DINKY DISCO – Fun, Energetic Weekend Classes for 5 and Unders


Wish there were more classes you could go to with your little one on weekends? Including through school holidays? With times to work around naps? Without having to sign up for a term?

Look no further!

Dinky Disco classes are fun, interactive sessions suitable for 0-5 year olds and their grown-ups. We’ll have you dancing the morning away to great pop and action songs, whilst stimulating your senses with lights and a range of exciting props! Get to know the cheeky, lovable ‘Dinky Disco Crew’ (puppets) Des, DeeDee and Dave, as they dance, giggle and chat with everyone throughout the sessions.


The main objective is FUN – improved coordination, creativity, confidence, cooperation and rhythm (to name but a few) are happy by-products!

Dinky Disco will officially be opening its doors at The Bramley Room, Bramley Village Hall, on Sunday 24th July. Sessions last an hour, beginning at 9.30am and 11.15am. We’d love to see you there!

Advanced booking through our website is essential – www.dinkydisco.co.uk. You DON’T need to sign up to a full term. We offer complete flexibility to book individual or multiple classes months in advance or on the day! At just £2.75 per person, we’re an affordable, fun class for you and your young child(ren) to enjoy together during that precious, weekend family time.



Personalised Party Options for 8 and Unders
Dinky Disco also offer personalised, private parties suitable for 8 and unders.

A standard party package (from £100 for 1 hour and £165 for two hours), includes a disco, complete with lights, music, party dances, props and, if wanted, party games. Props currently include bubbles, pompoms, maracas, scarves and flashing balls, but this selection is growing all the time!


The Dinky Disco Crew (puppets, Disco Des, Disco DeeDee and Disco Dave, currently featuring on our Facebook page) also come along, and the birthday boy/girl receives a ‘Dinky’ version of their choice to keep. Each child over 3 receives a glow bracelet and all children get a Dinky Disco sticker.

A personalised video message to the birthday boy/girl from a crew member of your choice is posted on the Dinky Disco Facebook page the evening before the party, and sent to you to keep.

Here at Dinky Disco, we’re very much hands on, working with a headset mic, rather than being behind a desk away from the children. You can choose any favourite songs in advance. We don’t charge per head, but instead for our time. The only restriction on numbers is therefore dictated by your chosen venue and its capacity. We’re happy to travel within a 10 mile radius of Basingstoke (further for an additional fee). Our sound/lighting equipment caters for a maximum audience of 250, but could be equally well suited to a party at home.

We’re happy to try and accommodate any particular requests you may have!

Since launching our website, making our presence on Facebook and Twitter felt and hosting our exclusive Preview Parties, we’ve had lots of interest in our parties! With bookings already in the diary as far ahead as January 2017, don’t delay in getting in touch if you’re interested in a Dinky Disco Party for your little one’s birthday, Christening or special occasion.

Who’s behind Dinky Disco?

My name’s Nikki, I’m a proud mum of 3 boys and my background lies in teaching and performing Drama and Music. Having taught piano to special needs children as my ‘Saturday job’ when still at school myself, I went on to study for a degree in Drama and Theatre Studies (BA Hons), followed by a Post Graduate Certificate of Education in Secondary Performing Arts (PGCE, QTS). Whilst at university, I spent the summer holidays as a children’s entertainer on Haven holiday parks, leading the Tiger Club by day, and DJ’ing and hosting the family shows by night.


After studying, I had a successful 10-year career teaching Drama and Music in secondary schools. I set up and led my own departments, consistently delivering excellent results.

Having been a stay at home mum for the last two and a half years, I’m raring to realise my dream of creating and delivering slick, engaging and fun disco-themed classes for pre-schoolers, accessible to all!

I’ve chosen to offer my classes on a weekend as I’ve witnessed the heartbreak of my mum friends, as they return to work and desperately crave classes they can still go to with their little ones. I’ve seen the look in my husband’s eyes as I’ve recounted what our boys have been up to that day, while he’s been at work. I’m excited to be able to fill that gap!

I’ve chosen to offer flexible bookings. I know as well as anyone that trying to commit to a regular weekly class for a term at a time can be difficult on a weekday, let alone a weekend!

Dinky Disco is NOT part of a franchise or bigger organisation, but a brand new start up, being planned, organised and run in my ‘spare’ time from being a full time mum to three under threes. I’m incredibly proud of the positive feedback to date and can’t wait to welcome you to my classes!

I will leave you with some of the five-star reviews that we’ve received since last week’s Preview Parties.


What people are saying about Dinky Disco following last week’s Preview Parties:

‘Went to the preview party and it was excellent. Lots of different toys to keep the kids interested and puppets too. Very professionally run but also very friendly. The venue is not too big or crowded so it is easy to keep your eyes on your little one.’ – Helen

‘Had a fantastic morning at our first dinky disco session. Both my 2 year old and 6 month old enjoyed it. Great music and lots of fabulous props for the children to use. Really lovely atmosphere and fun way to start a Sunday!’ – Jo

‘Such a fun start to a Sunday morning! Disco lights, lots of energy and props to dance with and a real mix of tunes for the little ones (and the grown ups!) to sing along with! If you’re in the area and are looking for some fun on a Sunday morning then do get involved! Works up the appetite for the Sunday roast :)’ – Laura

‘Thank you so much for the best fun we had on Sunday. Harry had a ball, he felt so relaxed at your disco, he was able to leave my hip quickly and socialise. That’s big, considering he has been a pickle before hand. Thanks to you x’ – Jessica
‘My two year old really enjoyed himself and liked playing with all the props (maracas, pom poms, light up balls etc) and interacting with all the other children. We will definitely attend again!’ – Karolina

‘We really enjoyed the session today. My daughter was dancing along, all the props, balloons and bubbles really helped to engage her. We’re hoping to attend another session soon.’ – Clare

‘My 3 year old son had a fantastic time, he was excited to use all the props and join in with the different dancing activities. The coloured lights, balloons and bubbles added greatly to the party atmosphere!’ – Rachel

‘Fantastic Sunday morning spent dancing to some brilliant party tunes! Well organised, lots of energy and fun with props galore! Can’t wait for the next one! Well done Nikki!’ – Laura

‘My 1 year old daughter was a little shy at first but the balloons, maracas and balls soon tempted her to join in. Well organised and lots of fun.’ – Helen

‘We had a lovely session today. The children got in the car singing the Hokey Cokey.’ – Katie

‘My daughter enjoyed this class so much, she loved dancing and singing away with the different songs, themes and props. Fab!’ – Leah

‘Nikki worked so hard to make the session slick and moved smoothly from activity to activity. There were lots of engaging activities along with the upbeat music to interest the toddlers:-)’ – Jasmine


Contact Details

Nikki Mills
07523 072591

Photography by Adele Behles Photography – www.adelebehlesphotography.com

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Review 2016: Dinky Disco


Thank you very much to Helen, one of the NHM Writers, for today’s Review of a new weekend class which will be starting very soon!!

Sunday morning Disco anyone?!

My three year old son and I spent a very fun hour this morning at the Dinky Disco preview. Dinky Disco is a new group for children aged 5 years and under held at Bramley Village Hall on Sundays beginning 24th July 2016.

Dinky Disco is ran by the lovely, bubbly and smiley Nikki who made all of the children feel welcome. Nikki used a microphone to introduce each song, some of which came with bonus props for the party goers to dance with; there were balloons, maracas, bubbles, pom poms, scarfs and bouncy balls.

So much fun! Music-wise, there was a mixture of party tunes (think YMCA), pop (a bit of Justin Bieber) and children’s songs (row, row, row your boat…etc.). Interestingly, the children didn’t really seem to know the party tunes – how has my child reached the age of 3 without knowing the YMCA? I must put that right.

We did lots of dancing and my son had a fantastic time chasing the bubbles and running around with a smile on his face. There was quite a range of ages there and, whilst the older ones (say 3+) perhaps got the idea more than the younger ones, I’m pretty sure the little ones, some of whom were still crawling, had a good time enjoying all the lights, music and props.

Next time I will definitely take my 9 month old as well. My son asked beforehand whether there would be boys and girls there and I’m pleased to say there was a good mixture and it didn’t feel geared toward boys or girls specifically.

It was a really fun way to spend an hour of our Sunday morning. On the way home I asked him what the best bit was. He said ‘the DANCING!’ :-D.


This is strictly a stay and play group and ideally a parent-participation class, whilst you could sit and watch I think the parents joining in were having a lot more fun!

Note that this isn’t a dance class, how and when you want to dance is up to you – anything goes. Nikki provides the disco lights, music, atmosphere and props, not instruction on how to dance!

My son and I had great time and he worked up a bit of a sweat. The group was an hour and he definitely needed a drink and snack by the end. There isn’t anything available so take something along with you.

A number of people had small babies with them to accompany an older child and this seemed to work out fine; the music wasn’t too loud.

There are balloons and one or two did pop during the group so something to keep in mind if your child doesn’t like balloons popping!

Sessions can be booked individually (no need to sign up for a whole term etc.) but must be booked in advance, up to 1 hour before the class.


Bramley Village Hall is great. There are toilets and baby change facilities. The room is relatively small so not ideal for buggies but you could get one in if you needed to.


Car parking is free and convenient at the Village Hall.


£2.75 per person (parents and children pay).

You can find out more about Dinky Disco at the website below and there will be a Guest Post next Wednesday on NorthHantsMum with more details about the class: http://www.dinkydisco.co.uk/

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New Group: Barn Tots SEN!

Barn Tots SEN flyer

There is a new group starting at Viables Community Centre that aims to support parents and carers of children aged between 0 and 5 years with disabilities and/or additional needs.

The group is due to start on Thursday May 19th at 10am.

If you would like to be a volunteer to help out with this group, please contact the team directly via the details in the flyer.

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New Class: Pop Tots! (Plus a special offer for NHM Readers. Yay!)


Pop Tots

Totally bespoke interactive children’s disco experience, Pop Tots is a disco with a difference.

Pop Tots is a new venture started by Ali a local mum in Overton.

Pop Tots started in 2015 to provide a toddler group in Overton with a difference.

Pop Tots offer a weekly toddler group based in Overton during term time and often run holiday specials – check out our summer discos in August!!!

The group is a fun and interactive session suitable for crawlers to school age and offers lots of sensory experience including pom poms, flashing balls, coloured scarfs and bubbles, and a chance to have a good boogie to a variety of pop songs, nursery rhymes and action songs.

The great thing about Pop Tots is that it offers flexibility to the parents has the group is pay as you go so need to book.

Pop Tots also caters for children’s parties and is suitable for all ages up to 8 years and is great for children’s parties in any venue.

Not only can your child help create their perfect playlist we will entertain the party with a variety of different props for each child to dance with, such as pompoms, coloured scarfs, animal masks and guitars, we include fun action songs such as the hokey cokey and keep your party fun and energetic so you can relax in the knowledge that your kids are having the best party ever!!!

Pop Tots Summer Disco

Locally based in Overton and covering all areas from Basingstoke to Andover. Pop Tots offers a variety of different packages from DIY discos to full 2hr party packages.


Overton Church Rooms St. Marys Church, Church Road, Overton, RG25 3HF


Pay as you go

£5 per child

£1 siblings

Please contact Ali on 07747671732 or info@poptots.co.uk

Keep up to date with all the latest info on the Facebook Page

NHM Special Offer!

New Class! Messy Monsters Basingstoke


Messy Monsters Classes will be on Tuesday, 10-11am at Popley fields in Basingstoke.

Sessions start Tuesday 8th September.

You can find more details at the Messy Monsters Facebook page.


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New Class: Tots Play Basingstoke and Hook

INTRODUCING TOTS PLAY – Every Class Your Child Needs In One!!

Spaces still available for all 3 classes, all FREE of charge on Launch Day with discounts available if you go on to sign up for the rest of the term.

Details as follows

9:40am – Social Tots – from 8 months to 3 years – a wide range of physical, musical, sensory and social play activities for older babies and toddlers.

10:30am – Discovery Tots – from 8 weeks to around 8 months – Stimulate, delight and boost the development of all baby’s senses at this fun, interactive class with yoga based movement, music, sensory play, sign language and more.

11:20am – How to play with your new baby Workshop – for expectant and new parents of babies up to 6 months, this is a taster of the 6 week Baby Development Course starting on June 8th which teaches you fun ways to play, interact and communicate with your new baby, including massage, yoga, sign language and more.

Please get in touch for more information or to book your place, and feel free to share this post with any friends you think may be interested in Tots Play.

Hope to see you next Monday,

Michelle x




New Classes!! Relax Babies

Relax Baby facebook flyerRELAX BABY 

Relax Baby is a 6  week course which has been created with a range of activities to stimulate and calm your baby whilst supporting their natural development. Sessions have been designed by Psychologists, Teachers and Therapists to help encourage your baby’s confidence and awareness along with their cognitive, communicative, social, emotional and physical development.

These classes will also allow for a fantastic space for parent and baby to connect and enjoy being with each other – it’s never too early to be introduced to calmness and contentment!  We recognise how much new parents want to help their little ones be calm and happy, we also know that it’s equally (if not more) important for parents to have a sense of space and to feel calm too – Relax Baby classes aim to provide for both your needs – helping you feel more calm and relaxed while you bond with your baby and support their development.

This fun and interactive classes will incorporate our unique 7 step approach and include movement, play, gentle stretching, gentle baby touch, breathing exercises for parents, affirmations and visualisations / relaxation.

Each week will follow a theme based around a nursery rhyme, we will use 3 nursery rhymes during each 6 week course and we will visit each one twice.  In total there are 6 nursery rhymes which will allow for 2 courses to run, so those who have attended the first course can go on and attend a second which will have different nursery rhymes.  The thinking behind this is that babies love repetition – that’s how they learn, and repetition starts to build their confidence.  And we want you to relax into the sessions and enjoy!

Following the pilot of Relax Baby we felt that sessions should be aimed at 0-6 months

Relax Baby is an opportunity to:

  • Take time out
  • Connect with baby
  • Feel supported
  • Meet new people

Classes will help you feel more calm and in control while you bond with your baby.

Classes will include:

  • Gentle exercise
  • Music and rhymes
  • Games
  • Movement
  • Gentle touch
  • Breath-work
  • Mindfulness
  • Visualisation
  • Relaxation

Relax Baby will cost £27 for the course which is 6 weeks

Contact Kath at rkbasingstoke@yahoo.co.uk or call 07989 476533

New FREE Class: Buggyfit

I am so gutted I never got the chance to do a Buggyfit class, as I didn’t find out about them until after Miss NHM was too big.

A great way to kick off your fitness resolutions for 2015!

Related Posts

GPW: BuggyFit

Free Buggyfit Classes: Basingstoke, Kingsclere and Padworth Common

New Free Course: BuggyFit

Free Buggy Workout class in January!

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Cookery Doodle Doo


I’m Katie and I run Cookery Doodle Doo from my home in Laverstoke, North Hampshire.

CDD - Mexican Pizzas

At Cookery Doodle Doo, we run relaxed and fun cooking sessions for pre-schoolers every term-time Wednesday and Friday morning.

Using great-quality ingredients, we bake something new each week and also do fab craft activities and read stories whilst our creations are in the oven.

Even fussy eaters love Cookery Doodle Doo as the focus is on the activity, although children are encouraged to try new flavours in a supportive and unpressured environment.

Sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes it’s savoury but whatever we cook, your kids are learning a vital life-skill… and in the meantime you can chat with other parents and have a coffee.

We do all the prep, cleaning and washing up for you; all you have to do is take home a happy child and your parcel of goodies.

CDD - Ladybird Crackers

We also offer our popular Cookie Art decorating parties, run seasonal ‘no cook’ cookery sessions for nurseries and preschools, and have just launched our sell-out monthly Sunday Morning Pudding Club for children aged 5-10, helping them to produce the dessert for your family Sunday meal whilst you relax at home with the papers.

What a great start to a Sunday for the whole family!

For more information, please visit:



or contact me at katie.black@cookerydoodledoo.com or 07473 958402.

CDD - Lazy Croissants

New Class: Wild Child

This looks like an absolutely brilliant new class for babies and toddlers!


Wild Child

Wild Child is a new baby and toddler session which encourages an enjoyment of outdoor play and nature.

The sessions will be lead by Angela, a trained Ecologist and mum of two.

Each session will begin and end at Sherfield Village Main Hall (RG27 0EZ) and will involve some outdoor fun on the village green.

There will be games, songs, stories and much more.

Sessions will run Monday mornings 10-11am from October 6th.

Come dressed for the outdoors.


Tea/coffee/(and towels!) will be provided.

The introductory price for the Autumn term is £4.50 per child, per session, pay as you go (normal session price will be £6 PAYG or £4.50 pay per term).

Booking is advised but not essential.

The sessions will be suitable for 6 month – 5 year olds (all children must be accompanied).

For more information see the facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/wildchildtoddlers or call Angela on 07812350925.