NHM Spring Expo 2016… TONIGHT!!!!!!!

NHM Mums Night Out2

YAY!!!!!!!! I’m SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

Tickets will be available on the door this evening and are £2 for each adult. (Don’t worry if you haven’t booked a ticket, I will still let you in 😉 :-D).

Babies and Children will be free.


There are lots of parking spaces on site.

The team at Viables have also agreed to open up the field to park on too, so if you can’t find a space in the car park, please park in the field.

Please ensure that you park responsibly.

Bring Cash!

If you can.

Several of the stall holders don’t have card paying facilities, so if you have cash, they will greatly appreciate it, I’m sure!


Just to confirm, the Raffle will be drawn at 9.15pm so you will need to stick around to collect your prizes.

I WON’T be calling out the tickets this time. We will do the draw in a corner and post up the results after.

Raffle tickets will be available to buy from me and Mr NHM at the “welcome table” from 7pm until 9pm.

Mr NHM will be wearing his NorthHantsMum T-shirt so should be easy to find.

Raffle tickets will be £1 per ticket.

This is the complete list of Raffle Prizes: http://www.northhantsmum.co.uk/2016/03/03/nhm-spring-expo-2016-raffle-prizes/

My Availability

I will be wearing my “NorthHantsMum” T-shirt and will also be available on my mobile if you need me.

If there are any issues tomorrow night, please come and find me!

I am REALLY looking forward to seeing you all!!!!. WHOOP WHOOP!!!! ????

See you later. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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