Why I continue to write NorthHantsMum – May 2013

I write NorthHantsMum because, quite frankly, I LOVE doing it!

I want to give something back

I’ve always done voluntary work in one capacity or another (Volunteer for Oxfam, Volunteer Youth Worker, School Governor) and I knew that once my little one came along I wouldn’t be able to dedicate my time in the way that I used too. NorthHantsMum is also my way of giving something back. I know it’s not much, but its my little bit of sharing information with people and putting people in touch with each other. I get so much out of it as I’ve met some fabulous people via NHM and learnt so much about our local community.

I get a real kick out of people sending me emails saying how much they enjoy my posts. You can’t imagine the joy it gives me, to know that I’ve helped someone else out. I know that’s cheesy, but if I’ve helped only one person in the past two years, because of NHM, then it’s all worth it.

I love sharing information

I was given so much conflicting information when I was pregnant and when I was on maternity leave, that it’s difficult to know how to make a decision sometimes. But, if you don’t know about something in advance, you can’t make the decision! NHM is my way of sharing what I know and passing on the little pieces of knowledge that I’ve learnt along the way.

I’m also a nosy cow, and like to know what’s going on in the area! 😀

I am so proud to see how many connections have been made via NHM. Either for myself, meeting LOADS of fantastic Mum’s and Dad’s who are running amazing businesses, and/or doing fantastic volunteer work, and/or running their families with such love and affection.

I love to see the connections that have been made for other people because of NHM. There are at least four ladies who have met each other at the NHM Meet Up who are still in touch and meeting up regularly, and that kind of thing makes me puff out with pride!

The evenings are long

Before I met my husband and had a family, I was very lucky to be able to travel the world with work. I was out most nights when I was away and when I came home I was out a lot catching up with people. Things are very different now (and I wouldn’t change them!!!) but I am lucky if I go out two evenings a month. That means for the rest of the time I’m home for the evening. When my little one was tiny and before NHM, I was very restless. Now I have a focus. I have something to do, which I feel is worthwhile.

I also miss the life I had when I was on maternity leave and this is my way of connecting back to it. I get one day “off” from a normal working week to spend with my daughter, and it’s great, but it’s no where near enough. NHM is my way of connecting to all the other local parents out there, who are trying to find things to do in the area with their young children.

My Legacy

I started this blog nearly two years ago and it’s become so much more than I ever expected. I’ve learnt so much more because of it, I’ve made so many friends because of it and I’ve been to some great events because of it. I’m very proud of NHM. I’ve put a lot of effort into it over the past two years which shows, as there are now over 400 posts of content and nearly 1400 people see these posts!

I guess you could also say that NHM is a little bit of my legacy. I’ve spent a lot of evenings putting together the posts for NHM and it’s so good to see the time hasn’t been wasted.

So, I write NHM for myself, but I also write it for you. All my lovely, wonderful readers!

Thank you for your support, your feedback and your suggestions. They will always be much appreciated and help me to keep on writing!

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