NHM Summer Expo & Sky Dive Final Total: £1768 for Sebastian’s Action Trust

I am SOOOOO pleased to say that, with my Sky Dive and the NHM Summer 2015 Expo fundraising, I have managed to raise £1768 (including gift aid) for Sebastian’s Action Trust.

I know that the team at Sebastian’s Action Trust are delighted we have raised so much and I’m so pleased that we can help local families and children who really need this support.

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has helped me to raise that amount. To everyone who came to the Expo, all of the fabulous stall holders and taster session people, JV Bouncy Castle hire who let us have the bouncy castle for free, everyone who contributed a prize to the raffle, those who bid on the Secret Auction, who sponsored me for my Sky Dive, and those of you who have been very supportive along the way.

I don’t seem to be able to share the video of my Sky Dive on the blog, so I will share it via my facebook profile, Louise NHM Smith, this evening.

In true “me” fashion, I’m already in the process of planning the NHM Winter 2015 Expo and am planning to raise funds for Piam Brown ward in Southampton, who care for children from birth to 16 years of age with all types of cancer.

Once I have the date secured for the Winter Expo, I will let you know.

Thank you so much for all of your support! NHM wouldn’t be as successful as it is, without you!

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My Experience: Go Sky Dive!

Go Sky Dive, Salisbury

My Sky Dive!

I finally got to do my Sky Dive last Friday morning.

It was my third attempt. The first time I sat and waited for 5 hours for the clouds to clear. The second time I received a text the night before saying that my Sky Dive was cancelled because of the rain.

The third time, I was expecting my jump to be cancelled right up until the last minute.

I had already decided that I wanted to jump on my own and not have anyone wait with me. It can be very boring, waiting for people to jump, and I knew Miss NHM wouldn’t have the patience to wait.

I booked my jump, the third time, for the earliest jump I could do, which was 9am. On the drive down I kept looking at the sky and watching the small blue patches, thinking that it was still too grey to jump.

I arrived at Go Sky Dive, in Salisbury, at 8.30am. There were several of us who were “Re-bookers” waiting for the reception to open. Once reception had opened, we had to wait for half an hour for people to watch the instruction video. I had watched the video the first time I had tried to jump so didn’t need to watch it again.

As part of the video you see what to expect and then they ask you to practice the “Sky Dive” position that you need to take for when the stabiliser parachute goes up. (I can’t remember the technical terms as I was a bit distracted on the day! lol). They also explain how the harness works and what you need to focus on when you jump. 

At about 9.30am I was called to get kitted out. I had a lovely jump suit, hat and goggles on, as you can see in the pictures below.

I also got to meet the instructor that I was jumping with, Lee, who had a great sense of humour and seemed to know what he was doing! :-D.

We then had to practice all of the positions that we would need whilst jumping. There are harnesses hanging from the ceiling in the marquee and we had to practice the position we needed to be in when leaving the plane and the position we needed to be in when the plane landed.

Once we had practised that, we then went into the “holding pen” outside and waited to board the plane. I had a video taken (which I will share if I make £1K in sponsorship via NHM!!!) and got to meet my cameraperson, Lucy. I had to stand and answer a few questions and COMPLETELY forgot to mention that I was jumping for Sebastian’s Action Trust, because I was still not expecting to actually jump.

We then got to board the plane. At this point I wasn’t nervous at all. If I had jumped the first time, I think I would have been wetting myself with fear, but because it was the third time I still didn’t think it was actually going to happen!

We all crammed into the plane. I was literally sat on Lee’s lap and had the rucksack of the instructor in front of me, on my lap. It wasn’t exactly comfortable!

However, the views were AMAZING! It took about 12 minutes to get to 15,000 which is the highest point you can jump from in the UK. Originally I was going to jump from 10,000 feet but knew that I wouldn’t ever be doing a Sky Dive again, so I thought “in for a penny, in for a pound” and upgraded to 15,000. I’m very glad I did.

I was very excited at this point. Not very nervous at all. Then the lights in front of me on the plane turned to green and I knew it was time to go.

It all happened so very fast.

There were two people in front of me and before I knew it, they were gone….

Then Lee tapped me on the shoulder, we shuffled forward, and I had to hang my legs out of the plane so that my feet were touching the bottom of the plane and arch my back so that I was in the right position.

Louise 0026

Then we were tumbling out of the plane. I hadn’t expected this and it was a little bit disorienting but you can see on the video that the stabilising parachute released once we were clear of the plane.

Louise 034

Louise 0036

I cannot describe how ABSOLUTELY AMAZING the Sky Dive bit was. If I could jump every day, I would. The views were spectacular. I could see as far as Bournemouth and Poole and could see the Isle of Wight and Southampton very clearly.

Louise 0145
This was a view just before the canopy opened. The view from higher up was far more spectacular!

The whole way down I was saying “WOW!!!”. It really was spectacular.

Louise 0121

Lee said to me, before we jumped, that there was one thing I need to remember…”to look good on camera!”.

Louise 0133

Lucy was flying around me and videoing and it was really amazing. I wanted to spend more time looking down, than at the camera, because the views were so awesome.

Louise 0132

Then, about 6o seconds later, the second parachute opened and we shot back up into the sky.

Louise 0144

And the less said about the parachute bit, the better! :-D.

I get very seasick at the best of times. I had not anticipated, at all, that the parachute bit would be like being on a REALLY rough sea.

Lee asked me if I wanted to do any “turns” and I politely declined. Then I asked where the sick would go if I puked. He said “backwards” and I had to let him know when I was going to be sick so he could tap which arm pit I needed to be sick under!!!!

Louise 0152

He kept telling me to focus on the horizon so I did and it was like being in the worst roller coaster you’ve even been on. Very disorientating and all I could think was “don’t be sick and where’s the bloody camera girl cause I do not want this on video!!!!”. (I didn’t know that Lucy has stopped filming as soon as the second parachute had released so THANKFULLY none of my parachute jump was caught on camera. Phew!)

When we landed, I lay on the floor for about 15 minutes. I had to shut my eyes and try to stabilise myself. Lucy was on the ground a lot faster than us and had my legs in the air pretty much as soon as we hit the ground. Totally embarrassing, but at that point I really didn’t care because the Sky Dive was just amazing!

I do remember asking, whilst lying on the floor and trying not to vomit, whether I still looked good on camera. Lucy politely informed me that they had switched the camera off 15 minutes earlier :-D.

After about 15 minutes of lying on the floor, I managed to stand up and said that I wanted to leap up and down and say how amazing it was, but both Lee and Lucy immediately said “NO!” so I walked sedately back to the bus and was told to sit in the front so I could be sick out of the window if needed. They were a bit worried that I was still quite white but I was feeling loads better at this point.

It probably didn’t help that everyone that I jumped with was at least half my age :-D.

Afterwards, I treated myself to a bacon sandwich as I hadn’t had any breakfast that morning. (In hindsight I probably would have felt better on the parachute jump if I had eaten something that morning.)

Anyway, I did it!!!!! It was AMAZING and if I could Sky Dive without the parachute jump, I would do it every day. It all feels like a dream. I know it happened, but it was sooooo fast. I’m glad I got the video so I can watch it again if I want too.

I then had to leg it back home and pack and drive to Dorchester for a friends wedding, so there was no time to really absorb the experience.

Nearly a week later, it’s still feeling a bit surreal.

I’m so glad I did it though and I’ve raised nearly £1000 for Sebastian’s Action Trust which I’m sooo pleased about as this money will go to helping lots of families who really need the support that Sebastian’s Action Trust provide.

Rating out of 5

500 out of 5 for the Sky Dive. -500 for the Parachute jump!

Amazing experience and I proved something to myself on Friday.

Sky Dive: I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Louise 0025

Louise 0036

Louise 0121

Louise 0132

Louise 0133


Thank you very much to everyone who has sponsored me!!!! :-D.


I jumped 15,000 feet this morning and it was PHENOMENALLY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

The video will follow on Monday :-D.

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Clouds, clouds and more clouds!

And once it started raining, I knew my Sky Dive wouldn’t happen today.

I want to thank Jo, from Sebastian’s Action Trust, who waited with me for those very long five hours.

However, I have re-booked for Saturday 20th June at 8am because that’s the first date I can do and I’ll be the first person that day going up!

I did learn something valuable today though.

Waiting for five hours, with adrenaline coursing through your veins, makes you really, really, REALLY tired when you finally get home!

My Sky Dive is….TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Earlier in the week I was absolutely terrified about doing my Sky Dive, but at the moment, I’m of the mindset: “Bring it ON!”.

(That might change tomorrow, when I’m up in a teeny tiny plane and there’s only air between me and the ground! lol.)

You’ve probably picked up, that I can be a “tad” dramatic at times – the above sentence being clear evidence of this!

So, I’ve left just two instructions for Mr NHM, just in case anything happens.

They consist of:

1. WWLD? (What Would Louise Do?)


2. Delegate!!!!

He may have raised his eyebrows when I mentioned these to him yesterday.

(Although, I don’t think I will need to worry too much, as Miss NHM is already keeping him in check! Hahaha.)

Anyyyywaaaay, thank you very much to everyone who has sponsored me so far.

You are all AWESOME!

If you would like to sponsor me, but haven’t yet, there is still time: https://www.justgiving.com/Louise-NorthHantsMum

Fingers crossed the weather is good tomorrow so I can jump, as don’t think I can cope with delaying it! 😀

Look out for the pictures tomorrow night 😉

Thank you from BVA!!!!!!!!!!!!

What an AWESOME email I received today (see below).

Thank you again to everyone who donated to this fabulous appeal. I’m certain that your support was one the reasons it was such a success this year!

Yay for us!

BVA Christmas Food Box Appeal 2014

Dear Louise and the NorthHantsMum community,

On behalf of everyone at Basingstoke Voluntary Action, we would like to thank you for supporting this years’ ‘Food Boxes for Basingstoke’ appeal so wholeheartedly.

Your hard work, team spirit and kindness generated a huge amount – not only food boxes, but clothes, new toys and books, and even gifts for pets, in addition to financial contributions which have enabled us to provide tents, sleeping bags, waterproofs and vital items to our homeless community.

This year the response was enormous, and thanks to people and organisations like yourselves we were able to distribute in excess of 300 boxes, including around 70 larger boxes for families, via the following agencies and charities:

  • May Place
  • Jacobs House
  • The Camrose Centre
  • YMCA
  • Neighbourcare
  • MaD (teenage parents)
  • Young Carers
  • Citizens Advice
  • YouTrust
  • Homestart
  • Mary Rose Court
  • HCC Learning Disabilities team
  • HCC Children’s Services Team


The impact of this cannot be under-estimated, not only from a practical point of view, but for someone who is socially isolated or vulnerably housed, simply knowing that people care can make a massive difference at a time of year which can be a huge struggle especially if you are alone or without money.

The feedback from all involved has been incredibly positive and this campaign really has helped to make Christmas for hundreds of individuals and families around Basingstoke and Deane. We hope you feel your donation was worthwhile, the BVA staff and volunteers who supported this campaign certainly do.

Here at Basingstoke Voluntary Action we strive year round to support and enrich our local community. If there is anything we can help your business or organisation with, from providing volunteer opportunities or advice on fundraising, to developing business/charity partnerships please do not hesitate to let us know.

Once again, from the team at BVA and everyone whose Christmas has been touched by your kindness, thank you all and a Happy New Year,

Best wishes

Rebecca Kennelly


On behalf of the BVA team



image007 image005 image004

BVA provides guidance, information, support and resources for voluntary and community groups providing a service in Basingstoke and Deane. 

Basingstoke Voluntary Action Registered Charity Number 1077442 and Company Limited by Guarantee in England and Wales Registration Number 3802713. 

Fully serviced office accommodation at extremely competitive rates available for immediate occupation! Call the Orchard Facilities Manager now on 01256 423801 or the Orchard Team 01256 423800

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Christmas Food Boxes for Basingstoke 2014

Christmas Food Boxes for Basingstoke 2014

I am SOOOOOO excited about this morning’s post.

I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while but had no idea where to start so I was DELIGHTED when Natascha, from Basingstoke Voluntary Action, contacted me asking if I could publicise their Food Box collection.

The drop off point is in town, opposite the Police Station and behind the White Hart Pub, so it’s fairly easy to get too.

When you make your delivery, please mention that you are a NHM Reader.

Natascha is happy to keep a record of all of the collections from the NHM Community.

Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if the NHM Community, a group of AMAZING Mum’s and Dad’s (and you are!!!), could provide such great practical support for those who are struggling this Christmas, directly in our community????!?!?!

THIS is why I write NHM. To help others!!!

For those of you coming to the NHM Christmas Expo on Friday, why not bring a few tins, or any other items on the lists below, along? I’m happy to take collection and will drop them off on Friday after the event.    

Now, does anyone have any suggestions of where to get photocopying paper boxes in bulk from? 😉                                                          

Christmas Food Boxes for Basingstoke 2014

Last year Basingstoke Voluntary Action appealed to individuals and organisations to join us in providing Christmas Food Boxes to those less fortunate than ourselves, and who would benefit enormously from a little extra at Christmas time. The response was huge, and through your generosity we were able to supply refuges, families and homeless centres in Basingstoke and Deane with Food Boxes filled with Christmas goodies.

We want to do a similar appeal this Christmas, and ask you to consider if your group or organisation could donate any food, food boxes (a box between your group would be amazing!), or additional items to help a homeless person. Last year we were able to distribute 150 boxes and 46 rough sleeper packs to people for whom this time of year really is a struggle – this is a fantastic way of making a huge difference to the wider community!

Why not make it a team challenge? – Last year local companies competed internally to fill the most boxes and a local school was motivated by friendly competition between year groups.

If any of you are interested in joining in, here’s what we recommend:

Option 1 – Christmas Food Box for refuges, hostels and underprivileged families

  1. Take a photocopying paper box and lid:
  2. Picture 1Wrap box and lid separately in Christmas wrapping paper:
  3. Picture 4Fill it up with food for Christmas, selecting from the following suggested items:
  • Tins of salmon, ham or chicken breast
  • Tins of new potatoes, carrots, garden peas
  • Tin or pouch of long life quality casserole meal
  • Christmas pudding, custard, mince pies, Christmas cake
  • Luxury biscuits, chocolates/selection box
  • Jar of coffee
  • Snacks such as crackers, twiglets, savoury twists, nibbles
  • For family boxes a small toy, family game or book

Picture 3

  1. Box all food up
  2. Please list the contents of your box and pop it in so we can ensure everyone receives the right items.
  3. Call us to arrange a collection or delivery to The Orchard
  4. We will donate them to the worthy causes and centres in the Basingstoke and Deane area
  5. Total anticipated costs £25 – £30 per box. 

Option 2 – Donations of food to be distributed to homeless centres and hostels, can be from the list above or any of these:

  • Packs of pasta/rice
  • Pouches of pasta sauces
  • Tea and coffee
  • Long life milk
  • Biscuits
  • Sugar
  • Cereals
  • Cup soups, noodles

Picture 2

Option 3 – For someone who will be homeless this Christmas without fridge or cooker facilities

Many food outlets in the town centre provide hot water for rough sleepers, so we would like to ask you to consider:

  • Food items such as:
    • cup soups/noodles
    • tea bags
    • coffee (any food bags you can add hot water to)
    • ring-pull tins of hot dogs
    • ravioli
    • stews
    • rice puddings
    • high energy protein/cereal bars
    • chocolate biscuits/sweets/small selection boxes
    • multipack crisp/snacks
  • Equipment such as:
    • warm hats
    • scarves
    • gloves
    • socks
    • jumpers
    • coats
    • unwanted rucksacks or draw string bags
    • wind-up torches
    • sleeping bags
    • thermos flasks/cups
    • sturdy boots/shoes
    • toiletries

Finally, many companies in previous years have donated money to help with winter food box appeals.

If you would like to do this please contact Admin@BVAction.org.uk or make cheques payable to Basingstoke Voluntary Action and clearly write on the back Christmas Appeal

Please note we cannot accept any donations of alcohol or food containing alcohol

Dates for Donations

We will gratefully accept donations from Monday 3rd November.

Please deliver any food or items by Friday 5th December to Basingstoke Voluntary Action, The Orchard, White Hart Lane, Basingstoke RG21 4AF, or call us to arrange a collection.

All queries, please contact Natascha Shepherd on 01256 423816 or email Admin@BVAction.org.uk

Many thanks from all of us at BVA!!

If you would like a copy of a pdf to pass around at work or friends, please visit our website: https://www.bvaction.org.uk/

Sebastian’s Action Trust

I’ve driven past the Bluebells many times as we have friends who live in North Waltham. I always thought it looked like a posh nursing home. It was only when I visited on a works volunteer day, that I discovered exactly what the Bluebells is.

I can’t really explain how much my visit to Bluebells impacted me. It’s an incredibly moving but inspiring place and right on our doorstep.

Next summer I would like to do something to help raise funds for this fantastic place, via NHM. If you are interested in helping with this, please let me know.

Sebastian’s Action Trust

I am Jane Gates, a 50 year old mother of two from Binfield in Berkshire.

In 2003 my brave nine-year old son, who at the time was battling a rare form of cancer, inspired my husband Michael and I, together with our daughter Rebecca, to set up the charity, Sebastian’s Action Trust.

Our tireless work was recognised in 2012 when along with Michael I accepted the prestigious Pride of Britain Award on behalf of The Trust for our work and its impact.

Sadly my son, Sebastian lost his battle on the 24th of December 2003 but his vision, spirit and drive lives on through our work.

Today The Trust stands proud and is a tribute to Sebastian’s insight, bravery and vision.  His aim was to provide a place where life-limited children and their families can holiday together away from the rigours of hospital appointments, gruelling treatment schedules and prying eyes. Importantly for very sick children the home needed to be clean, safe and adaptable to meet their often complex physical and emotional needs.  Sebastian’s vision was simple, yet vital for those facing the loss of a beloved child; he wanted to create a private place where memories could be made which would last a life-time, even if that life was to be cruelly cut short.

In 2011 Sebastian’s vision was finally realised and The Bluebells, the UK’s first purpose built respite holiday home was completed. The Bluebells is located in the beautiful village Hampshire village of North Waltham.

It consists of:

  • two four-bedroom self-catering apartments, each with a lounge and kitchen diner which can support families using wheelchairs and specialist medical equipment
  • an indoor pool with spa with disabled access.  We hold a range of specialist dry suits so that children who have feeding tubes can still access the pool.
  • an indoor games area with a wide selection of computer games, traditional board games and toys
  • a home cinema
  • a multi-sensory room
  • a music room
  • an art room
  • a therapies room
  • an outdoor adventure play area
  • a nine-hole mini golf course &a secret meadow.

Since opening in July 2011 The Bluebells has given over 200 families the opportunity to spend precious time together, safe in the knowledge that the home is close to the hospital and that trained live-in staff are on hand to provide help and support should this be needed.

Our work now extends further into emotional and practical support for families during the darkest days of their lives.  This work is delivered by trained Outreach Workers who work with families to ascertain their needs and to deliver bespoke support aimed at easing their suffering and isolation.  Our work is primarily focused across Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire Surrey and Hampshire.  We do however also support families from further afield to come to The Bluebells because there is simply no other project of its kind in the UK.

PIC BY STEWART TURKINGTON www.stphotos.co.uk 07778 334771

For more information please follow the team on Twitter at @SebsActionTrust or on Facebook at Sebastian’sactiontrust.

Frugal Ideas: Clothing

NCT Nearly New Sales

Autumn and Spring are the best times to find an NCT nearly new sale. There are many in the area and if you are an NCT member you will be allowed entry into the sale before other consumers. Be warned though, they are a bit of a bun fight.

Table Top Sales in your area

The best way to find out about local table top sales are to look in the Gazette, The Observor (local papers) or read your local community leaflet or magazine. If you live near a Community Hall you can also keep a look out for posters advertising any local sales


Freegle not only allows you to offer your items for good, but it also allows you to request items. If you place a post with “Wanted” at the beginning an email will be sent out to the community and anyone who has your items available for offer will be able to email you directly.


This is along the same lines as Freegle but all items are priced for under £50.


Very similar to Cheapcycle but also includes bigger ticket items

Store Sales

If you sign up to many of the larger chain stores they will often email you dates of sales and discount codes.
Festival Place has the following places selling baby and children clothes (please let me know if I’ve missed any!):

Mama’s and Papa’s
Pumpkin Patch
New Look

Supermarket Sales

Many of the big supermarket chains have great clothing ranges that are very reasonably priced. Sainsburys and Asda seem to do baby clothes that are bigger in sizes and therefore last longer.

Little Pickles Markets

These tend to be in South Hampshire and the closest event is in Winchester.

Baby and Children Markets

There is a franchise who operates in Tadley and across Basingstoke. Keep an eye on the website for future events.

Are there any other frugal clothing ideas for babies and children that you can think of?

Unwanted Baby Items – Recycle/Reuse/Sell

What do you do with all of those baby items that you no longer need but don’t want to throw away? If you don’t have friends with babies whom you can pass the items on to, then the linky’s below might help.

Regardless of the state of the material, someone, somewhere, will be able to make money from it, even if the item is no longer salvageable. So don’t throw those baby clothes away, just take them to the textile bank/bin.


(I’ve used Freegle many times as it gives me a little buzz when I’ve made someone’s day by giving them something that they need, for free!)

Give them to charity

(If you are looking for furniture for your children’s play room then this is a great place to pick up cheap sofas, cheap tables, etc.)

Charity Shops in Basingstoke

  • British Heart Foundation – Wote Street
  • RSPCA – London Street
  • Cancer Research UK – Wote Street
  • St Michaels Hospice Shop – Kings Road
  • Shaw Trust – Wote Street
  • St Michaels Hospice Retail Ltd – Chineham Shopping centre
  • Annies Charity Shop – Elmwood Parade, Winklebury

Donate them to North Hants Hospital Maternity Ward

I don’t have the details for this but it’s on my list of things to find out about. I think they will take newborn clothes, sterilising equipment and donations of unused pre-packaged formula.

If you are breastfeeding and are very lucky to have “extra” they are also desperate for breastmilk donations for SCBU (Special Care Baby Unit).

However, the closest breast milk bank is at the Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton.


Sell Them

(There are also Nearly New Sales coming up in Hartley Wintney and Fleet, Woodley, Yateley and Farnham)

(I’ve used this site to sell goods that are priced less than £50)

Does anybody have any other suggestions for recycling, reusing or selling unwanted baby items?

Facebook Selling Networks

Buggys of Basingstoke and Surrounding Areas

Buy/Sell Basingstoke Baby Age – 5 years bits

Clarks Children’s Shoe Exchange – North Hampshire

Fitmama Baby Seconds

Facebay Basingstoke and surrounding areas

Basingstoke clothes

Items for Sale in Basingstoke

Basingstoke Shoe-a-holics

Basingstoke buy and sell what you like