Sew the Seams

Sew the Seams

Sew the seams is made up of three crafty mums who all have different areas of design.

Between us we create handmade felt and fabric items for your children.

This includes cushions, blankets, playmats, mobiles, dribble bibs and sensory tag blankets.

All of the items are made to order and can be personalised to suit your individual needs, you can choose fabrics, colours and themes.

I am Chloe and have a 12 week old son. I learnt to sew at school and have always been very creative.

I made lots of items for my son’s nursery whilst pregnant and friends and family commented I should sell similar items.

I started Sew the seams whilst on maternity leave to sell individual handmade items to offer a bespoke feel to your children’s nurseries and bedrooms.

Rhi learnt to sew from her mum and creates items such as dummy clips personalised with your childs name aswell as dribble bibs.

Rhi has a 6 month old daughter and has filled her nursery with beautiful handmade items.

Bunting, cot pockets and blankets all made by Rhi surround her daughter and now you too can buy these amazing products.

Charlene is mum to an eleven year old daughter and has always enjoyed making items for their home.

Charlene makes handmade rugs, fairylight garlands and personalised Christmas decorations.

With the items being made to order you can request even the most unusual names to be created into a bespoke decoration for your tree.

Pop over to our Facebook page to take a look at the full range of items avaliable.

We are always happy to help and create the items you wish to see in your home so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you!

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