Amber Teething Necklace Update

We had a major crisis in our household recently. My Mum lost our little one’s Amber teething necklace whilst she was looking after her. My husband went bonkers (thankfully at me, not my Mum, who felt awful enough!). After four nights of unbroken sleep, the first in 13 months (we know we are very lucky, and it helps to explain why I have the energy to blog!) I was ready to sell an arm for a new necklace!

I know many people don’t believe in the Amber necklaces and I did pooh, pooh them before using them. You may have seen that good old Trading Standards decided to ban the sale of Amber Necklaces in this country earlier in the year. I was not very impressed then, as we couldn’t even get a back up necklace as there was no warning in advance that it was about to be banned.

Fumbilna added a wonderful comment to one of the previous posts about this, saying that she managed to get hold of an Amber necklace from a company in Latvia, who wall outside of the Trading Standards policy.

My wonderful, awesome husband (just checking to see if he really DOES read the posts every day!) has found a company in this country that still sells Amber Necklace’s. However, they aren’t advertised as Teething necklace’s. Rather than drop this company in it with Trading Standards, if you want to know the company we used, please drop me an email at

Best of luck with the teething. We have incisors and the back ones coming through at the moment. It’s not fun to seeing your little one’s in pain, but it is cute seeing their perfect little teeth. That is, until they bite you! 😉

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They weren’t wrong about Blue Monday!

I hope you had a great weekend playing in the snow with your families. Wasn’t it fab! We only managed about 15 to 30 minutes a day but my little one loved it so much she wouldn’t go back indoors when she needed a nappy change! She has also learnt the word “snow”. Very cute when she looks at the window and shouts “Snow” a couple of times.

I need to apologise for the lack of posts so far this week, especially the “Things to do” post which I normally post on Monday. I know that a lot of people check this for ideas of things to do in the week, so I’m really sorry for not getting it up this week.

I’m quite behind at the moment because my little one was teething badly last week, then I was sick over the weekend and now the husband has tonsillitis again. Looks like I may have  the equivalent to whatever tonsillitis is when you don’t have tonsils! All fun and games. Unfortunately, in situations like this, NorthHantsMum has to take a back seat. I’m hoping normal service will have resumed by the weekend.

On a slightly more exciting note, we may have found a new house AND it looks like the event for a “NorthHantsMum meet up” will be going ahead soon! Details will follow once I’ve sorted them out with Kirsty. I really want to get everyone’s feedback on this event as I’m not quite sure what you would like to do. I think I’m just going to sort it all out (location, date, etc.) and then people can decide if they want to come along or not. Then we can all chat and meet each other with our babies and toddlers. I really DON’T want to the centre of attention at this event! lol. I also don’t want it to be the kind of meet up where people only talk to people they know so this could be a great opportunity to make some new friends! Yay!

Even more exciting news, look out tomorrow for Abi’s Guest Post about her hypnosis business ;-). I’m hoping to get a few sessions in with her soon so I can stop biting my fingernails (disgusting habit and I’ve tried EVERYTHING except Abi!) so will feedback on that as soon as I get that sorted.

I hope you are all well and that your week is less stressful than mine has been! Roll on February 😉

Online Food Shopping

I’ve shopped for food online for the past 6 years.  I find that online shopping gives me the freedom to buy what I want, without being drawn into buying BOGOF offers that we don’t actually need. The Online Shopping tool that I use remembers what I’ve ordered before so it’s very easy to find something that we’ve already had.

As I mealplan, to keep costs down and reduce waste, I find that online ordering allows me to ensure that I only buy what’s required for each week.  I suffered with Pelvic Girdle Dysfunction (PGD also known as SPD) when I was pregnant and I haven’t been able to push a trolley since so I like the fact that someone else is doing all the heavy lifting for me!

I found that when I was pregnant and in those first few months after my daughter arrived, having my shopping delivered was a a sanity saver. I really couldn’t cope with the concept of wandering around a supermarket with a tiny baby, trying to follow my shopping list and then needing to try to push a trolley and look after baby and shop. It just wasn’t going to happen. I know a lot of people don’t like online shopping because you can’t select your own vegetables or fruit, but we get round this by using an Organic Box Delivery service that provides us with fresh fruit and vegetables.

I’ve summarised a few Pro’s and Con’s of online shopping.


  • You only buy what you need
  • You can keep within budget much easier
  • You can bulk buy when offers are on
  • You don’t have to do the heavy lifting


  •  You have to pay for delivery (I counteract this by factoring in the cost of driving/petrol to the supermarket and we also use the option of a Delivery Pass. The delivery pass ensures that each delivery is free. As long as it is over £40 we can order as many times as we like for free. We pay a £6 fee for a month, which is often the cost of one delivery with other suppliers!)
  • You don’t get to choose your own fruit and veg

I know that online shopping is a personal preference, some people like being able to choose their own food and enjoy the shopping experience. I don’t mind the shopping experience, but if it means that I can do my food shopping in 5 minutes (I can set up an online order in 1 minute, by copying the previous order, although I’ve never done this!) and allows me to spend more time with my family, this can only be a good thing.

If you are about to have a baby, I cannot recommend online shopping enough, at least for the first three months!

Have you tried Online Shopping and if yes, who were your preferred Supermarkets/Deliverers?

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NHM on Google+ and LinkedIn

You may have seen earlier in the week that I was raving about Remember the Milk. It’s a To Do List tool that’s very easy to use but is helping to revolutionise my life! Hence all of the posts you’ve seen lately, lol.

As a result of organising my time more effectively, I’ve set NorthHantsMum up on Google+ and on LinkedIn. I’ve been using LinkedIn for a long time but I haven’t used Google+ before so am a complete newbie, so if I make any social gaffs, I apologise in advance!

If you’d like to connect to NHM via these channels you can find them here:

NHM on Google+

NHM on LinkedIn

See you there! 😀

NHM Feedback Survey

I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to those of you who have completed the NHM Survey. Thank you very much for your feedback and also for the very lovely comments! This wasn’t just an ego stroking exercise for me (honest!). I wanted to get your feedback on a number of things and I’ve been really pleased with the suggestions and feedback that you have provided. Thank you!

Based on your feedback, I will be making a few small changes to the site over the next few months and I am now seriously considering putting together an event for NHM Readers. More to come on that soon!

For those of you who would still like to complete the survey (it literally takes 2 minutes to complete) you can access it HERE. Thank you in advance!

NorthHantsMum’s 1st Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A WHOLE YEAR!!!! NorthHantsMum has been running for a whole year! YAY! A couple of points to note at this momentous and poignant moment… (well it’s a momentous and poignant moment for me even though it isn’t for anyone else! lol)

Thoughts  (in no particular order)

How can it possibly be a whole year since I started NHM? How?

I have learnt so much in the last 12 months some of which are:

  • how to be a better parent
  • how to set up a successful blog
  • how to type single handedly
  • how wonderful it is to introduce other people to each other
  • and many, many other things.

I never, ever expected NHM to be as successful as it has. I couldn’t have done it without all of the support and encouragement from you all. Thank you.

Extra specially BIG thanks go out to my husband and daughter. Without them I never would have had the inspiration for NHM or started the blog. They are my world.

(Yes, I appreciate this is starting to sound like an Oscar speech but I will stop in a minute! lol)

Special thanks to all of my friends who have supported NHM, written posts and given feedback (whether they wanted to or not!): Sophie, Abigail, Claire, Jo, Su, Kate, Laura, Mel, Hilary, Martina and everyone else who has supported and encouraged me.


  • Over 800 readers and still more every day.
  • 262 posts published
  • Three different interfaces that people connect to NHM via:
  • 22 “Lists” set up on Facebook (under the NHM Friend), ranging from “Toddler Classes in Basingstoke” to “Local Mum Businesses”.
  • 9 Guest Post’s and several more lined up. (Thanks to all of the business people for your continued support!)

So, here’s hoping to at least another year of NHM! Hopefully you will still stick around for whatever comes next!

(I am now going to go and sob quietly in a corner and drink a very small bottle of champagne to celebrate!! YAY! Normal service will resume on Monday.)

Happy Weekend to all you wonderful NHM Readers and thank you again for reading and contributing!

Products that I love (that make my life a little easier!)

There have been a few products that I have fallen in love with since having my little one. I thought it might be useful to share these with you, as you might find them useful too!

One Line a Day Diary

One Line a Day Diary

I was recently talking to one of my Mum friends who works full time (total respect to all Mummy’s, but a little extra for those who work full time). When she was on maternity leave she had planned to keep a diary of her little one’s development and progress. She bought a lovely leather bound book and had the best will in the world but when she went back to work she just didn’t have the time to sit and write.

The One Line a Day Diary is the perfect way to keep on top of a daily diary. You have just five lines to update daily. Perfect for the busy Mum (and which Mum isn’t busy!?!?!) who wants to try to keep a record of those special moments. It’s not too expensive either, at £7.50 from Amazon. Could also be a great present for a new Mum who wants to keep track of everything that happens in those first manic months.

Oxo Tot Whale Pail

Oxo Tot Whale Pail

I LOVE this bath toy holder from Oxo Tots. It’s quite pricey but I managed to get it for cheaper than this when Amazon were doing a deal. It’s great as you just use it to scoop up all the bath toys out of the water, which then drains out of the bottom of the scoop. Brilliantly innovative and much sturdier than the string bath toy bags that seem to be the only alternative.



Butterflies and Cupcakes

I’m sure every other Mum knows about these but I only discovered them by accident when I went to visit a “seasoned” Mum. My little one loved them immediately. She’s always been obsessed with labels (material not designer!) since she was very tiny so the Taggie’s have kept her amused for hours on many an occasion. They are quite expensive for what they are but you can buy something very similar for a far more reasonable price from a lovely little local company, Butterflies and Cupcakes who advertise on Facebook. I’m hoping to get some in for future “newborn” presents.



You could argue that this isn’t a product as it’s free but I wanted to recommend this computer tool as I am completely addicted. I use it for recording recipes, travel plans, product warranties, storing business card details, blog inspiration, networking and a multitude of other ways. It’s very easy to use, free to download and if you love organising like I do (you may have picked up on this from the blog :-D), then it’s the perfect tool. You can create multiple notebooks, I have one for each year, for my work, for travel and for NHM among others. You can also sync Evernote with all of your applications, including mobile phones. It has an excellent search function and has saved me on numerous occasions when I’ve had a “Mummy brain” moment. Can’t recommend this tool enough!

The National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth

I stumbled across this link and had to share. If you feel your child is a genius, this is the link for you! Click HERE for details.

Are there any products that you love that you would like to share? Please add a comment below. Thanks!

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Seasonal Blogging

I’m on holiday this week and I had the best intentions. I was going to spend two hours a day working on my blog, when my little one was asleep. I had great plans for updating Pages, putting posts together and getting the survey ready. Then the sun started shinning and it all went out the window.

This week I have been mostly outside enjoying the fabulous sunshine. Even in the evening I’ve been out in the garden, pottering around, rather than being tied to the computer. For the first time in a long while I don’t feel guilty about it. NHM is my hobby, I work on it for the pleasure of sharing information with you and feeling like I’m giving something back. Now that the sun is shining (and who knows how long that will last!) I’m going to enjoy it as much as I can. I hope you are able to too!

So, NHM will be a bit sporadic for the next couple of weeks. I have a few “Things to do Posts” with details of lots to do for the Easter break which I will post up, but other than that, things may be a bit quiet during Easter. It all depends on whether the sun stops shining!