Baby, child and family photoshoots for just £100

Baby Love Photography – Baby, Child & Family Photographer based in Fleet, Hampshire

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and that couldn’t be truer than when you have a child. It seems like only yesterday my son Flynn was born, but it was in fact nearly eight months ago. Where has that time gone?! Now thanks to a lack of sleep and the dreaded ‘baby brain’, I can barely remember what happened yesterday, let alone cast my mind back half a year to what facial expressions he used to pull, the clothes he used to wear, or how his hair used to look…..

….Fortunately I have my photographs to remind myself of those little details.

My name is Emily Gregory and I am the owner of Baby Love Photography. I absolutely adore taking photos, whether it be of a newborn baby having not long entered the world, a six-month-old who is really starting to explore or a one-year-old well and truly on the move. I’ve spent many a shoot running after toddlers or gently encouraging dads in front of the camera, despite their protests of “You don’t want an ugly mug like me in the photo”. If it falls under the remit of baby, child or family, I’ll capture it!

I am a lifestyle photographer, meaning I take the most natural of photos in the most natural of environments. I don’t work in a studio – I shoot on location, so either in your home or at a location of your choice. I use natural backgrounds and light wherever possible, but don’t worry if your home isn’t blessed with windows galore – my camera is well equipped to cope in darker conditions.

For just £100, you will receive a 1-2 hour photoshoot and 10 digital images. These will be delicately edited and emailed over to you to use as you please, whether that be displaying them on social media for all to see, forwarding them to friends and family abroad or printing them out and giving them as Christmas presents.

So what are you waiting for? Book a photoshoot with Baby Love Photography now and allow me to create some beautiful lifestyle shots that you will treasure forever.



Twitter: @Baby_Love_Photo


Telephone: 07891 908319

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Ideal Imaging Photography: Don’t just think outside of the Box; GO outside of it

Look out for my very special offer for NHM readers at the end of this post….and use this promo code to get a further 10% off – ‘NHMSPRING’…shh..just think Mother’s Day ;0) 

I’m very fortunate to be able to start this guest blog with a friendly hello to many of my existing local customers. 2014 was a truly amazing year during which I met so many wonderful families that I feel rewarded on a daily basis in my chosen career. Your support has been incredible and I would like to publicly thank you for putting your trust in me and my camera to provide you with lasting memories from your lifestyle photography shoots.

For those of you who I haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting, a warm welcome to Ideal Imaging.  Based in Old Basing, Hampshire, I specialise in family lifestyle and newborn portraits, along with wedding photography. Despite being my bread and butter, photography is my passion. I love what I do and that is reflected in my excitement over each and every couple or family that I work with. In fact, in my spare time, I enjoy … more photography – this time in the form of landscape photography. I’m always learning and have recently returned from an unbelievably satisfying week of one-on-one instruction in Italy with one of the top landscape photographers.

I believe that my love of landscapes enhances my ability to spot a great shot in a lifestyle shoot and this is one of the reasons that I take my camera and my creativity outside of the traditional studio setting to bring out the best in people. Don’t get me wrong, studio photography has a place. But it is a very different scenario to a lifestyle shoot.  To put this in to context, imagine that a studio photo shoot is about spending two hours trying to get one ‘perfect shot’ whereas a lifestyle shoot is about spending two hours capturing lots of great, candid images of everyone thoroughly enjoying themselves and therefore at their very best and ‘just being’.

Ask yourself the question; what do you love to do as a family? I’d be willing to bet that it isn’t the former scenario described above.  I’m a parent too; I understand the pressures of creating that perfect photo. The constraints of both time and space in a studio setting simply do not lend themselves to you (the collective you) being yourselves. Worries about children ‘warming’ to the photographer, ‘performing’ for the camera and generally being on their best behaviour mean that this is not conducive to creating a relaxed collection of memories to look back on. This is why I don’t just think outside of the box with my photography, I go outside of it.

With my old-fashioned approach to customer service I spend time getting to know you before I take a single photograph.  I want you to feel inspired to break free from the accepted norms.  I’ll encourage you to wrap up warm on a crisp, frosty morning and head to the beach for an invigorating walk, or to think of the warmth of spring and imagine running through a dreamy bluebell wood. You might prefer to consider a late afternoon frolic in the sunshine with the family dog or to feel the rush of the wind kicking up the autumn leaves and the glorious autumnal colour palette that season delivers. Whatever the time of year, we can work with the weather to provide you with a collection of stunning portraits that come alive with the personalities of each individual featured in the shot.

We’re programmed from a very early age to ‘smile for the camera’. I can give you a guarantee that you will never hear me give that instruction during my time with you. Not because I like to capture the enigmatic Mona Lisa pose, but because it just isn’t necessary as you’ll be doing the things you love, all with the bonus of having an expert photographer on hand to facilitate and capture the enjoyment that comes naturally to your family.

With my local knowledge, I have immediate access to many beautiful locations including Tylney Hall in Rotherwick, The Elvetham Hotel in Hook and The Vyne in Sherborne St John. All of these locations are steeped in history and make a spectacular backdrop to your personal portfolio. But lifestyle photography is all about you and if you prefer another location, or even your own back garden, we can tailor the session to suit you.

Without the constraints of time or the fixed limitations of four walls, we’re able to include more of what you love, and who you love. Bring the whole family along. In the past year alone I’ve worked with groups of up to 18 people covering the entire family tree. From newborns to great grandparents and every member of the family in between; including the person who is usually nominated as the family photographer!

Whether you’re looking for a piece of wall art to display, a timeless album to showcase your entire shoot or mounted prints and digital images of the highest quality, my flair for design and creativity guides you through the experience seamlessly to create unique galleries to last a lifetime.

After the shoot, a lot of my clients choose to stay and play a while longer.  After all, they’re simply having fun with the family! For me, giving you a fantastic experience is only half the job done and I set to work on creating a professional slideshow.  This is usually within about a week or two, for your review in the comfort of your own home. No trekking off to another studio and feeling the pressure of a sales pitch. The photographs that we’ve created together will speak for themselves allowing you to make relaxed decisions about how you’d like to remember your time with me!  I firmly believe that your images should be presented at their very best so that you can cherish and adore them for years to come. I work very closely with a couple of leading labs to bring you the finest selection of products, all made from the highest quality materials that will last in your family for generations to come.

As a thank you to you for taking the time to understand a little bit more about my approach to lifestyle photography, I have a special offer for all NHM readers. It’s for a Spring time themed family lifestyle portraits session in the grounds of Tylney Hall Hotel. A summary of what’s included appears below but for all the information, FAQ’s and to secure your package please go to:

I wish you all a very happy 2015 and hope to meet you in the coming months.

All the best,

Alistair Jones, Ideal Imaging

P.S. Here’s the link for the offer again: and remember to use the promo code ‘NHMSPRING’ to receive a further 10% off. This will expire on Weds 4th March.

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YouDeserveThis Luxury Photo shoot and Makeover Experiences for every woman.

YouDeserveThis icon


Hi my name is Michelle and with my husband Charlie we are the friendly team at YouDeserveThis.

We are really excited to be asked to write a guest post for NorthHantsMum.


Our studio is based in Tadley, nr Basingstoke, Hampshire

We specialise in beautiful photography for women of all ages, slim and curvy.

We want to take gorgeous photographs of you that you will treasure and be proud to share with family and friends.


Our YouDeserveThis Photo shoots are for sharing, so come with your Mum, Daughter, Sister or Best Friend, create beautiful memories, celebrate your relationships and have a wonderful day with us. You’ll have a great time.

“I would love to do this, but I don’t think I’m very photogenic”  We hear this all the time, lots of women are shy in front of the camera.


Don’t worry, from the moment you book your photo shoot we will guide you. We’ll ask how you would like to be photographed, give advice on clothing choices that will flatter you, chat about how to prepare for your photo shoot and be available to answer any questions you have along the way.

On photo shoot day, you will be pampered by one of our Professional Make Up Artist & Hair Stylists, who will ensure that you look stunningly glamorous ready for your photo shoot. During your photo shoot Charlie will gently guide you on posing and expression, this is always a giggle and calms any nerves.


Michelle is always on hand to make sure you are looking fabulous. We will take lots of photographs in different poses, changing backdrops and with 3 or 4 outfit changes there will be plenty to choose from.

We have sourced the very best quality products for you to display and share your beautiful photographs. Contact us for an information and pricing guide.


You can visit our website at


Watch our behind the scenes video, view our ‘before and after’ gallery and read our blog.


Christmas is coming… are you looking for a really thoughtful gift? Vouchers can be purchased in our online shop.

So are you ready to book a photo shoot?  Who will you share this uplifting experience with?

We would love to hear from you, contact us for more information.

Michelle and Charlie xx

YourFamilyDeserveThis Icon

YourFamilyDeserveThis – Newborn, Baby, Child and Family Photography


We also create fabulous family portraits and Michelle has specialised her training in Fine Art Newborn Photography.

Please contact us at for an information and pricing guide.

We are currently working on our new website which will be available to view soon:

Andrea Alvares Photography

Andrea is very kindly offering NHM Readers a free pregnancy photoshoot for those winter newborns, when you book a newborn photo session!

Please see the bottom of this post for more details…

Andrea Alvares Photography

This is me, Andrea Alvares.

A mother of one, and a true photograph enthusiast.

I love my child, my husband, and of course, my Nikon.

I find the smell of fresh rain somewhat pleasurably nostalgic, I drink less water than I probably should, and on the odd occasion I enjoy tucking into a good old Big Mac.

I am in love with this little gift called life. Capturing immeasurably special moments from behind my camera is my passion.

I believe that a warm, golden light, a laidback setting, and close, loving family is all that is needed to create the perfect mood for a photograph.

I am a lover of art. My camera is my paintbrush and the world is my canvas. With these two combined, I am able to capture and create beautiful, tasteful memories that will last a lifetime. I enjoy working with a variety of different clients and being a part of their art.

For as far back as I can remember, I have felt more fulfilled and more inspired with a camera in my mind. Since a young age, I’ve always aimed to capture “the perfect shot”; the one that would be fussed over and framed, and placed proudly on my desktop.

Today, my entire home is embellished with my art. And, my dear little desktop frame has been replaced with more impressive versions of its former self. My little frame has graduated to the most magnificent wall displays, canvases, and photo books, all of which display the most precious memories that my family has created. I believe that each and every beautiful memory deserves to be preserved.

As your photographer, I take pride in capturing your special memories created with your beloved family, and in turning those unforgettable moments into your own art. I ensure that your heartwarming memories are presented where they rightfully should be – in your own version of your little desktop frame – for the world to see and enjoy; the way it should be.

I really believe that every Mama deserves a great picture with her children and here is an amazing offer you Mamas to be!

As a mama to a winter baby I know how tricky those winter birthdays can be. No big BBQ birthday get togethers, no pool parties or bouncy castles. Us winter baby mama’s have to get creative and are destined for a lifetime of indoor birthday parties.

I think my fellow winter mamas to be out there deserve a wee bit of a break so I’m offering all of them a totally awesome free pregnancy photoshoot for those winter newborns who book a newborn photo session with me!

Enjoy, winter mamas. You deserve it!!!

Valid for due dates from January through April 2014.

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Guest Post Wednesday: MLB Photographic

Linzi has been a long time supporter of NHM so I was delighted when she contacted me to ask if she could do a Guest Post on NHM. Here is her post…

2013-07-06T12_04_29-canon eos 7d_v2_editNORTHHANTSMUM

Welcome to MLB Photographic!

My name is Linzi Wherry and I set up MLB Photographic ( MuchLovedBabe ) about 5 years ago.  I wanted to do something special work wise after having my three children Jessica (9), Ben (8) and Thomas(6) and not have to be stuck in an office working for someone else.

2013-06-01T12_08_01-canon eos 7d_v2NORTHHANTSMUM

Since the beginning I have enjoyed the ups and downs of being my own boss…. and as with all new business ventures there are usually teething problems.

I have worked my way these to where I am now by hard work and determination ( and of course with the help and support of my husband and customers, without whom my work would not be )

2013-07-06T11_22_09-canon eos 7dNORTHHANTSMUM

So whether you are looking for a Wedding, Maternity, Newborn or Family photographer I’m here to help you achieve those special memories that you will treasure forever !

My studio is in my home, therefore it allows me to provide a very personal experience – friendly, private, and fantastic for all kids of all ages…. even the shy one’s and the very new little tiny one’s….

2013-06-05T11_46_52-canon eos 7dNORTHHANTSMUM

As I said above I have three lovely children who are all at school come now.

I am therefore, lucky enough to be able to open on a daily basis by appointment only, between the hours of 10.30 and 2pm for sittings and 9.30 – 6pm for booking customers in.

I am  even open at weekend’s for those family shots when everyone can participate in the fun!  So please get in contact soon!

My website has the details of all the services I offer.

Thank you so much for reading my article, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!



Thanks for your support Linzi! I hope you get lots of follow up from your Guest Post!


Petra Cracknell Photography

Petra sent me a lovely email a while back, but unfortunately I never received her email with her guest post attached (don’t you love technology when it doesn’t work!). So, this is a few weeks late, but better late than never. I love the idea of one year special package and the collage’s below are gorgeous. I wish someone had told me about these packages when I was pregnant!

Petra Cracknell Photography, based in Pamber Heath (between Newbury, Reading and Basingstoke)

My name is Petra Cracknell and I have always had a passion for photography.

I believe it came from my granddad, a very keen photographer, and the hours I have spent with him developing films in a dark room.

The times have moved on and I embraced my passion even more with the arrival of a first digital camera. I was a keen travel and documentary photographer before my children arrived and my passion has moved to portrait.

Last year, I decided to take it up professionally and set up Petra Cracknell Photography for studio and lifestyle portraits.

I am very lucky to have the space to have a studio attached to my house, so the precious little time I have with my boys is not compromised by me being away a lot.

I have a fun approach to photography and I like my clients to feel relaxed and at ease in their sessions.

Sessions, packages and price list:

NEWBORN STUDIO SESSION                                        £60

There is nothing more special than capturing those memories of your baby’s tiny features. This time passes by so quickly.

The ideal time for newborn shoot is between 5-15 days when your baby is still very sleepy. Newborn babies are unpredictable, so allow between 1.5-2.5 hours for a photo shoot (think of all the feeding, burping, nappy changing you will have to do in that time).

Newborn shoots can take place in my studio where I can offer you a selection of backdrops, backgrounds and newborn photo props (baskets, crates, newborn hats etc) or at your home using natural light (a space for backdrop stand needs to be provided near a well-lit window). I use an extra heater in my studio for newborn sessions, so your baby feels cozy and warm.




The Studio shoot is ideal for toddles, children, families, maternity or couples.



Studio shoots using black or white background

Studio shoot using different backdrops

OUTDOORS/LOCATION SESSION                                  £50

The Lifestyle location shoot is ideal for families, children, toddlers, babies, maternity or couples.

Those photo shoots are generally a bit longer than studio sessions. I will meet you in a location of your choice which can be your back garden, local park, woods or place of interest near by etc.)

One of the lenses I use for an outdoor shoot is a 70-200mm lens, which means I can stand back a bit and let your children play and get used to me in their own time whilst still getting lovely close up photos.




Bump to Baby                                                                       £80

  • Savings of £30
  • 1 hour pregnancy shoot (around 30 weeks)
  • 1.5-2.5 hours newborn shoot (5-15 days)
  • All images from the day on a CD
  • 3x A4 prints of your choice

Watch me grow                                                                     £80

  • Save £30
  • 1.5-2.5 hour newborn shoot (5-15 days)
  • 1-2 hours studio or location shoot (6m – 12m)
  • All images from all sessions on a CD
  • 3x A4 prints of your choice

One special year                                                                  £150

  • Save £60
  • 1 hour pregnancy shoot (around 30 weeks)
  • 1.5-2.5 hour newborn shoot (5-15 days)
  • 1-2 hours studio or location shoot (6 months)
  • 1-2 hours studio or location shoot (1 year milestone)
  • All images from all sessions on a CD
  • 5x A4 prints of your choice

Please note: Additional petrol cost will be added for locations more than 20 miles away.

To book a session:

Call: 07738 727170


Or visit our facebook page: Petra Cracknell Photography

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Ideal Imaging Photography

Alistair contacted me about doing a Guest Post on NHM. He is very kindly offering a special offer to all NHM Readers, but you need to be quick to take advantage of this offer…


So, what are Lifestyle Portraits?

A big hello to all the readership of North Hants Mum and an even bigger thanks to Louise for asking me, Alistair Jones (aka Ideal Imaging Photography,, to write a little piece about the Lifestyle Portraits that I have been providing for babies, children and families across the region for the last few years.

So I hope you enjoy this overview and if you feel suitably inspired don’t miss the special offer I have for you at the end!

So let’s address the question – what are lifestyle portraits? Well, in short they are professional photographs of you and your loved ones captured away from the confines of a studio and either in the comfort and familiarity of your own home or out on location in stunning settings, the choice of which is only limited by our imagination.


As with any portraits session, first I’ll take the time meet my clients and find out a little bit about them and their families, the personalities involved and what they all like doing together. All this info is key for lifestyle portraits because we can then agree the location and style the shoot accordingly. For example it could be in the context of the family home and garden (particularly important for newborns), out on the bikes, with the horses, on the beach, a favourite park, a National Trust property or perhaps in the grounds of one of the luxury hotels that I work in collaboration with.

One of those hotels is Tylney Hall Hotel in Rotherwick whom I have been enjoying an on-going partnership with in providing their guests with ‘lifestyle photography breaks’ ( – full board overnight stays incorporating a photo shoot with me around the gorgeous grounds featuring the magnificent Italian Terrace.

Here’s a portfolio of some of the work I’ve produced there:

As with so many of the locations I shoot regularly at, Tylney Hall is perfect for lifestyle portraits all year round – carpets of daffodils and bluebells in the spring, sweeping lawns and water gardens for the summer, the vibrant reds of the maple trees in the autumn and the weathered textures and colours of the rustic stonework in the winter.


Here’s a lovely testimonial I received from a recent lifestyle portrait session at Tylney Hall:

 “We had a wonderful day with Alistair at Tylney Hall recently. My eldest daughter said “We should have more fun days like that” and my youngest daughter’s smile told a story itself! When the photos arrived, we were amazed by the beauty of what had been caught. It made it very difficult to choose as we loved all the photos. Capturing moments in time of our family was what we wanted, Alistair caught those moments and surpassed our expectations”


Whatever the venue, the lifestyle shoot is very informal, interactive, fun and relaxed. For ‘family sessions’ I allocate a good couple of hours, eliminating all concerns of time pressure. Children won’t be forced to provide the perfect smiles in the first 2 minutes but, rest assured, they sure will after some time running around, interacting with me and generally settling in. A variety of different settings will be explored and used in order to add variety to the photographs and maintain interest (particularly important for the little ones!).

The resulting images speak volumes. What I mean by that is that beyond the beautiful smiley faces there’s so much more depth and context to the portraits with the interesting background colours & textures and unique expressions which are so familiar to you now but you will want to capture forever more. These portraits reveal the true personalities of all those involved.


All in all Lifestyle portraits are all about creative and stylish, yet honest and timeless, photographic records of you and your loved ones that will hold so many more memories for you than perhaps the average portrait ‘grabbed’ in the studio. Indeed I’m very proud to say that my work was recently highlighted by VOGUE Magazine in their December 2012 ‘Tot Shots’ feature.

A very special offer to all NHM readers – claim by 18th March 2013!

If you are feeling suitably inspired and would love some lifestyle portraits then with the onset of Spring (finally!!) I have a very timely offer for you.

The offer is for a Family Lifestyle Portraits session in the grounds of  Tylney Hall Hotel plus 2 10×8” mounted prints of your choice from your session – normally worth £180 but all yours for £90, saving a massive 50%. And remember that this is a fun family 2 hour experience rather than just a photo shoot, all covered by my unique satisfaction GUARANTEE.

* feel free to choose another venue within a 5 mile radius of the RG24 postcode

But as I say, you’ll need to act fast. Follow the link below to purchase your voucher by 18th March:

But the good news is that the voucher is valid for sessions booked up to 31st May 2013, perfect for all those daffodils, bluebells, cherry blossom and other spring flowers to light up your family, children and their resulting portraits.

There’s more good news in that on top of your 2 10×8” mounted prints you can purchase further products. The products are of the same life enduring quality as any big studio but because I don’t have the same overhead I can price them a lot more competitively.


Ikon Works Photography

Tasha contacted me about publicising her Photography business, Ikon Works, via the NHM Friend on FB. I love that Tasha asked first, rather than adding something to the NHM Friend Wall without checking. Tasha’s enthusiasm is infectious and this is what she came back with:

Ikon Works Photography Example

Special Offer: 

I would like to offer NHM Readers: Book a 1 hour session in the studio with me for just £25 and get a free 10×8 image.  Just get in contact via my details below – it’s that simple! The images from your shoot will go onto my website in a password protected gallery, so you can review and pick your favourite! Should you require further prints my price list is on my website, or I can email it through to you.

About Ikon Works

Welcome to Ikon Works – where a wonderful photographic experience awaits you. Our photographs become our collections of memories, and it’s brilliant we can document more than faces, more than smiles, more than brief moments in our relationships and lives.  Whether you know what you want, or need a little inspiration – we are here to make something personal, memorable and special really come alive!

I love my kids, but I am sure you are asking – “what does this have to do with photography?” – Answer – “NOTHING!” – I have to write something about myself and rather than sounding all serious, I thought I would make it a little off the wall – which is so much more like me.  My studio is in my home, therefore it allows me to provide a very personal experience – friendly, private, and fantastic for all kids of all ages…. even the shy one’s and the very new little tiny one’s….

I have two lovely children who are both at school come September.  I am therefore, lucky enough to be able to open on a daily basis by appointment only, between the hours of 9.30 and 4.00 – I can even open at weekend’s for those family shots when everyone can participate in the fun!  So please get in contact soon!

My website has the details of all of the services I offer – I am currently re-developing the site, the new one has an expected launch date of September 2012.

About professional photographers

Your selection of a photographer is a very personal one, based on chemistry and instinct, reputation and cost.  Ultimately talking to a photographer should lead to your piece of mind and therefore allow you to relax and enjoy your photographic session.  A professional photographer should have studied photography, have a comprehensive knowledge of how to pose their subjects, be able to use reflectors, natural light, and studio light; all this will be carefully combined with a warm, easy going personality (specifically they should have the ability to connect with their subject).  Any photographer should undertake personally the development of their skills – on all levels.  Ask your photographer what they do – although be prepared for the photography geek to surface, it’s a business which allows our passion for what we do to be demonstrated in every way – in every shoot.

Tips for photographing your kids in your time!

Get down on their level.  It is good to photograph kids from their eye level.  Toddler shots are best taken sitting on the floor, bigger one’s mean your knees are going to take a bashing – and 5/6 months then I am afraid its time to be flat on your tummy propped up on your elbow’s!! Be prepared to move around quickly though!

Light.  Windows are an amazing source of “natural” light.  For example a large window with a slightly cloudy sky outside can give you the most flattering lighting for one of the things we love out about our children “their baby soft skin”.  Give it a go!

Focus.  So many times you see a picture where everything is perfectly centre.  Instead of having the subject of the photo in the centre, try moving your camera a little to the right or left.  Technically it’s called the rule of thirds – you can have a quick read about it here: DPS – Darren Rowse (Rule of Thirds)

Thank you so much for reading my article, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!



Thank you very much Tasha for the special offer for NHM readers and for the photography tips. I’ve had a look at the photo’s and they are lovely. Best of luck with the business!


New Photography Studio at Viables

Sarah Dutton Photography has a new studio that has just opened at Viables Craft Centre.

The studio specialises in portraits, weddings, pet portraits, product photography and more. The studio is appointment only, so please contact Sarah on for further information. (Don’t forget to mention NHM when you do! ;-))

Sarah Dutton Photography also has a Facebook page with regular updates of what’s happening at the studio. For group bookings, book five shoots and the sixth is free!

The studio has mother’s day photo sessions on the 11th March. They are doing a special offers of £30 for half an hour’s shoot, with all useable photos on a disc ready for Mother’s day.

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