New Businesses open in Basingstoke Dec 2018

New businesses open their doors in Basingstoke

Shoppers, visitors and businesses in Basingstoke can make the most of a new and exciting selection of independent venues and national chains which have opened their doors in the Hampshire town.

Nine new businesses have specially selected Basingstoke town centre to set up shop in the last three months. The new businesses which now call Basingstoke home are:

The Olive House, photo credit Basingstoke Together


Basingstoke is bucking the national trend as a thriving shopping hub as high streets across the country face a number of difficulties. Six out of the new businesses have chosen to open in the Top of Town, which is an area rich with local history. It is home to the landmark Willis Museum, it is the starting place of Burberry and it is also host to the Basingstoke market alongside several independent businesses.

The new businesses have been supported by Basingstoke Together, which is the public face of the Basingstoke BID. Basingstoke Together aims to help the town centre to thrive by creating destination events, engaging with consumers and supporting retailers and businesses to be successful.

Lucy Boazman, Chief Executive of Basingstoke Together, said: “Basingstoke has so much to offer to prospective businesses looking for somewhere to launch their new or latest venture. Alongside the array of national high street brands in Festival Place and The Malls, we also have some fantastic independent shops and businesses, which make a visit to Basingstoke truly unique.

“We are so pleased to welcome the new businesses to Basingstoke and we wish them all the best. We also hope that residents and visitors to the town will explore both the newcomers as well as the existing independent businesses throughout the town centre. There is so much choice on our high street now, so we look forward to seeing how people embrace that, both in the run up to Christmas and well into the new year.”

Basingstoke town centre, particularly the Top of Town, is also already home to a wide array of successful independent businesses including The Tea Bar, Arc hairdressers, and Exciting Escapes.

Some of the new companies in Basingstoke are fresh to the market, including The Olive House and Chennai Express. However, the team behind Duck & Tipple already run a successful events company, IncuHive has begun opening various other branches in the south of England and Surya’s relocated from Basing View.

Duck & Tipple, photo credit Basingstoke Together

George Scott-Welsh, Chief Operating Officer of IncuHive, said: “It is extremely encouraging to see the number of new businesses opening within the town centre and especially at the Top of Town. With the Top of Town being majority independent owner run businesses, this creates a more personal experience for both the shoppers and the other surrounding businesses who are collaborative and supportive of one another.

“The community feel of the Top of Town, teamed with fantastic architecture and local history, creates a hugely positive environment in which to visit and run a business.”

Basingstoke Together is committed to supporting independent businesses in the town to develop a vibrant shopping hub. It has recently launched a #BIndependent campaign to foster a regional business community.

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The Salt Lounge, photo credit Basingstoke Together

Basingstoke Together supports local businesses by creating cultural hotspots within the town centre to draw visitors into the town and promote the business and leisure opportunities on the doorstep.

Basingstoke is a BID – a Business Improvement District, which is a business-led and business funded body formed to improve a defined commercial area. The improvements made by a BID are determined by the businesses themselves. It may include additional cleaning, security or projects such as recycling and improved infrastructure as well as destination branding and promotion.

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