Nearly back to “normal” on NHM… ;-)

It’s the last day of school today for two weeks! Yay! Or not for some Mum’s :-D.

I’m working on posting up a “Things to do for Easter holidays” for tomorrow morning, so hopefully that will be useful. It will have suggestions for posts to read for Activities at Home, Indoor Places to visit and Outdoor Places to visit. Just in case the weather for Easter turns nasty, as the lovely weathermen are predicting.

(I can’t wait for Spring to get here, and if it doesn’t arrive this year I’m maxing out the credit card and going somewhere hot in summer!)

This has been one of the most bizarre weeks of my life. Yes, cryptic, but will share more as, and when, I can. In the meantime, check out these historical posts on NHM that you may find interesting:

Blackberry Picking in North Hampshire

Today’s post was supposed to be about good blackberry picking spots in the area. Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to research this or to get out and about to find some new spots.

The blackberries are quiet late this year which is probably because of the wet summer that we had. Blackberry picking is a great family activity and can save quite a bit of money if you have the ability to freeze your berries after you have picked them. I like to stick them in a bowl covered in water with some salt, then rinse them off, bag them up and put them in the freezer for the winter months. It can save a fortune when you compare the cost of buying frozen or fresh berries. We use ours in porridge for breakfast (great for weaning as the frozen berries makes the porridge cold and is another dose of fruit for the day) or I use them to make smoothies or a crumble.

These are the places that I do know which have good Blackberry picking spots. I am going to put out a request on the NorthHants Mum friend and the FB Page to see if anyone else can recommend any good spots and will update this post as I receive them. If you do know of any good blackberry spots please add a comment to this post. Thank you!

Carpenters Down/Basing Wood

There are lots of Blackberry Bushes at Carpenters Down and the further you go into the Woods, the more likely you are to find some good bushes. If you follow the path out to Bramley, there are some bushes there too.

Chineham Business Park

A new path has been put into Chineham Business Park and there are a lot of bushes around this area, towards the back of the Business Park.

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In the Garden

This weeks theme is Outdoors, so I’ve been doing some research on things to do in the garden with your little ones and this is what I’ve come up with. Not very original, but might give you some ideas for activities:

Painting Rocks and Flowerpots

Gardening/Weeding (but be careful when trying to explain the differences between weeds and plants, especially to Toddlers!)

Have a tea party: All you need is a picnic blanket, some teddies, dolls or dinosaurs and a children’s tea set. It’s a shame the Basingstoke Toy Library doesn’t run anymore as that would have been a great place to borrow a tea set from.

Painting in the garden: This is a great idea if you like your home furnishings and don’t want them covered in Paint! A friend of mine came up with this fabulous idea. Get hold of one of those tablecloth rolls that you can get for parties (I think its called a Banquet roll) and use that as really large paper for your little one to paint with their toes, hands, feet and anything else you don’t mind getting covered in paint. Recommend to do this on a sunny day, because then you can hose the paint off outside!

Camping: If you don’t have a tent and don’t want to pay out for one, have a look on the Basingstoke Freegle site to see if anyone is giving any away. It’s also possible to put up Requests for Items. Or you could just take some chairs and a big sheet out and build a tent from those.

Take the toys outside: But only those ones you don’t mind washing grass stains off.

Obstacle course in the garden: Even more fun if you have pets that want to get involved!

Home sports day: Egg and Spoon race, Pillow case (sack) racing (preferably not your best ones!) and the three legged race. Hours of fun!

Do you have any other suggestions?