Early Steps – a Preschool Developmental Programme

If you have a child that has autism, social communication delay or other developmental disabilities we offer a child-friendly course that can help you learn ways to support your child develop the skills they need and get them school ready.

We work with children up to the age of 5, and tailor our groups to meet their needs – whether its developing early communication skills to playing cooperatively with other children.

We are Early Steps and we can help you and your child get on the right path in time for school.

“We have been put on the right path. Early Steps is a life changing course. I highly recommend this to anyone – we are a new family now”
Family of four year old.

We offer small groups, that allow pre-school children with additional needs the opportunity for repeated practice within a safe setting and learn how to get better at following instructions, communicating, friendships, group activities and more. 

Each child is assessed on intake, given individualised goals and parents are given the techniques to help their child learn.  

The first session is free, to allow you and your child to see if the group is right for you.

Join us today and you can:

  • Understand how to teach your child
  • Give your child the skills they need to reach their potential
  • Take back control of your child’s progress
  • Access a support network of other parents as well as experienced and understanding professionals
  • Access skills-based assessment and a termly report
  • Get your child ready for school!

We also offer free information in our blogs and advice that you might find useful. Please see our Facebook page or find our useful parenting tips on our website

“The support I received from Early Steps made me feel confident that I am a good mum and I can handle and understand my boy’s behaviour. I have coping skills now thanks to Early Steps.”
Mum of two boys

Our first group this year starts on the morning of Friday 1st March in Bracknell. Dates in both Crowthorne, Reading and Basingstoke coming soon!

To find out more about how we can help you, or to register for our free session, please call us on 07824 366802 or email us earlysteps@behavioursolutions.net for a free chat about how we can offer you assistance.  



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