NCT Coffee and Chat Weekly Sessions

On NorthHantsMum a frequently asked question is for recommendations on good sessions to take your little ones to. One place that consistently comes up is The NCT Coffee & Chat, therefore one of the NCT volunteers has written the below article to give you some more information.

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NCT Coffee and Chat Weekly Sessions

When : Fridays from 10am
Where : Brookvale Hall (just a few mins from town)

Why should you try it out ??

OPEN MORE – Unlike many other places we have our sessions over the school holidays. Except Good Friday & the week between Christmas and New Year

FRIENDLY – The group is ran by lovely NCT volunteers

VARIED – We have LOTS of toys and things to do, which we alternate frequently. So whether your child is into role play, cars, sensory toys, dress up, music, train sets or building they will surely love something.

ADAPTABLE – Come on time or late, whatever is best for you on the day. Or even stay for just 20 mins if you are having one of those days you just need to escape the house for a little bit.

GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY – We just ask for a £2 donation which includes drinks/refreshments.

FLEXIBLE – No up front payment and no bookings. Just come along when you can.

ACCESIBLE – Walk from town or use the free car park onsite.

Come and try it out………we would LOVE to see you 😁😁

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