Historical Posts 2013

Miss NHM was 2 years old for most of 2013 so many of the posts during this year on NHM are related to toddlers

December 2013

Looking back at 2013 on NHM…

The 10 Most Popular Posts on NHM in 2013

Ideas of things to do during the Christmas Break

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

Happy Christmas!!!!!!!

TinyTalk Baby Signing Basingstoke

New OFSTED Registered After School Club and Holiday Club

8 “things” about me, the person behind NHM

Date Afternoon Ideas in Winter

Hope & Rainbows

November 2013

Local Business Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar Ideas

A great post that I read this week and wanted to share with you…

Newbie Cinema at the Odeon

Santa’s Grotto’s/Father Christmas Visits in North Hampshire 2013

22 things to do with an under 7 year old in Basingstoke when it’s raining

Swimming Pools in North Hampshire suitable for Babies and Children

Christmas Planning 2013


Fitmama Postnatal Exercise

Fox Cubs Stay ‘n Play

October 2013

Reasonably Priced Afternoon Tea’s

Sebastian’s Action Trust

A week of “free” Activities – Autumn

MAD Academy: Mini Franchise

October 2013 Half Term

Toddler Games: Making Gloop!

Things to do/Places to go with a baby when it’s raining

It’s Slow Cooker Season, Yay!

Review 2013: Lakeside Country Park

Alternatives for those affected by the closure of two local nurseries…

Age limits for local attractions

NCT Groups Re-launch in Church Crookham and Elvetham Heath

September 2013

Basingstoke Positive Birth Group

Ohh Mama charity concert

Yurt Camping!

Review 2013: Paulton’s Park/Peppa Pig World

Spotlight UK Classes for preschool children

Date Night Ideas for Autumn

Another 6 places to host a children’s birthday party

Review 2013: NorthDown Orchard Deliveries

New Buggy Workout classes coming to Basingstoke and Fleet!

Guest Post Wednesday: Busy Bee’s in Hook

Mum and Baby Ballet Classes

Review 2013: Farleigh Mount

August 2013

North Hampshire Academy of Dance

Emily Barham School of Singing

A Summer of sport – final

24 things to do during the summer holidays with young children in Basingstoke

Review 2013: Birdworld

A Summer of sport VII: “Born to be wild…”

Dance schools in North Hampshire

A Summer of Sport VI: Ballet

A summer of sport V: Horse Racing

July 2013

A summer of sport IV: Cricket

Review 2013: The Hawk Conservancy

Summer Holiday Ideas

Classes that are still running during Summer 2013

A summer of sport III: Golf

The Big Latch on in Basingstoke

Outdoor BBQ facilities in North Hampshire

Review 2013: Basing Lime Pits

A summer of sport II: Cycling

Potty Training: Part 1

Guest Post Wednesday: MLB Photographic

National PlayDay – 7th August 2013 – Free Event!!!

Summer Time!!!

A Summer Sport I: Tennis

Review 2013: Basing Wood

June 2013

NHM is on Twitter!

11 Songs and Rhymes for Babies and Toddlers

NHM Posts that are relevant for children aged 6 and over

NHM Two Year Anniversary

8 things to do in Basingstoke when it’s sunny

9 “things” I’m planning to do with my daughter in the future

Basingstoke Festival… 2013

Review 2013: Finkley Down Farm

Alton Teddy Bear Festival 2013

Father’s Day Ideas 2013

Usborne Books in North Hampshire

Ashford Hill Toddler group

Neon Fairy Face Painting

Basingstoke Homebirth Group

May 2013

Princess Parties (Pirates welcome too…!)

Review 2013: Wellington Country Park

NCT Relax, Stretch and Breathe

Pirate Fun Day: Wednesday 29th May, Half Term

Basingstoke Mothercare Expectant Parent event

Why I continue to write NorthHantsMum – May 2013

Jill Lewis Reflexology

Review 2013: Basingstoke Aquadrome

NHM Feedback

The NHM Meet Up is….TODAY!!!

How I write NorthHantsMum in 2013

Why I started NorthHantsMum…

Petra Cracknell Photography

April 2013

Review 2013: Alice Holt, Farnham

Random Friday Post – April 2013

SPD: My experience

Routine Riots

NorthHantsMum Meet Up – May 2013

Food: Healthy Snacks

Caterpillar Music 2013

Pick Your Own Farm’s in North Hampshire and Berkshire

March 2013

Nearly back to “normal” on NHM… 😉

No NHM Posts next week…

Stretch n Grow

Food: Pudding/Desert Variety

Review 2013: Kids ‘n’ Action, Soft Play Centre, Winersh Triangle nr Reading

Food: Breakfast variety


Food: Feeding our children

11 Things for Mum’s to Do in Basingstoke without their children

Ideal Imaging Photography

Review 2013: The Living Rainforest, nr Newbury, Berkshire

13 things to do in Basingstoke in Spring with a three year old

February 2013

Thank you!

NorthHantsMum Meet up is TODAY!

Random Friday Post

15 Different Experiences for Children

Valentine’s Day

Half Term Inspiration (February 2013)

Further Details on the NorthHantsMum Meet Up…

New Toddler and Baby Group Survey

Ideas for February 2013 Half Term

January 2013

Exciting News about the NorthHantsMum Meet up!!

A day of freezer cooking

Toddler Games: Coloured Spaghetti

Amber Teething Necklace Update

They weren’t wrong about Blue Monday!

School and Children Centre Snow Closure’s

Mum Networks in Basingstoke and surrounding areas

Online Food Shopping

The New FitMama Studio