Relax, unwind, socialise and harmonise with Thula Mama!

Hi, I’m Rebecca and I run a singing group called Thula Mama (pronounced ‘Tula Mama’) for mothers of bumps and pre-crawling babies, from my home in Bramley. Thula Mama is a national franchise but this is the only group in this area.

As mother to 3-year-old Elliott, I’ve been fully immersed in the world of baby and toddler groups in recent years and I felt there was a gap locally for mums who enjoy singing but would like an alternative to nursery rhymes! In contrast to most musical groups for mothers and babies, the focus of a Thula Mama session is on the mothers and allowing them a chance to relax and unwind and do something for themselves. It offers mums an hour and a half of social time and provides both mothers and babies with the many benefits of soothing singing. Babies love listening to the sound of their mothers’ voices singing gently to them.

I run the group from the comfort of my living room, provide drinks and biscuits and a comfy place to sit while you meet other mums and catch up. We then learn a mix of gentle lullabies and more upbeat songs from around the world with simple but effective harmonies. Singing in this way in a group creates a positive and peaceful atmosphere and has been proven to be great for wellbeing. Absolutely no experience is necessary! All are welcome and all the songs are taken at a gentle pace appropriate to the group.

Sessions are every Wednesday at 10am. For details, please contact me on 07971 798945, email or visit The first session is free. You can also find out more and listen at

Here is an example of a recent review:

Amanda McKechan, November 28, 2017
“I am so pleased I came across this group – it is something so different from the usual Mother and Baby classes, and it is a rare combination of doing something for your child as well as for yourself. The songs are different, some joyful, some soulful. My baby has loved attending and listening to the group – it is interesting how mesmerised the babies are!

I think it is interesting to find out about the meanings of the lyrics and think about the other mums around the world singing these songs, doing the same jobs we do.

Rebecca is a lovely teacher – it is a relaxed class at her house. I think people may feel put off if they are not the best singer, but that really doesn’t matter, there are different parts and different songs to suit everyone. It certainly is nice to add some more songs to our parenting repertoire other than the usual (Twinkle twinkle etc!). Thanks for a lovely time Rebecca – it has been my favourite activity with my baby this year.”

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