Historical Posts 2011

Miss NHM was born in March 2011 and I started NorthHantsMum in June 2011 so many of the posts during the first year of NHM are related to pregnancy and babies. 

Basically I was just finding my feet as a new Mum and a newbie Blogger in 2011 ;-). 

December 2011

Happy Christmas!!!!!!

The NorthPole!

Want to know exactly how long it is until Santa arrives?

What do Welly Boots, Icing Sugar and Father Christmas have in common?

14 Things you don’t want to forget for Christmas

Christmas Present Shopping

Christmas Blog Posts

A personalised Video Message from Santa for your child (and it’s free!)

November 2011

The Marshmallow Test – The Secrets of Self-Control in Children

Christmas!!!! (Food, Presents & Pampering)

Ballet/Dance classes for 2 year olds (Nov 2011)

What is Elimination Communication for babies?

October 2011

Play Dough Recipes

Frugal Ideas: Clothing

Musical Shakers

Child Safe Zones at Festival Place

Library Membership

September 2011

School catchment finder, Report on school admissions and Ofsted Reports in North Hampshire

Benefits and Entitlements for families


Home Schooling

Waldorf Steiner Education in North Hampshire

Montessori Education in North Hampshire

August 2011

All those Questions you’ve been dying to ask your Toddler…

Unwanted Baby Items – Recycle/Reuse/Sell

Baby and Children Shopping

Parenting and Baby Magazines

Parenting Websites

Farm Shops in Basingstoke/North Hampshire

Birth Reflections in Basingstoke

July 2011

Babies – Treasure Baskets

Luxury Afternoon Tea in and around Basingstoke

The Perfect Capsule wardrobe

NCT Early Days courses and drop-ins

General Travel Tips

Traveling with your baby – Part 2

Traveling with your baby – Part 1

Group offers aid for vulnerable mums in Basingstoke

What is Baby Led Weaning?

June 2011

Returning to Work – Maternity Allowance

Signs your baby is ready for solids

Pushchair Friendly Walks Near Basingstoke

Reasonably priced Places to go for Dinner in Basingstoke