Basingstoke Positive Birth Group

Cerys sent me a message asking me to let you know about the new Positive birth Group that is being set up to promote positive birth:

I wanted to let you know about a new group I’ve formed in Basingstoke to promote positive birth

It is part of the Positive Birth Movement

The group will meet monthly and the first meeting is Wednesday 9th October at 12.00 noon at The Tea Bar at the top of town.

This is what the facebook page says about the group:

Non-judgemental group run by Mums for Mums (and Dads)-to-be to spread The Positive Birth Movement. Sharing knowledge and discussing experiences and options to promote positive birthing and empower women in their birth choices.

Free monthly meet ups

I would love to go along to this, but unfortunately I’m working at this time. Hope you get lots of interest Cerys!

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