Review 2014: Micheldever Wood

Today’s Secret Review is by the lovely Kaela:

I’ve been meaning to go to Micheldever Woods for years, so after I read Kaela’s initial draft, Mr NHM, Miss NHM and I went on Sunday morning. It was perfect.

The only issue was, it took 45 minutes to find!?!?!

So, Kaela has said it’s ok for me to add the directions here:

  • Head for Winchester on the A30.
  • Go past the Claas (large Farm machinery and tractors) company which is on your right and then take the second left (don’t turn into the first turning, as you can’t park here) sign posted to Northington and The Candovers.
  • Go under the motorway and the car park is up on your left.
  • Oh and it’s NO WHERE NEAR Micheldever! lol

Go now, before the bluebells disappear for the year, as they are gorgeous!

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Half Term Inspiration (February 2013)

There’s no Guest Post today because a couple of people didn’t get back to me in time, so instead I’m cheating and posting a list of all previous posts that will be relevant to half term next week. Hope it helps!

Don’t forget you can also check out all of the historical Guest Posts  here:


Ideas for February 2013 Half Term

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Soft Play Centres

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Walks in Basingstoke

Cafe’s in Basingstoke

Picnic’s in Basingstoke (If it isn’t raining, this is actually quite a fun thing to do. If you don’t have a plastic picnic blanket, take bin liners and don’t forget a thermos of hot chocolate!)

Picnic’s near Basingstoke

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Great Picnic spots in Basingstoke

Great Picnic Spots near Basingstoke

Easter Holiday Activity Inspiration (free or very cheap)

Local Parks and Open Spaces

Half Term Outing Ideas in and around Basingstoke

Tea Time at Newlyns Farm

Local Farm Shops

Discover what children’s centres can offer you and your family

Culture-All Passport – Hampshire

Luxury Afternoon Tea in and around Basingstoke

Pushchair Friendly Walks In Basingstoke

Swimming with Babies

Cheap Places to go for Dinner in Basingstoke

Pushchair Friendly Walks Near Basingstoke

Staying In

7 Cheap or Free Rainy Day Activities in Basingstoke

All those Questions you’ve been dying to ask your Toddler…

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WOW, that’s a lot of posts!  I’ve just realised how much content is on NHM! lol.

Great Picnic spots in Basingstoke

Following lasts week’s post about Great Picnic spots near Basingstoke, I’ve put together my highlights of places to go for picnics in Basingstoke. Have I missed any?

Don’t forget to check out this post: Great Picnic Spots near Basingstoke.

Basing Lime Pits:  The Common opposite Basing Lime Pits

Carpenters Down/Basing Wood


Eastrop Park

Wootten St Lawrence Park

Odiham Castle

Basingstoke Common

Zebon Copse


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Nature Detectives

The Woodland Trust – Nature Detectives website is such a brilliant site. I signed up to their website about a year ago and have been so impressed with the information that they send. There are lots of free downloadable packs which provide lots of free activities and ideas for your children, depending on the time of year. At the moment there is an Easter Pack, a Minibeast pack, a Picnic Kit, Treasure Hunting and an Adventure pack. They also have a free Bluebell Pack that shows you where your nearest bluebell wood is.

If you are looking for free activities that can keep your children entertained for hours, I recommend having a look at the Nature Detectives website and signing up for their emails or “Liking” their Facebook page:

(Many of these activities are also applicable even if it’s raining ;-))