Review 2017: MummaBfit Post Natal Fitness Classes

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MummaBfit Post Natal Fitness Classes Review


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“Postnatal Exercise Classes; for mum and baby to escape the house, have a gentle workout and meet new people and enjoy a cuppa tea and chocolate buttons afterwards”.

Having used Vicky Tidy as my personal trainer, I jumped at the chance when she asked me if I would like to join her MummaBFit sessions to see if they worked with a toddler, not just a baby.

I think I possibly speak for lots of mums, whether that be first time mums or if you are doing it second or third etc time over; It’s hard to get out and about with a little one, especially meeting new people and some groups I have gone to have been a bit cliquey. I personally have really struggled, and being a “bigger” lady I was all too aware that I would probably be the biggest there! I needn’t have worried! We were in a small group, 4 mums, 3 babies and my little man!

Everybody was lovely and friendly.

The workouts always begin with step ups on an aerobic step to get your heart pumping.

The workouts are well geared up for new mum’s who have not long given birth and Vicky encourages everybody to stop if it’s not comfortable for you.

During my first 6 week course we have done a variety of exercises from press ups to lunges, using weights to planks. We have also used different equipment and have been shown how to use it properly.

When babies need feeding or even just a cuddle with mummy (or Vicky!) then you just do what you need to do, no problems with stopping workout.

I was worried that having a toddler with little babies would be a nightmare, however Vicky kindly set up a playpen with toys and an iPad with Peppa Pig on for my little boy. If he’s not happy I do get him out and he has a wander around the room but obviously always watching near the babies. There has never been any problems at all.

Vicky is now including toddlers into courses, so please do have a look and see which session would suit you.

In short, I have found this to be a great way to work out with my son being around and also a great way to meet other mums. I have gained much more confidence and stepped totally out of my comfort zone and have had very positive results. So positive in fact. that I have now signed up for a 2nd round of the course!


  • Wear appropriate workout clothes.
  • If you are breastfeeding ensure you can still do so whilst in your workout clothes.
  • Bring water with you, you’ll need it.


There are biscuits and a cup of tea supplied after the workout where we sit and have a chat.


Monday 12.30pm course – This is currently the downside: Parking is on the narrow country road outside Oakley’s St Leonards centre.

There are plenty of other sessions on various days at various times throughout Basingstoke so have a look and pick one that suits you.


Prices on application. 


I give this 5*

Disclaimer: This post is a review of MummaBfit. My experience was supplied free of charge for the purposes of the research for Vicky to see if it was entirely doable for mothers with toddlers to attend. I was not expected to write a positive review and any opinions expressed are my own.

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