NHM Readers: Games and activities for a baby shower

In response to a question from a NHM Reader, I asked the Friends of my “Louise nhm Smith” profile on Facebook “Any ideas for fun games or activities for an afternoon tea baby shower?”

Many thanks for your responses, listed below:

NHM Readers advise games and activities for a baby shower

Sara said “Guess the weight of the baby. Alphabet quiz with every letter starting with baby related things. Google baby showers and I’m sure many printable things will pop up. Pass the dummy using drinking straws only using your mouth!”

Shona said “We had cards at mine and everyone wrote what day, time and weight they thought baby would be born. We also played a game with nappies and tried to guess what was in them (piccalilli, marmite, chocolate spread). Anagrams of popular baby names.”

Rebekah said “Ask the mums of the parents to be for stories of when they were babies. Then mix the true stories with lies and get the party to guess the true ones.”

Fiona said “Guess the body part on scan pictures game. It can be really difficult to guess and is great for Mums, grannies that missed out on scans.”

Gemma said “At mine we did a guess the size of the bump with everyone cutting ribbon that they thought would be the closest in size to go round me lol. Another was ‘beer belly or bump’ using close up Google images – it was great”

Rachel said “I printed out and photocopied pics of mine and my other half’s faces and then cut out features and mixed them up; guests then made a pic of what they thought our baby would look like, it was hilarious (and thankfully he doesn’t look like any of them!)”

Rachel said “Naming as many songs as you can that have the word ‘baby’ in the title”

Deborah said “Penny in the jar. Hold a 2p between your knees and get it in the jar at the end of the room. It is a very funny game. Also my sister printed pin the sperm on the egg. Hope this helps”

Nikki said “Decorating plain white vests for the baby (fabric pens, embroidery etc)”

Laura said “Bit unpleasant but guess the baby food flavour – lots of baby food jars but hide the labels and ask your guests to guess, it’s very tricky as they basically all taste the same! Provide wine to wash away the taste!”

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