Half Term Activities (w/c Tues 25th Oct)

Tuesday 25th October

Jay Millers Circus, outside Milestones Museum, 11am

Wednesday 26th October

Learning is fun weekWestside Children’s Centre, South Ham, RG22 6RE,  10am to 4pm


Post Natal Course at Basingstoke Sports Centre

Thursday 27th October – Babies/Children

The Courtyard Open Afternoon. 1pm to 3pm

Friday 28th October – Babies/Childre

Alton toy library at the Alton Maltings Centre, Alton
Every 2nd and 4th Friday of month
9.30-11.30 am,  £2 annual membership
Toys, DVDs,puzzles, bikes/trikes, activity gyms etc to borrow
Rentals start at 30p an item

Saturday 29th October – Family

Tree Planting Party 2011, 10am to 1pm


NCT Nearly New Sale – Woodley, Berkshire

Sunday 30th October – Family

Half Term Halloween fun at Milestones, 11am

Monday 31st October – Family

Halloween!! Trick or Treating, if you believe in it.

Future Events

Sunday 20th November – Baby and Children’s Market – Hatch Warren, 10am to 12pm

Do  you know of any future events that you think others listed on NorthHantsMum would be interested in?

Did you know…?

that you are entitled to any Bank Holidays you accrued during Maternity Leave. (thanks for the heads-up Claire!)

Am I entitled to take Bank Holidays and other fixed holidays that fall during my maternity leave when I get back to work?

Firstly, you should check your contract to see if you are allowed to take Bank Holidays or fixed holidays that fall during maternity leave, at another time. If your employer allows employees who are sick on a bank holiday to take a day off in lieu, they should also allow women on maternity leave to do the same, as it could be discriminatory not to.

All employees are entitled to 28 days statutory annual leave. If your employer provides 28 days annual leave, including Bank Holidays, your employer should probably allow you to take paid holiday at another time, as the European Court of Justice case of Gomez said that a woman is entitled to take her statutory annual leave as well as her maternity leave. This may also apply to fixed holidays that are part of your statutory annual leave entitlement but the law is not clear and you may wish to seek further advice.

Taken from: http://www.maternityaction.org.uk/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/discriminationduringmaternityleave.pdf

Frugal Ideas – Clothing

NCT Nearly New Sales

Autumn and Spring are the best times to find an NCT nearly new sale. There are many in the area and if you are an NCT member you will be allowed entry into the sale before other consumers. Be warned though, they are a bit of a bun fight.

Table Top Sales in your area

The best way to find out about local table top sales are to look in the Gazette, The Observor (local papers) or read your local community leaflet or magazine. If you live near a Community Hall you can also keep a look out for posters advertising any local sales


Freegle not only allows you to offer your items for good, but it also allows you to request items. If you place a post with “Wanted” at the beginning an email will be sent out to the community and anyone who has your items available for offer will be able to email you directly.


This is along the same lines as Freegle but all items are priced for under £50.


Very similar to Cheapcycle but also includes bigger ticket items

Store Sales

If you sign up to many of the larger chain stores they will often email you dates of sales and discount codes.
Festival Place has the following places selling baby and children clothes (please let me know if I’ve missed any!):

Mama’s and Papa’s
Pumpkin Patch
New Look

Supermarket Sales

Many of the big supermarket chains have great clothing ranges that are very reasonably priced. Sainsburys and Asda seem to do baby clothes that are bigger in sizes and therefore last longer.

Little Pickles Markets

These tend to be in South Hampshire and the closest event is in Winchester.

Baby and Children Markets

There is a franchise who operates in Tadley and across Basingstoke. Keep an eye on the website for future events.

Are there any other frugal clothing ideas for babies and children that you can think of?

First aid for baby and child – British Red Cross


First aid for baby and child is designed to teach you a range of first aid skills to cope with emergency situations for babies and children 0-5 years. We include lots of practical exercises because we want to give you confidence in dealing with a real life emergency. Delegates must be physically able to carry out the procedures detailed in the course outline. The course covers adult information.

This is a 5 hour, one day course. We also offer a first aid for baby and child evening course, split over two consecutive evenings (2.5 hours per evening).


5 hours



Who is it for?

This course is suitable for members of the general public who wish to learn first aid skills for babies and children. This course is not appropriate for anyone requiring first aid training for the workplace. Our first aid for baby and child course is perfect for parents, expectant parents, grandparents, babysitters, foster parents and carers of babies and young children.

Course content includes:

  • Dealing with an emergency
  • Unconsciousness (breathing and not breathing)
  • Choking
  • Bleeding
  • Burns & scalds
  • Sprains & strains
  • Seizures
  • Head injuries
  • Swallowing harmful substance
  • Drowning
  • Raised temperature
  • Meningitis
  • Severe allergic reactions
  • Diarrhoea & vomiting
  • Where to get help


This course is fully certified. We recommend you refresh your skills after 12 months.


There are no creche facilities; therefore we are unable to accommodate children. Our first aid for baby and child course is taught at over 40 venues nationwide. To find a venue near you, please use our venue search below.

Taken from: http://www.redcrossfirstaidtraining.co.uk/Courses/First-aid-public-courses/First-aid-for-baby-and-child.aspx

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Musical Shakers

Miss NHM and I made a shaker at a baby PEEP class that we visited out in Kingsclere when Miss NHM was 7 months old.

We still have her shaker now, at 3 1/2 years old and she still plays with it!

What you will need

  • ·      1 plastic cup
  • ·      Dried rice or lentils
  • ·      Paper
  • ·      Sellotape
  • ·      Pens, stickers or paints to decorate

Steps to making a shaker

  • ·      Fill your chosen container with lentils or rice
  • ·      Cover the top of the cup with paper and secure with sellotape
  • ·      Decorate the shaker using a range  of pens and paints or other  decorative material

Tips for staying safe …

  • ·      Young children must be supervised at all times.
  • ·       Do not allow your child to ingest the rice or lentils (risk of choking)
  • ·       Do not use ceramic cups

Working together

  • ·      Enhance your child’s communication by asking what they are doing with each stage
  • ·      Ask your child about the colours and shapes they are using to decorate their shaker.
  • ·      Introduce your child to basic beats and rhythms. You might like to use familiar words from nursery rhymes to start with.
  • ·      Use an empty kitchen roll as an alternative to a plastic cup

A guide to learning and development outcomes for your child

By doing this activity with me you will help me to develop my fine motor skills and grasping movements.  This activity will also help to develop my hand eye coordination.  This is called my physical development.

When you make a shaker with me you will help me to learn about sounds, beats and rhythms, colours and shapes.  You will also be helping me with my conversation skills.  This is called my intellectual development.

We can talk about colours and sounds together.  You will be helping me with my range of vocabulary and speech and language development.  Help me to learn words such as shake, rattle, swish, count.

Making a shaker will give me lots of enjoyment and a sense of achievement.

When you praise and encourage me, you will help to raise my self-esteem and build my confidence.  This is good for my emotional development.

By enjoying this activity with siblings, I will learn how to learn to share and take turns which will help me with my social development.

The sound that the shaker makes will help by helping me to understand different sounds.  Colours will stimulate my vision and the essences will introduce me to a range of new scents which will help my sensory development.

Child Safe Zones at Festival Place

Basingstoke Festival Place operates as a Child Safe Zone:

Around the country, shopping centres, beaches, visitor attractions and other family venues are becoming Child Safe Zones…

If you have children its very likely you have experienced that dreaded moment when you turn around and your child is out of sight… the Child Safe Zones scheme can help.

If you lose your child in a Child Safe Zone, simply ring the number clearly displayed on the Child Safe Zones stickers or posters for direct contact with the local security team – getting help with your search quickly. This simple, effective service works for everyone and is free.

You do not need to register with FamilySafePlus+ and you do not have to buy any Child Safe Accessories. Just call the number displayed.

Virtually every venue in the UK has a missing child procedure. The Child Safe Zone Scheme simply brings all these systems under one nationally recognised identity – helping venues and parents to keep children safe and found.

This scheme is can prove equally valuable for older children and vulnerable adults, where personal safety is an issue.

Free Wristbands

All Child Safe Zones offer free wristbands allowing children to carry their parent or guardian’s contact mobile number safely. Look out for the dispensers as you enter the Zone, and help Child Safe Zones to reunite your child with you quickly, if they lose sight of you.

Resource: http://www.childsafezones.co.uk/childsafe-zones.html#

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Money worries

Hopefully you will never need the following information…

Did you know…?

  • You can get free, independent help with debt problems.
  • Special schemes may help if you have mortgage problems.
  • You can still be entitled to redundancy pay if you’re on maternity leave.
  • You may qualify for cash help if your hours are cut.
  • Paying off debt may make more sense than saving.

Taken from: http://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/parents/worries/default.aspx

Useful contacts

Call rates may vary – check with your telephone provider for their charges.

For advice on all types of housing problems

Shelter (England and Scotland)
Tel:             0808 800 4444

For list of solicitors and legal centres that can advise on benefits, housing and legal issues

Community Legal Advice (England and Wales)
Tel:             0300 200 2020

Information and advice about your rights at work

Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) (Great Britain)
Tel:             0300 123 1100

The redundancy handbook

Money Advice Service

Redundancy pay calculator


Tax credits

HM Revenue & Customs
Tel:             0345 300 3900

For job search and claims for most state benefits for people of working age

Jobcentre Plus (Great Britain) National Careers Service
Tel:           0800 100 900

For advice on returning to work, changing career, getting training and help with childcare costs

Next Step (England)
Tel:             0800 100 900

To find out about local courses

Association of Colleges
Tel:             020 7034 9900

Budget planner

Money Advice Service

Debt test

Money Advice Service

Cut-back calculator

Money Advice Service

To find out where your tax office is

See recent forms or letters from your office

Ask your employer


To compare fuel deals

www.consumerfocus.org.uk (UK)

Free independent debt advice

Citizens Advice Bureau (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
See phone book
www.citizensadvice.org.uk (England and Wales)

National Debtline
Tel:             0808 808 4000

Consumer Credit Counselling Service
Tel:             0800 138 111

Tel:             0800 280 2816

Community Legal Advice (England and Wales)
Tel:             0345 345 4 345

Shelter (England and Scotland)
Tel:             0808 800 4444

Relationship issues

Tel:             0300 100 1234

Divorce & Separation
Money Advice Service

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Library Membership

Visit your local library or complete the Online Registration Form to join

  • If you live, work or study in Hampshire you can become a member – it’s free to join. You’re never too young – even babies can join!
  • If you have difficulty using the library we have specialist services which can help you.
  •  A wide selection of books, films, games and music for you to borrow. Try something new – libraries run courses and workshops from arts and crafts to employment preparation.
  •  Free internet and IT in every library and Discovery Centre. WiFi is available in several libraries so you can use your own devices too.
  • Access library resources from home – you can download ebooks and audiobooks and use our online reference collection.

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School catchment finder, Report on school admissions and Ofsted Reports in North Hampshire

Following on from the Education posts there are some very interesting links below (Thanks Su for forwarding them on!).  I don’t want to scare anyone but you may be intrigued to see where your little one falls in the catchment lottery for when they start Infants school  in North Hampshire and where they will be allotted for Junior’s and Senior schools:

School catchment finder

The report on School Admissions is a really interesting read, particularly at the end of the report where it is listed the number of children that have been accepted into the school and whether brothers and sisters have also been accepted:

Report on school admissions

If you have a little one starting nursery soon you may also find the following website useful as you should be able to check up on the Nursery’s latest Ofsted report. You can also find Infants, Juniors and Senior schools Ofsted reports from this linky:

Ofsted Early years and Childcare

Sorry if I’ve scared anyone but I hope you find the above useful. It would be great to hear your feedback…

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