Help!!! Sounds Babies pay attention too

I had a lovely message from Helen who has asked for the help of the NorthHantsMum Community.

We’ve helped Helen and her colleagues out before, via NHM, a few years ago and it would be great to help again!

Sounds Babies pay attention too

I work in the psychology department at Reading University.

A colleague is desperately looking for people to help with a project about the sounds babies pay attention to. It’s for babies aged 12-15 months and takes around 20 mins.

They will play sounds and pictures to the babies and measure which they prefer based on what they pay attention to.

It does mean a trip to Reading but might be something fun and different to do.

Would you be able to put out a plea to your lovely network of mums?

If you’re a parent that’s able to help can you please email stating you’d be interested in finding out more about the baby project and he can send you all the info.

Thanks in advance!

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