Historical Posts 2017

Miss NHM was 6 years old for most of 2017 so several of the posts during this year on NHM are related to the Y1 age group.

December 2017

Looking Back at 2017 on NHM

My Experience: Y2 Autumn Term

Little Play Town 

Clare Amanda Photography

Foxbury Forest School Christmas Special Thursday 21st December 2017

Review 2017 How Many Sleeps til Christmas 

Simply Magical Art

How Many sleeps till Christmas – Scratch Build Productions Immersive Christmas Show for under 5’s

Spotlight Christmas Toy Appeal 

Review 2017: Christmas Carol Proteus production 

Free Life Insurance for one year – no tricks, no selling – just free life insurance

Christmas Parties 2017 

November 2017

NHM Inspirational Mum: Nov 2017 Jaz McCarthy

Proteus Present retelling Christmas Carol Winter 2017

Free Winter Wonderland at Kiddi Caru

Pots 2 Paint coming to Sycamore Saplings on 4th December 2017

Review 2017: Farnham Park and Castle

Celebrate Christmas with Festival Place

Santa Pantos and Other Christmas Events

Sylvanian Families Shop at St Mary Bourne Fair 17th November 2017

Advent Calendar Ideas for 2017

Review 2017: Little Play Town 

Basingstoke Jingle Jog 26th November 2017

Ooh Mama Choir

Classes to do with a baby

NHM Readers: Local places for preloved items

Buy Child first shoes

I remember when 

Activity Drop Shop Playdays

October 2017

Favourite comments October 2017 NorthHantsMum Survey

NHM Reader recommendations Doulas


NHM Inspirational Mum: October 2017 – Helen Hill

Bugsy Malone October 2017

Review 2017: Arbonne Makeup range

Chill Mama pregnancy Meditation Marie Bahenna

Saints Foundation Football Soccer School October 2017 Half Term 

World Doodle Day 20th October 2017

Season tickets to local Attractions North Hampshire – updated 2017

Review 2017: Buggys Magic Valeting Basingstoke

Good Infant schools vs. Bad Infant Schools

Toddler Group Popley Little People

Review 2017: Beale Park 

Applying for Reception Place Year R in September 2018

Basingstoke NCT Nearly New Sale takes place this week 

Mollys Market Free entry October 2017

Three Musketeers The Haymarket October 2017

Fun Palace back at Proteus Creation Space October 2017

Review 2017: Tot Cross Buns

September 2017

NHM Readers recommend finding primary school open days 2018 

Basingstoke Jiggy Wrigglers

Water confident swimming nature

Movin Monkeez free offering

Tiny Oaks pre school 

NCT Nearly New Sale Basingstoke Back next month 

Sitting with Jane bench winner

Keeping a Sitting with Jane bench in Basingstoke!! WHOOOOPPP!!!

Review 2017: Tots Play Social Tots

Caterpillar Music Fllet Hook September Launch

NHM Readers Cry It Out

Review 2017: Thatcham Discovery Centre 

Nursery Reception Ballet classes

Saints Foundation football ages 5-11

New Class: Drama Tots Basingstoke

http://www.northhantsmum.co.uk/2017/09/05/back-september-2017-jiggly-wrigglers-hartley-wintney/ – delete

Maternity Services survey 2017

August 2017

Stickerscape name labels

Keeping a Sitting with Jane Bench in Basingstoke! 

Westsde Community centre South Ham summer holiday activities

Jiggly wrigglers coming to Hartley Wintney today

Caterpillar music free trial classes

New pregnancy yoga course September 2017

Tadley Baughurst scarecrow trail August 2017

Kids Fitness Made fun 

National Play Day Cancelled 2nd August 2017

July 2017

Stripey stork wish list 

Ready Steady 

List of Places to visit in 2017

Made In Basinstoke Summer 2017

Free National Play Day 2nd August 2017

Classes still running in 2017 Summer Holidays

Ultimate NHM Summer Holidays 2017 posts 

Muffin Mile July 2017 

Domestic Violence in North Hampshire

Kids Kan Dance Summer fun classes

NorthHantsMum is my Hobby

Rock Pop Foundation 

Review 2017: Relax Kids

Sitting with Jane art trail revealed – Basingstoke’s unique celebration of Jane Austen’s life 

Spotlight Summer Holiday 2017 Clubs

Cookery Doodle Doo North Hants Pop Tots Cooking session 

Kiddi Caru Family Fun Day July 2017

Bramley Summer Fete July 2017

June 2017

I Started English Charm Co

Baby Weighing Clincs Basingstoke – last updated June 2017

Winklebury Gala 1st July 2017

Review 2017: Little Street 

Basingstoke Track Party June 2017

NorthHantsMum is 6 years old today! 

Four Lanes Summer Festival on Sunday

NHM Readers recommend maternity clothes

Review 2017: Thrive Massage Therapy

Tiger who came to tea at Haymarket Basingstoke June 2017

Disability charity garden opening Colemore house Alton June 2017

Mothercare Expectant parents evenings June 2017 

Buggyfit Odiham Hook 

Winklebury school summer fayre June 2017

My Experience: Y1 phonics screening check

Next Baby Classes June 2017

Alton Teddy Bear Festival June 2017

May 2017

Pilates Tummy restoration

New parent toddler group in Winklebury

Free Sylvanian Families weekend June 2017

Friends of Old Basing Summer Faire June 2017

Frequently asked questions on NorthHantsMum

Saturday art club May/June 2017

Antenatal swimming classes

NHM Readers recommend places for Sunday dinner

Cliddesden school summer fete June 2017

Fitness Classes with childcare

NHM Readers recommend pottery painting for children 

Basingstoke in Bloom

KidsKan Dance Fathers day class

Keepabeat first aid classes

Basingstoke Track Party May 2017 

April 2017

Child friendly pubs in Basingstoke

Want to get your spark back in life? 

Review 2017: Mummabfit post natal fitness classes

Review 2017: Kitty’s tilted teacup tea room 

NHM Readers recommend: Child doesn’t get school choice

Basingstoke Baby and children’s market April 2017

Fun Day Association Nandos Basingstoke

Clubs for children with additional needs or disabilities

Gym Minis new term

Baby course PND

March 2017

Mothercare Basingstoke Expectant Parents Evening tomorrow night Thursday 2nd

Preinatal mental health research pregnant or a new mum

Basingstoke Spring NCT Nearly New Sale April 2017

NHM Readers recommend newborn classes to meet other Mums

Competition: Free tickets to don’t dribble on the dragon

NHM Readers: Companies to sponsor a child

New class: Saturday art club in Basingstoke

Tots Play every class your child needs in one

Special Needs Information day 2017

Pregnancy yoga course

Free Sports taster sessions ages 11 to 17

The island of lost children 

Peppa Pig returns to Festival Place

NorthHantsMum is proud to sponsor Basingstoke track party 1st April 2017

February 2017

Mini Jump Super Hero week at Jump Factory 

Age Limits for National Attractions

Basingstoke Baby and children’s market tomorrow

Child friendly restaurants in Basingstoke

Child friendly restaurants in Basingstoke

Top tip 39: What to do with your old cot mattress

Inspirational Mums: The Boppypants and the pants that blew off

The irrational fears of a parent 

Upcoming events at Festival Place Feb to June 2017

Proteus cafe re-opening

Review 2017: Messy Play

January 2017

Thrive Massage Therapy

New Class: Buggyfit

NHM Readers 5.5 year old not sleeping through 

Review 2016: The Science Museum

List of Reviews on NorthHantsMum

Dad Club 21st January 2017

Basinsgstoke Track Party 15th Jan 2017

Baby and child resuscitation course

More about treasure baskets

Frequently asked questions on NorthHantsMum

A NHM Readers experience of encopresis/severe constipation in young children 

Relax for Birth Hypnobirthing birth preparation

My word and Joyful January!!!