only to have an eleventh lesson but to get a forever keepsake of your time at Water Babies. Your little one will never be that small again and seeing them underwater is an amazing experience.

We set up a full underwater studio, including a backdrop and lighting and use some great professional photographers that are amongst the best in their field. We always aim to get you at least one fantastic shot however most parents get at least 12 amazing pictures to choose from.

We offer a beginners package, consisting of your first ten weeks of swimming and an automatic place on one of our shoots. All our swimmers are required to wear a neoprene nappy in the pool which we call Happy Nappys. These help to keep the pool safe from any little accidents that might happen during your lesson.

These can be bought directly from us at Water Babies when you book on or online from our website www.waterbabies.co.uk. Babies can start with us at any age.

We offer hydro pools for those under 12 pounds or 12 weeks old and all of our other pools are heated to at least 30 degrees making them lovely to swim in. Having tried a few out now myself, I can actually say that.

The best bit now! We are taking bookings for beginners on Tuesday 13th January for our February term which starts w/c Monday 9th February.

All you have to do is call us on 01256 844926 on the 13th and we can find you and your little one the most suitable class for you and get you booked on our next course.

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