New Class – Muddy Fingers

Muddy Fingers is an educational and creative gardening and nature club for 2 to 5 year olds. Our goal is to develop children’s interest and curiosity in nature, through fun and practical activities.

In a variety of stimulating ways we will explore different themes around growing, nature and the seasons through singing, storytelling, craft, digging, planting, tasting and exploring. Children will learn about growing food, the importance of plants and flowers and looking after the environment. This enables children to have a respect and understanding for living things in the world around them.

The benefits of gardening have been well documented and are great for promoting well-rounded development in children. Whether the garden is pots on a windowsill, a community patch or right out the back door, kids who engage with it are harvesting much more than food and flowers. Gardening equipment and resources are provided. Children will be able to take home what they have planted and made after each session.

Term classes are blocks of 5 weeks costing £40.00 and are to be booked in advance. A free taster class is available for all new customers.

Tuesdays at Brookvale Community Centre, Basingstoke at 10am – 10.50am
Lower Brook St, Basingstoke RG21 7RP

Fridays at Brocas Hall, Clift Meadow, Bramley at 10am – 10.50am
Minchens Ln, Bramley, Tadley RG26 5BH

You can find out more details about Muddy Fingers at or contacting Lauren at

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