NHM Readers recommend: Fitness Classes with Childcare

I recently asked the Friends of  my “Louise nhm Smith” profile on Facebook if anyone could help this NHM reader with their question: “I am struggling to find any fitness classes that are in the weekday mornings with creche facilities for babies and toddlers. Any chance you can do a post and see if there are some?”

These were the responses I received. They are in no particular order

NHM Readers recommend: fitness classes with childcare

Mary said: The aquadrome has a creche but I am not sure of the details.

Rebecca said: Fonseca Fitness is brilliant for this 🙂

Jason said: Beechdown

Vicky said: MummaBFit

Kelly said: Marie FitMama Behenna

Helen said: I have had similar issues, and I work part time, so I turned to signing up to Les Mills exercise classes online (body balance/ body combat/body pump as famously known in gyms). It’s a relatively small monthly fee and you can do the classes whenever you want & download to whatever device TV/iPad etc.

I know this doesn’t directly answer the question, but for a Mum like me whose partner works away I can’t get out to the things I used to love doing so have effectively bought the gym into my living room. Hope this helps

Pat said: People take their babies and kids to Fitness Flex. The classes are 45 minutes and is brilliant

Sarah said: Studio 41 Marie FitMama Behenna. You can take your little ones to the class. X

Peta said: I second this – Marie FitMama Behenna gives a great workout and with children of her own, she gets the work/family juggle. She also offers PT sessions if you would find that easier 🙂

Aimee said: Studio 41 in the Basepoint centre in Chineham. You can take your babies to all of the daytime classes (they can sit in their pushchairs or car seats in the studio)….it is run by Marie FitMama Behenna who knows all there is to know about pre and postnatal exercise and nutrition so she will ensure you get back to fitness safely. Hope that helps x

Louise Nhm Smith responded: I spoke to the lady about this and she is really looking for classes that have creche facilities as she has an 8 month old and 2 year old who won’t sit still whilst she’s working out!

Peta said: I sometimes take all three children with me to see Marie FitMama Behenna – aged 1, 4, 5. I take food, water, entertainment (colouring in, etc). hope this helps.

Claire said: Tadley Boot Camp x

Amelia said: Beechdown

Wendy said: Beechdown, Hampshire Court, the Aquadrome have creches. I haven’t used these but I have used others in the past where you take baby in and understand you need a creche for children between 18 months – 3 1/2.

Mandy said: Beechdown Health Club https://www.facebook.com/BeechdownHealthClub/ xx

Victoria said: Beechdown is fabulous! Have so many facilities, Creche for under 3 and Beehive for over 3’s. Xx

Helen said: Hampshire court hotel has classes in the morning and crèche facilities and a pool plus kids pool 🙂

Rachel said: Beechdown; although I pay for gym and crèche and still don’t go! Oops!! X

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