NHM Readers Experiences of Hypnobirthing in Basingstoke and North Hampshire

I recently asked the Friends of  my “Louise nhm Smith” profile on Facebook if anyone had any experience of hypnobirthing, has anyone used it and if they have any feedback.

Thank you very much to everyone who responded and thank you to Shona for putting this together!

These were the responses I received.

NHM Readers Experiences of Hypnobirthing

Michelle said:

Yes for my second child and really recommend it. I was very sceptical before I knew about it, but after practicing it I would definitely recommend, had a much better labour than the first!   

Kirsty said:

I had for my first child. It made me feel confident and relaxed in a situation I had no control over and taught me to work with my body. It’s very powerful and a great tool during labour

Cerys said:

I haven’t used it but, as an antenatal teacher (and not a hypnobirthing practitioner so not trying to sell anything), I would highly recommend it.  

Lizzie said:

Yes for both my labours – wonderful experience. I managed a back to back birth centre water birth and a home water birth with no pain relief.  

Wendy said:

Yep I used hypnobirthing for my second birth and had a wonderful experience.  

Corissa said:

Yes – it’s wonderful. I’d highly recommend it. Using the techniques during labour made me feel calm, in control and able to ‘observe’ the contractions without tensing up or needing any pain relief. I have since used the techniques at the dentist to have fillings without anaesthetic.

Naomi said:

In a total different light. I had an emergency c section at 33 weeks due to pre eclampsia with my first. So went on to have a planned section at 38 weeks following lots of bp issues that never turned into pre e with number 2. It was a very worrying pregnancy but I was determined to have a better birth experience and not let anxiety spoil it for us. We attended hypnobirthing sessions at 26 weeks once we had come past the possibility of him being prem. And it was just so very helpful. I wished I had accessed more and accessed private, individual support really. But the techniques and information we gained from that one session was used lots by my husband and I in those difficult last couple of weeks. Even at difficult appointments and certainly in theatre. We had such a healing happy pleasant experience. And if I were to have another I would invest more into it as it’s amazing.

Beata said:

Used hypnobirthing for my first baby and it was a freebirth at home and I recommend it highly. The best thing I ever did for all of us. 

Flick said:

I used it for my second child and it was amazing!! I only needed 2 puffs on gas and air at the hospital and I dealt with most of the labour at home – I was only in hospital for 20 mins before my daughter was born. Having not used it the first time round and done so the second, I can see what a huge difference it makes!! I was a lot calmer because of it and baby number 2 is chilled out as well. She’s 6 months old now and I can look back on a happy birth experience this time.

Marie said:

I run pregnancy classes, and have had mixed feedback from women I teach who have tried Hypnobirthing. Some rave about it, others are like “that was a waste of money”… I really think it depends on the person and their ability to go into themselves. I never used it, but put my own methods into practice instead, which I found worked for me. 

Lottie said:

I haven’t done hypnobirthing but I cannot recommend the confident birthing workshop enough! It was brilliant for me and my husband and really helped in labour. It’s all about positivity, breathing and relaxation techniques.

Liane said:

Yes for my second and it was a much more empowering experience. Highly recommended it. 

Vikki said:

Wow! So much choice for women… Fab! I’d add ‘go for it’, I believe that the more tools you have in your tool kit, the more options you have in labour and as previously mentioned, these are techniques that last a lifetime. I certainly use my breathing techniques regularly.

Sarah said:

I did a class but ended up being induced and was extremely stressed so didn’t help. Ended in c section due to baby being distressed. But I’m sure it would’ve been amazing for a normal natural labour.

Stephanie said:

I had all 3 of my babies using Hypnobirthing. I didn’t attend any courses, just followed some CDs and materials I purchased on amazon. I am thankful to have given my babes such a gentle entry into the world and loved being about to walk around, shower within an hour of all 3 births. Even if the ultimate result is not hypnobirth, it’s a beautiful tool to help relax late in the pregnancy and prepare for future sleepless nights.

Victoria said:

Hypnobirthing was the most life changing experience. …can’t recommend enough.

Lisa said:

I used hypnotherapy for both my boys’ births. It was Natal Hypnotherapy rather than Hypnobirthing but it was fabulous. I’d highly recommended hypnotherapy!


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Review 2016: Track Party

Miss NHM, Mr NHM and I went to a Track Party a few years ago that Richard and the team were running in the Popley Spotlight centre.

I’m not sure who enjoyed it more though, Miss NHM or Mr NHM ;-).

Mr NHM did find out that it takes Richard and his team four HOURS to set up and then the same to put away at the end of the day! That’s dedication for you!

Thank you very much to the “NHM Secret Reviewers”, Karen, who did a great job on today’s review of Track Party!


Review 2016: Track Party


Small J, Mr J and I were very excited to attend our first track party at Old Basing Village Hall.

We arrived to a lot of excited children (and Dad’s) eagerly waiting to get playing.

The hall was full of train tracks and a huge array of Thomas and his friends waiting to play.

Later in the day cars and dinosaurs were added to the fun.

Richard and his team were on hand all the time replacing batteries in tired trains and lending a hand.

Also available on the day was face painting by Carin Shepherd (find her on facebook).

There was lots of colourful creatures running about, the perfect way to entertain siblings who were not so keen on the trains.

Lisa Healey was displaying her lovely collection of Usbourne books and I enjoyed a browse whilst the boys were playing with the trains.


Get there on time. Sessions start and finish promptly to allow the team to reset everything in between.

Bring some extra money for the face painting and books.

Track parties run all over the country, the next ones in this area are Reading July 9th, Wickham Sep 10th and Basingstoke Sep 24th. 

You can also book the trains for a private party, for more details see their website.


At all track party events hot and cold drinks and snacks are available.

Facilities and parking

There were plenty of places to sit and watch the children have fun and good facilities for looking after your little ones.

There was plenty of parking available and a nearby park for afterwards.


Tickets for a track party are from £6 per child, face painting £3 per child.

You can book online at http://trackparty.co.uk or find them on facebook.

Rating out of 5

We thoroughly enjoyed the day and are planning to rebook for the next time they are in Basingstoke.

Small J (and the grownups) gave our experience 5/5.


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Review 2016: Beggarwood

I’ve been driving past Beggarwood for years and meaning to look in and see what is on offer.

Sue and I went (we met through the “NHM shift parents” group) with our two little ones  in November last year and we had a fab time!


Review 2016: Beggarwood


I remember when Beggarwood was waste land. It’s not actually that long ago that the area became a housing estate, maybe 10 years ago?

The park itself is HUGE! There’s an awful lot there to see and do, a lot more than I had realised.

It would be a great place to have a picnic in the summer and take a cricket or rounders set to play with the children.


There is a bike and scooter area with ramps to ride on.


The play park is really big and has lots of different equipment which is suitable for children of all ages. 344


We walked down to the bottom of the park and the children spent AGES in the maze (below).

Sue and I had a lovely chat whilst sat on the bench watching them.


There are also a couple of areas with fitness equipment in, but I forgot to take pictures of those!


Park in the Co-op car park. We couldn’t work out if there was anywhere else to park!

Also, there is supposed to be an ampitheatre, but we couldn’t find it! lol.

The paths are suitable for bikes and scooters, but be warned that there are some big hills.


We nipped to the Co-op to buy some snacks whilst we were there.

Baby Facilities

The majority of paths are suitable for pushchairs.


We parked in the free car park for the Co-op and the nursery.

However, if you know of somewhere better to park, please let me know!



Rating out of 5

We had a lovely couple of hours exploring Beggarwood.

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Basingstoke Festival 2016 – What’s on!

Basingstoke Festival landscape

Basingstoke Festival – 17 June 2016 – 10 July 2016

Fall in love with Basingstoke this summer – it’s the borough with the green heart.

You’ll love the line-up for Basingstoke Festival 2016 – there’s something for all ages, so bring the family too.

The fun starts with a parade from one park and ends with Basingstoke Live, two days of live music, in another – showcasing just how green the town is at heart! This year’s much loved carnival parade through the heart of Basingstoke features sun bird puppets, hilarious walkabouts puddle ducks, giant kangaroos and a beautiful polar bear.

For family activities there’s a circus spectacular, specially crafted children’s drama with unique and beautiful aerial acrobatic artists. The royal philharmonic orchestra makes an appearance which promises to be out of this world! A weekend celebration of literary women, professional entertainers, fantastic food for all tastes, weeks of music and dance and many more fun events and surprises.

To find the event that is right for you check out the Basingstoke Festival website www.basingstokefestival.co.uk. Programme launches 3rd June 2016.

Keep updated on what is happening on our Facebook page  or via Twitter #BstokeFest #BasingstokeFestival

Contact details

Homeschooling in Basingstoke and North Hampshire

(I think this post is quite apt after yesterday’s “school announcements”! ;-))

PS: I have a secret homeschooling group on Facebook which has several families who homeschool in the local area included. If you would like to be added, please email me at NorthHantsMum@gmail.com.

Homeschooling in Basingstoke and North Hampshire

Before Miss NHM was born, I only vaguely knew about home schooling. I knew some people who had been home schooled but never really thought more about it.

Once Miss NHM was born, this all changed. I read a LOT of parenting blogs when I was on maternity leave and learnt about Montesori and Waldorf Steiner Education. I also read more and more about homeschooling.

I knew before Miss NHM was born that the school system was constantly being changed, however it was only once Miss NHM was born that I realised how much this could actually affect my daughter, and thus, me.

I am very dissolusioned with the school system in this country, and that’s before Miss NHM even starts school. I have many friends whose children have been through the school system, despair at how their children were used as guinea pigs, all dependent on which political party got into power. I don’t want this for Miss NHM.

Schools also seem to be very subjective. You have no choice, as Pam recently commented on NHM, over the class or teacher that your child is put with.

I would LOVE to home school my daughter but I have absolutely no idea where to start. But, since starting NHM I have learnt that there are more and more people doing this.

Unfortunately as I’m the main earner in our family, it really isn’t an option, but that doesn’t stop me doing the research and learning more about it.

It seems to be quite big in the US and they have a lot more resources over there for homeschooling than I’ve found in the UK.

I’ve also discovered that as homeschoolers, you are entitled to discounts at local softplay locations and museums, which is good to know because the cost of home schooling always worried me.

Having just gone through the very stressful process of gaining a place at Infants school for Miss NHM, I’m still very intrigued by home schooling but it’s not right for our family…yet.

We have a very audacious goal of taking a year “out” when Miss NHM is around 10 years old, and travelling the world. At this point we will need to home school Miss NHM so I need to ensure that I’ve done all of my research by then!

After all of my research I am still unsure of the difference between “homeschooling” and “unschooling”.

There are actually several families in Basingstoke who “homeschool” and “Unschool” and in my very privileged role as NorthHantsMum I’ve come to know of some of these families.

If you are already home schooling or are interested in maybe home schooling in the future, let me know and I will add you to my “secret” home schooling group on Facebook.

Also, if you have any resources that you’ve got from homeschooling, let me know, as I’m planning on putting together a future post on resources from the UK and US, that could be useful for a family who are home schooling.

Mum’s and Dad’s new to Basingstoke and North Hampshire

Are you a Mum or Dad that has just moved to the area? (If you are, welcome to the area!! :-D)

Are you looking to meet other Mum’s and Dad’s in Basingstoke and North Hampshire?

I have set up a secret Facebook group for Mum’s who have moved to the area and are looking to make some new “Mummy or Daddy friends” (God, I hate that phrase! lol).

If you would like to be added to this group, please message me at NorthHantsMum@gmail.com or send me a private message on FB and I will add you into the group.

I won’t be administrating this group, so whomever is added, you will need to reach out to each other.

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Parents new to Basingstoke and North Hampshire

Expectant Parent’s Event at Mothercare Basingstoke – 9th October 2014

Mothercare Basingstoke are holding another expectant parents event on the 9th October 2014 @ 6.30pm.

It’s invite only but you just need to call the store on 01256 363737 to book your place.

If you know anyone who is expecting soon, please let them know the details of this post.

I am also hoping to be at this event, so if you are going, see you there!

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Basingstoke Mothercare Expectant Parent event (2013)

Basingstoke Roller Skating – Family Disco

Come join the fun and friendly atmosphere at the Family Roller Disco at Queen Mary’s College Sports Hall. It all kicks off at 12.30pm to 2.00pm every Saturday.

Prices: Child – £3.50 Adult- £5.00 Skate Hire – £1.50 per pair

Hire skates or bring your own (as long as they are clean & safe to use).

Mums & Dads, if you haven’t skated for a few years, don’t worry it will all come back to you like riding a bike – so the regulars say!

For more information or to ask the team any questions, visit www.facebook.com/basingstokerollerskating

Top Tip 13: Parent parking at the hospital

Abi wanted me to let you know that there is now parent and baby parking spaces at the hospital with ramp access, to the back entrance on level A.

Very useful tip, so thanks Abi!

(Why it’s taken them over 40 years to actually install parent and baby parking spaces at the hospital, is another discussion entirely ;-))

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