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Kath from  Relax Kids, www.facebook.com/rkbasingstoke, asked me to join her online relaxation course recently and of course I JUMPED at the chance. Being someone who likes to fill her time (see how I refrained from using the word “busy”) a short relaxation course is exactly what I needed!

Kath sets up a secret group on Facebook that is open for a month (the duration of the course) and every day she posted a relaxation session first thing in the morning.

During the week the sessions are no more than 5 minutes long, which is great for busy “people who like to fill their time” people like me!

On the weekend Kath had some longer relaxation sessions which range from 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

You can also do the sessions as many times you like for the duration of the course.

You don’t have to do the activities on the same day, you can save them all up and do them in one day. I wouldn’t recommend this though as I got the most benefit from doing each session the day it was posted.

This is the beauty of the course, you can choose when YOU want to do the relaxation techniques. Most people say that you are supposed to do meditation in the morning but this isn’t always practical with busy family life. But with this course you can choose the best time for you.

I loved the breathing techniques, the visualisation, meditation and the focused sessions. I’m still using both the breathing techniques and visualisation now, three weeks later, even though I haven’t got access to the online course anymore! They are that simple that you don’t need to be prompted to remember.

Even if you are a guru at relaxation, sometimes it’s nice to have someone else remind you to stop and take a moment.

The course is only £10 and for that you get a daily relaxation session for a month.

I loved it so much that I’m paying to join the course next month. Definitely the best £10 I will have spent in a long time!!!

You can find more details at the following link: www.bookwhen.com/rkbasingstoke

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