Birth to Five Department of Health Book

Do they still give out the Birth to Five DOH book to new parents? Just in case they don’t (and because I couldn’t find mine anywhere!) enclosed is the link to the book.

I was looking for some inspiration recently for food and the book had some good suggestions. It’s also a useful reference guide if you want to check up on something to do with your child’s age. I don’t recommend printing it because it’s a big document but it is good to dip into when you need it.

Birth to Five Department of Health Book

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Caterpillar Music 2012

Jasmine contacted me asking me to publicise the details about her new new baby and toddler music class which is coming to Basingstoke this Autumn.

Jasmine is a qualified music teacher and Mum to young children so she understands how important it is to engage and stimulate our children. Each Caterpillar Music class is a unique session which will include amazing puppets, exciting instruments as well as innovative props, all of which will help your child learn through play and song.

The sessions will take place on Tuesday’s at ChristChurch in Chineham from 9.40am until 11.10am and are suitable from birth to 4 years of age.

If you are interested and would like to attend a class Jasmine is offering free trial classes for anyone who mentions NorthHantsMum. You can find more details about the classes:

Thanks Jasmine! Best of luck with the new business!

Amber Teething Necklace’s will be banned in the UK

I am so disappointed and annoyed about this that I can’t add any comments as I will just rant. So instead I’m going to add the status update from Amber Pumpkin’s Facebook page:


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

IMPORTANT: Following an EU investigation into amber teething products UK Trading Standards test results have indicated that if a baby (under 36 months) puts an anklet or bracelet into their mouth there is a risk of choking. Trading Standards have now recommended that we conduct a voluntary product recall as a preventative measure. We are deeply sorry about this. This recall is not the result of an incident but due to safety concerns held by Trading Standards. All amber retailers are being contacted.

We will be emailing all customers to advise them of their options and how to return their items should they wish to.

Very sorry for the inconvenience and worry this may cause.

So, if you believe that they work and that it’s a parents responsibility to assess the risk, not UK Trading Standards, stock up quick!

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Review 2012 of the new Photography Studio at Viables

Sarah runs the photography studio at Viables that opened earlier this year. After I wrote a blog post about the new studio I contacted Sarah to ask if I could attend a session with my husband and little one. We had a lovely time and the photo’s came out so well. There are some awesome pictures of my little one, I just wish I was more photogenic! Typically my little one wasn’t playing ball that day so after 30 mins we had to stop the session. However, Sarah made us feel so welcome and the shots that came out were very natural and exactly what I was looking for. The session was also very reasonably priced and I get to keep all of the shots taken from the session. Sarah even gave me a letter of permission that allows me to use them for printing, etc.

I know Sarah is looking into offering a number of different packages, for example:

  • Group sessions for Antenatal groups
  • Short sessions for those who are also visiting “Tiny Tots Tuesday” at The Parlour Tea Rooms, also in Viables.

Once I have more details about these (and she’s not quite so busy!) I will add another post with details.

If you would like more details about Sarah’s photography or her studio please check out:

Thanks Sarah! Sorry I didn’t give you pre-warning to this post!

This is NOT a sponsored post and I paid for my session.

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Products that I love (that make my life a little easier!)

There have been a few products that I have fallen in love with since having my little one. I thought it might be useful to share these with you, as you might find them useful too!

One Line a Day Diary

One Line a Day Diary

I was recently talking to one of my Mum friends who works full time (total respect to all Mummy’s, but a little extra for those who work full time). When she was on maternity leave she had planned to keep a diary of her little one’s development and progress. She bought a lovely leather bound book and had the best will in the world but when she went back to work she just didn’t have the time to sit and write.

The One Line a Day Diary is the perfect way to keep on top of a daily diary. You have just five lines to update daily. Perfect for the busy Mum (and which Mum isn’t busy!?!?!) who wants to try to keep a record of those special moments. It’s not too expensive either, at £7.50 from Amazon. Could also be a great present for a new Mum who wants to keep track of everything that happens in those first manic months.

Oxo Tot Whale Pail

Oxo Tot Whale Pail

I LOVE this bath toy holder from Oxo Tots. It’s quite pricey but I managed to get it for cheaper than this when Amazon were doing a deal. It’s great as you just use it to scoop up all the bath toys out of the water, which then drains out of the bottom of the scoop. Brilliantly innovative and much sturdier than the string bath toy bags that seem to be the only alternative.



Butterflies and Cupcakes

I’m sure every other Mum knows about these but I only discovered them by accident when I went to visit a “seasoned” Mum. My little one loved them immediately. She’s always been obsessed with labels (material not designer!) since she was very tiny so the Taggie’s have kept her amused for hours on many an occasion. They are quite expensive for what they are but you can buy something very similar for a far more reasonable price from a lovely little local company, Butterflies and Cupcakes who advertise on Facebook. I’m hoping to get some in for future “newborn” presents.



You could argue that this isn’t a product as it’s free but I wanted to recommend this computer tool as I am completely addicted. I use it for recording recipes, travel plans, product warranties, storing business card details, blog inspiration, networking and a multitude of other ways. It’s very easy to use, free to download and if you love organising like I do (you may have picked up on this from the blog :-D), then it’s the perfect tool. You can create multiple notebooks, I have one for each year, for my work, for travel and for NHM among others. You can also sync Evernote with all of your applications, including mobile phones. It has an excellent search function and has saved me on numerous occasions when I’ve had a “Mummy brain” moment. Can’t recommend this tool enough!

The National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth

I stumbled across this link and had to share. If you feel your child is a genius, this is the link for you! Click HERE for details.

Are there any products that you love that you would like to share? Please add a comment below. Thanks!

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New service launches for reporting births

The Tell Us Once service for both births and deaths is being launched by The Department for Work and Pensions in partnership with local authorities across England, Wales and Scotland. The service will make it easier for new parents to notify government authorities about any changes in their circumstances.

With 770,000 births nationally each year, Tell Us Once saves time. In a single appointment at their local authority, a parent can notify all the relevant government departments and service authorities of their circumstances. For information on reporting a birth see HERE.

New food and drink guidelines for 1 to 5 year olds

This is an excellent link and I wish I’d found it sooner. It explains the guidelines for food and drink for the Early Years Foundation Stage (ages 1- 5 years old).

Interestingly, it contradicts what my health visitor said about providing vitamin supplements for children under five years old. Good thing I didn’t pay any attention to her about it!

Eat Better, Start Better

The Practical Guide that you can download below also gives recommendations for meals, portion sizes, what is classified as a portion of fruit or vegetables for a young child, how much they should be eating at each meal and details of how to read and understand food labeling. It also provides some great ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

There’s an awful lot in the guidelines as it’s not just for parents and carers but it gives a very comprehensive explanation about food and drink guidelines for young children.

Voluntary Food and Drink Guidelines for Early Years Settings in England – A Practical Guide: Click here to download

Shaun the Sheep joins MyFarm

I LOVE Shaun the Sheep. One of my (very tenuous) claim’s to fame is that one of my best friends husband is the cousin of the guy who does the Shaun the Sheep voice (yes, that is Mr Tumble and no I can’t get you an autograph because even I’m not allowed to ask for one! lol). The first time I saw Shauny I nearly fell off my chair I was laughing so hard. Definitely one of my favourites.

Arrdman Animations has partnered with the Trust to encourage families to learn about food and farming through the Trust’s mass online farming project, MyFarm. Shaun the Sheep is now a member of MyFarm and has his own page on the website, with online games and downloadable posters. To find out more visit

A Playmobil secret…


If you are a fan of Playmobil and you have children under five years of age, you will LOVE playmobil123. I’d never heard of it before and we discovered it quite by accident when I was looking for wooden food toys on holiday. It’s “classic” Playmobil but is branded as being suitable for 18 months old upwards. The only website that sells it in the UK has Playmobil123 branded as being suitable for ages five years + but I think this is because they’ve lumped it into the “Playmobil” brand.

It’s the little details that are fantastic. There are no small moving parts that can be swallowed and figures “slot” into each toy so that they can be used by small hands. We bought the boat and the motorbike. ( I was slightly gutted when I found out how much we’d paid for them abroad when they are practically half price on the UK website).

With the boat that we have the whale has a float that allows it to either float flat in the water or stand on its tail. The motorbike has a “go faster” button which allows it to go really fast on hard floors. I’m not sure who was more enthusiastic about these details, our little one or my husband and I!

Click here for details about how to order Playmobil123 in the UK: I’m hoping to buy some more playmobile123 at my next pay day so I’ll let you know whether the site is any good.

Easter Holiday Activity Inspiration (free or very cheap)


If it’s getting to that point in the Easter holidays where you need some inspiration, the following free or very cheap ideas might help.

Basingstoke Odeon

Grown-ups go FREE with ODEON Kids screenings ODEON Kids are exclusive screenings for children, tickets from only £1* and adults go FREE! Available on Saturday and Sunday mornings as well as school holidays.

Alvin And The Chipmunks – Chipwrecked – today only at 11am

A Monster In Paris 2D – 11am Fri – Mon

Out and About

NetMum’s has a really good area which provides inspiration for things to do if you need to get out of the house. Some of the suggestions are:

  • Nature Walks (See yesterday’s post here for more inspiration)
  • Local Library
  • Galleries (See previous post here about the Willis Museum Easter activities)
  • Parks (See previous post here about local parks and open spaces in the area)
  • Country Walks
  • Bike Riding
  • Fly a Kite
  • Visit to Grandma and Grandad’s house (if they live close enough!)
  • Sensory Walks (See yesterdays post here for inspiration)
  • Fishing
  • Grocery shopping (Maybe check out an independent butchers like the one in Old Basing, or a local Bakery like the one in Bramley)
  • Visit the pet shop
  • Bird watching
  • Trips to the local toy shop
  • Walk a dog
  • Help a neighbour

For more details and other ideas click here.

Also check out this post I found which has some great ideas for Easter Holidays on a Budget: Easter Holidays on a Budget