Baby Paddlers

Baby Paddlers is a small swim school which has grown across Hampshire and is really excited to be opening a new pool in Odiham. Our teachers are trained and recruited to always be looking at the best way for you and your child to have fun in the water. Our values are honest, approachable, positive, progressive, exciting and encouraging….our own version of how to create lots of HAPPEE little swimmers! Cheesy as this sounds this is at the forefront of everything we do, we offer a flexibility with our unique catch up system to ensure customers do not miss a week swimming!

Our Milestones programme with our colourful characters was launched in 2017 and has been a fantastic way to track how all swimmers are progressing and gives teachers a brilliant guide to follow all our children through their development on a group and individual basis. We love seeing our preschoolers graduate at the end of their swimming years with us.

Our newborn classes are held in warm pools and focus on bonding with your baby, gentle activities to introduce them to the water at the right pace for each child. Teachers use the milestones programme and talk to parents to ensure this goes at the right speed and when they are ready to move on we can introduce them to the beauty of being underwater and to slowly learning how to hold on, play with toys and use their senses to enjoy the water.

Once they reach the right stage we move on to swooshing them around the water and lots and lots of jumping which the older babies and toddlers absolutely love and will giggle creating the fun environment which will set them up for a love of the water!

Our main aim is to develop water confidence using toys, songs and lots of fun. Word association and recognition is a big part of what we do, encouraging children to kick, paddle, swim, jump, hold on – all so important in the early years.

Our baby and toddler swimming classes have a maximum of 8 and our preschool classes a maximum of 6, this ensures that your child is in a fun group environment but has the opportunity for one on one time with the teacher.

The Milestones programme is designed to help you understand the stages and learning milestones that your child will progress through as part of the Baby Paddlers journey. Every stage has been created to ensure focus on a number of key development areas, from physical and sensory development to swimming milestones that they will reach during these early years. No two children are the same so the programme is designed to offer flexibility in teaching so our teachers can tailor their classes to meet the needs of the children. There are four stages and each stage has 3 levels.

At Baby Paddlers we absolutely love what we do, all teachers revel in teaching parents to have fun in the water with their children, come and find out more about us and get in touch to book a course or to come along to a summer special to see what we are all about.

Please visit us at for more details.

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