Review 2013: Paulton’s Park/Peppa Pig World

I’ve never been to Paulton’s Park before, even before it was Peppa Pig World. I’ve been itching to go for a long time, so was very excited when one of my friends who lives in Southampton suggested we meet there.

Unfortunately, we picked a day when the school’s had an Inset day, so it was packed! We only managed to go on a couple of rides, because the queues were over half an hour in wait. Anyone who has tried to wait inline with a couple of toddlers, will know what I’m talking about!

We still had a lovely day out, and I really enjoyed what we saw of Paulton’s Park. However, we didn’t see all of it, as we spent most of our time in Peppa Pig world, in Dinosaur land and in the splash park near the entrance. It was a good day out though.

We went to see the animals too, they have meercats, and lots of different types of birds. There is also a walk around the lake, if you want to avoid the crowds when it’s busy. We would probably do this if we went again, and would have our picnic away from the crowds.


We were going especially to see Peppa Pig, so we spent a lot of time in this area. It was heaving though, so we didn’t get to go on many rides. We did walk behind Peppa Pig World and see some of the animals and birds that are on display. It seemed a lot quieter round this area, for obvious reasons.


My little one and her friend got to meet Peppa Pig and George, which was very exciting. Again, it was manic though.

We spent some time walking through the grounds and went through Dinosaur Land, which my friends little one absolutely loved. This is a great area for boys who like Dinosaurs.


We spent AGES in the splash park. It was excellent. My little one and all the other little one’s really loved running through the water fountains and sprays. This was a real perk of the park and I recommend taking swim wear for your little ones and then expect to spend at least an hour in this area when the weather is nice!


We had a picnic so I can’t really comment on the food. We did have ice creams though, which were yummy and not too expensive.



Seemed very good. We had our picnic in the seating area near Peppa Pig world and it was all covered and the picnic benches were substantial. There isn’t always enough space to move pushchairs in the food area though, so be careful where you decide to pitch up.

Baby Facilities

Were good but cramped. It was so busy the day we went, that there was a queue of 6 Mum’s with babies in front of us! It’s a shame it was my turn to do the nappy change and I couldn’t palm it off on Mr NHM :-D.


Is free and there is TONNES of it.


are Expensive. There is no getting around this. However, if you buy your ticket online, at least 24 hours in advance, you get £4 off and it’s valid for 12 months. So if it rains on the day you want to go, you can always change the day and go another time when the weather is nicer.

Children under a meter in height are free. This includes whilst they are wearing shoes. My little one’s friend, who is 2 years, 8 months, nearly didn’t get in, as he had sturdier shoes on than when his Mum had measured him. So, hint, if your little one might be too tall, find the flatest shoes with the smallest bottom that you can find 😉

If you plan to go often in a 12 month period, you can also buy a Season Ticket. Please click HERE to see a previous post about Season Tickets, which includes the Paulton’s Park details.

Rating 4.8 out of 5

We had a great day out, despite it being very busy. However, I took 0.2 points off because it’s expensive.