13 things to do in Basingstoke in Spring with a three year old

1. Visit PlayDays, JJ’s, Fun House or Gym Tots at the Sports Centre

2. Go to the Aquadrome.

3. Check out nature detectives to see which packs you can use to go on a treasure hunt. Click HERE for a list of nature walks you can do.

4. Play Pooh Sticks on the bridge at Eastrop Park

5. Go Ice Skating at Planet Ice

6. Check out the aquarium’s in the fish shop at Sherfield on Loddon Garden Centre

7. Attend a Toddler Class. Have a look at the Activities Drop down on the tool bar above, to see the Classes available each day.

8. Visit the Old Fashioned Sweet Shop in Milestones

9. Go Bowling at the Leisure Park and play in the new Soft Play area after. (Keep your receipt for softplay as it gets you half price entry the next time you go.)

10. Visit a Pick Your Own Farm

11. Fly a kite on Crabtree Hill

12. Take a ride on the Viables mini steam train when it’s running

13. Go to Basing Lime Pits and play on the Train climbing frame and slide down the extra long slides

What would you recommend in the area for something to do with a three year old?

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Thank you!

I think I thanked everyone personally who came along this morning, but just in case I didn’t, thank you so much to all of you who came along this morning. It was great to meet all of you and so nice to see everyone chatting away and all of the children and babies playing and enjoying themselves.  Thank you also to Vicky, Clare and Sheri who had tables for each of their businesses.

As this mornings event was so successful I am now very seriously considering putting on a regular NHM event. However, as I work Monday to Thursdays (I took a half day from work this morning ;-)) I was thinking that it might be better to vary the day. Perhaps do the next one on a Friday morning and then the following one on an evening, so that those ladies who work during the week might be able to attend? Please let me know your thoughts about this.

I know that many of you were networking and making new contacts this morning, which was so great to see. Several of you came along with your babies and children so may not have had a chance to look at all of the leaflets that were on display, so for those of you who missed out on this, below are the links to the businesses that were represented this morning.

Over the weekend I’m planning to put together a survey to gauge your feedback which I will send out on Friday. However, if you are happy to add comments to this post, please feel free. I’d really like to hear your thoughts about the event and whether you have suggestions for improvements.

Thanks again so much for coming along and look forward to seeing you all at a future event. Please keep an eye out on NHM for further details 😉

Phoenix Trading Cards

Usborne Books

Tiny Toes and Sticky Fingers

Playdays Parent and Baby Club

Sarah Dutton Photography

Attitude for Change

IAIM Baby Massage

Art Polish Pottery

Little Puma’s



First Aid Angels

Caroline Oppenheimer Health & Wellness Coach

The Capsule Wardrobe Solution

(please let me know if I have missed any business cards!)

NorthHantsMum Meet up is TODAY!

Whoop Whoop! Just to confirm, it’s at Playdays in Basingstoke and will be on from 9.30am to 12.30pm. Vicky will be there with her Usborne books, Clare will be there with her Phoenix Trading cards and Tinytoes and Stickyfingers have just confirmed that they will be there to take prints of your little ones hands or feet.

There will be tea, coffee and squash available and a corner will be set up for babies. Extra parking is available in the units next to City Link.

Hope to see several of you there!!!! 😀

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Random Friday Post

I’ve read a lot of really good posts recently and re-read some olds ones. I thought you might be interested in reading the following:

Facilitate correction of tongue-tie in newborn babies within three days from birth

There is an epetition that is circulating about facilitating the correction of tongue-tie in newborn babies within three days from birth. This is an issue close to my heart as it took 5 weeks after my little one was born to have her tongue tie confirmed. This was partly the reason why we had such a tough first couple of months with breastfeeding. If you would like to support this epetition, please find the link HERE.

Purple Crying

Have you heard of Purple Crying? I saw this a couple of years ago but thought it was a really interesting post and I’ve been meaning to add a link to it here for ages. Definitely worth a read. Click HERE for the link.

The truth about baby food jars.

This is a fascinating, if disturbing, post about what goes into baby food. It uses scare tactics but is very powerful. Click HERE for the link.

Nine Reasons not to carry your baby facing out

This is another really interesting post. I didn’t babywear, despite really wanting too, as I suffered from SPD when I was pregnant and couldn’t cope with the extra weight of carrying my baby around. If you are lucky enough to be able to carry your little one in a sling, this is also interesting reading. Click HERE for the link.

Hope you find the links above useful. Have a great weekend!

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15 Different Experiences for Children

I believe it’s important, as a parent, to introduce your child to as many different experiences as possible. Obviously, you don’t want to overwhelm them, but the different activities and experiences may help to broaden their horizons.

For example, I would have liked to have taken my little on to the Olympics, but I wasn’t sure what the logistics would be like. I have some friends who took their 1 year old to see the London Marathon and to the Jubilee last summer. What an awesome experience for a little one.

Below is a list that I’ve put together for ideas on different experiences. Please add your suggestions in the comments.

1. Stroke a wolf at Beenham Wolf. Beenham is near Aldermaston and they have Children’s Wolf Walks which look AWESOME!

2. Go swimming at an outside swimming pool. See the previous NHM Lido Post HERE

3. See a show at the Planetarium in Winchester. See the previous NHM Chatterbox Post HERE

4. Trampolining at the Active Life Centre

5. Pet a Sheep at Finkley Down Farm, Wellington Country Park, Odds Farm, or Bucklebury Farm 

6. Pick Your OwnStrawberries

7. Fly a kite on a very big hill. Crabtree is great for this, or if you want go a bit further, try the hill behind Watership Down on the way to Kingsclere.

8. Take your child to see London. It’s such an awesome experience and we are so lucky to only live 40 minutes away on the train. Check HERE for a previous post about travel discounts for families. Or you could drive straight up to Richmond and park in Deer Park car park and get the train in (it’s much cheaper!). If you don’t want to schlep around London with your kids in tow, I totally recommend the London Sightseeing Bus. You get to see all the sights without moving from your seat 😉

9. Enrol your child on a cookery course. Newlyns Farm do great cooker courses. Or take your child to a restaurant where they do food “differently”. Wagamama’s or La Tasca could be good restaurants for this.

10. Hold a snake at Marwell Zoo.

11. Take your child to a Gallery and use this opportunity to discuss the pictures or photography. The Willis Museum in town regularly has different exhibitions.

12. Show your child some of the military history of this country. You could try the Royal Navy Submarine Museum at Gosport, the Army Flying Museum near Andover or the Gurka Museum in Winchester.

13. Take your child on a steam train. The Watercress Line isn’t far away and is a brilliant experience.

14. Visit an Aquarium. I think the nearest ones to Basingstoke are the Blue Reef Aquarium in Portsmouth or the London Aquarium. Or you could take your children along to one of the local fish shops.

15. Take your child to the theatre. The Anvil and The Haymarket have regular children’s performances.

Half Term Inspiration (February 2013)

There’s no Guest Post today because a couple of people didn’t get back to me in time, so instead I’m cheating and posting a list of all previous posts that will be relevant to half term next week. Hope it helps!

Don’t forget you can also check out all of the historical Guest Posts  here: http://www.northhantsmum.co.uk/post-index/guest-posts/


Ideas for February 2013 Half Term

Outings in Basingstoke

Soft Play Centres

Hampshire Days out with your children

Walks in Basingstoke

Cafe’s in Basingstoke

Picnic’s in Basingstoke (If it isn’t raining, this is actually quite a fun thing to do. If you don’t have a plastic picnic blanket, take bin liners and don’t forget a thermos of hot chocolate!)

Picnic’s near Basingstoke

Berkshire Days Out

Cafe’s near Basingstoke

Walks near Basingstoke

Hampshire Days Out

Early Bird Meals with children

11 Places to Breakfast “out” with Children in North Hampshire

8 “Cheap” Restaurants in Basingstoke (Meal for 2 for under £15)

Great Picnic spots in Basingstoke

Great Picnic Spots near Basingstoke

Easter Holiday Activity Inspiration (free or very cheap)

Local Parks and Open Spaces

Half Term Outing Ideas in and around Basingstoke

Tea Time at Newlyns Farm

Local Farm Shops

Discover what children’s centres can offer you and your family

Culture-All Passport – Hampshire

Luxury Afternoon Tea in and around Basingstoke

Pushchair Friendly Walks In Basingstoke

Swimming with Babies

Cheap Places to go for Dinner in Basingstoke

Pushchair Friendly Walks Near Basingstoke

Staying In

7 Cheap or Free Rainy Day Activities in Basingstoke

All those Questions you’ve been dying to ask your Toddler…

Toddler Games: Coloured Spaghetti

Nature Detectives

How to keep all the family entertained during Easter

Games to play with your baby or toddler

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WOW, that’s a lot of posts!  I’ve just realised how much content is on NHM! lol.

Further Details on the NorthHantsMum Meet Up…

I hope you are having a good week. I just wanted to confirm for those of you that may not have seen, the NHM Meet Up has moved to the morning of  Wednesday 27th February, from 9.30am to 12.30am at Playdays. I had a lot of feedback on Facebook about the afternoon session clashing with Nursery, Pre-School and School pick up times, so I surveyed everyone and the majority of responses were for a morning session. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this change causes for you.

I am very excited to announce that Vicky Moran will be there with her Usborne books. I LOVE Usborne books and have been wanting to organise a party for ages, so it seemed a good idea to ask Vicky if she could come along with some of her books. Thanks in advance Vicky!

I am also very excited to announce that Clare will be there with her Pheonix Trading Cards. I’ve been meaning to have a look at these for ages as I know they do really nice cards for a very reasonable price. Thanks also in advance Clare!

I also wanted to confirm the prices for entry into Playdays:

  • Babies under a year are free with another child or £1.50
  • Toddlers aged between 1 to 4 years – £3.50
  • Families (and they must be families!) pay for 2 children, and the 3rd will only cost £1.50

Playdays are putting on a special room for the meet up and the Playdays team are going to set up a corner for babies in the room and there will be free tea, coffee and squash available.

Really hope you can make it as it will be great to meet you!!

PS: It’s Shrove Tuesday today so if you are having pancakes…Enjoy! 😀

New Toddler and Baby Group Survey

In 2012 Karen asked me if I could ask all of you if you wouldn’t mind responding to a survey for her, so she could guage interest in a new PlayGroup. Jumble Bees was formed as a result of this feedback and has been so successful that Karen is now looking for further support regarding a new song and craft group.

Please can you complete the survey below for Karen. The survey won’t take more than 2 minutes to complete as it is just 7 questions long and is anonymous, but I know Karen will be very grateful if you could complete it for her so she could understand the demand for a new group.

You can find the survey here:  www.surveymonkey.com/s/KY93F3V

I would be really interested in any classes that run on weekends as my husband works every other weekend, so classes on Sunday would be of particular interest to me. If they would be of interest to you, please make sure you highlight this in the survey.

Thanks Karen and thanks to all you NHM Readers who will respond! I know NHM readers will provide Karen with lots of good responses!! 😀

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Ideas for February 2013 Half Term

It’s half term in a couple of weeks time (18th Feb to 22nd Feb) so I’ve put together a post with some ideas of Half Term events.  The events below are happening throughout Half Term week. I’ll update this post as I come across other Half Term activities.