Inspirational Mum’s! Your Teething Baby: From one parent to another

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My name is Emma Reed and I am a married Mother of one. My son, Jake, arrived as a fantastic Christmas present on 25 December 2013 and is now a very active toddler, keeping me very fit and always on my toes! I was lucky enough to be able to give up work to become a stay at home Mum once Jake came along and I love getting the quality time to spend with him.

During his growth he suffered terribly with his teething and I struggled to find help, support and advice even after speaking to doctors and a dentist. I began to research this development myself and found I became quite an expert! A friend once said to me ‘you know so much, you should write a book!’ and from that the idea just grew and one sunny day last August I began to write and never stopped. I would write and research whilst my son napped and in the evening. I have learnt how to create the covers and layout, I have carried out all of the research, as well as sourcing the images and speaking to every company I have written about. It has been a labour of love to try and get all the information into one place for other parents to be able to refer to and to be able to help.

I have included all the information that I felt I would want to know about teething- I think it is an area that is very overlooked, but considering every person goes through it in their lives you would think we would know a lot more and that more help and advice would be offered.


The book includes sections on what teething is, the order teeth appear, the history of teething, the remedies currently on the market, old wives’ tales, remedies from around the world, symptoms and oral care. I have also included parents quotes to give a personal touch. I really hope it can help and reassure many future parents.

The book is available on Amazon as a paperback for £10.99.