9 “things” I’m planning to do with my daughter in the future

I’ve been thinking recently about those activities and events that I want to do with my daughter as she grows up. These “things” will make up the map of her childhood, and to be honest, I want to do them as they look so much fun!! That’s one of the perks of having children, you get to relive some of your childhood again.

1. Overnight at the Natural History museum or the Science Museum, or both! This looks AWESOME.

2. Go to the Winchester Planetarium and the London Planetarium. See a previous post on NHM about the Winchester Planetarium HERE.

3. Go Sky Diving at the new sky dive place at the leisure park

4. Go to the Roller Disco in Newbury. I can’t find a specific link for this, so if you know the details, please let me know!

5. Go to a Lido. See a previous post on NHM about Lido’s in Hampshire HERE.

6. Go to a theme park. We are hopefully going to Peppa Pig World in the next few months, look out for a review about it! You have to pay when your Little One’s are over a meter in height, so we want to go sooner rather than later!

7. Have afternoon tea. This looks like it could be a lot of fun. See a previous post on NHM on luxury places for Afternoon tea in the area HERE.

8. Go to the theatre. See a previous post about future theatre events HERE. I also want to take her to a children’s performance of a Ballet too. I’ve just seen that the Mayflower Theatre has announced a ballet especially for children, Three Little Pigs, that will be in May 2014. Might need to book that up quickly! 😀

9. Stay overnight at the Lookout Lodge in Whipsnade Zoo. This looks AWESOME too!!

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  1. Simon Harding Reply

    Grandma and Grandad took our girls to Whipsnade for the night: they said it was amazing and the kids often talk about it 2 years on! Jolly expensive though! I woldn’t mind but that’s my inheritance they are wasting on the kids 🙂

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