Research Study for 4-8 year olds…

Helen sent me a lovely message about some research that she is doing at the University of Reading that she is hoping that some of you might be able to help her and her team with.

Research Study for 4-8 year olds…

I am a psychologist working at the University of Reading.

We are doing some research at the moment and are looking for families with children aged 4-8 years who might be interested in helping us learn more about anxiety in children.

We are looking for confident and anxious children to take part in the research.

I wondered whether you might be willing to post a link to the website explaining the research in case any of the NHM followers are interested?

The link is as follows:

This would be a huge help.

Thank you!

Summer born children (those born between 1 April and 31 August)

Louise sent me the details for this as it doesn’t seem to be well known, even though Hampshire is one of the most flexible counties.

I really wasn’t aware of this, so thank you very much Louise for the details!

I’m sure it will be useful to a LOT of NHM Readers.

There’s also a Facebook group called “Flexible School Admissions for Summer Borns” if you want to join the community.

Thank you to Charlotte for the following links too:

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Basingstoke under 6’s

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New Class: Kids Kan Dance

Kids Kan Dance


I’m Katie, the Founder and Creative Director at Kids Kan Dance.

Kids Kan Dance was born whilst I was on maternity leave after having my daughter, who has now just turned one.

I first started teaching dance 17 years ago at the dance school I trained at, since then I have taught in so many places and met so many amazing children.

Dance has been a huge part of my life since the age of 2 and I have always wanted to share this experience with as many children as possible, so when I had my daughter I knew it was the right time start something I had always wanted to do.

I wanted to create a dance concept that would enable children to explore all styles of dance and to use their imaginations in creative movement.

My vision is to teach children that there is a whole world of dance out there and to help them to find the styles that they love.

I knew that this was going to be an amazing journey, and hard work setting up a business with a new baby on board !

But, things have gone brilliantly and within 12 weeks of opening all my classes were fully booked.

I am now starting new classes ready to open after the February half term.

KKD offers two types of class

  • Kids Kan Dance with Mummy  – for children aged 6 months – 3 years
  • and Kids Kan Dance 4 FUN – for children aged 3-7 years

KKD classes are specifically designed for the younger dancer.

We offer a wide range of classes for all age groups so children will always be learning at the right level.

We believe that children should learn all styles of dance in a fun, exciting and educational environment.

Each week our classes cover a new theme such as animals or numbers for the younger children and musical theatre or jumps and leaps for the older children.

Our dance with mummy programme offers the chance for parents and children to really get to know their dance teacher, their style of teaching and what goes on during class together.

Our 4 Fun programme helps children learn about all the different styles of dance so they can, together with their parent, make an informed choice about which styles they would like to continue with.

Once children are ready they will then be invited to join our speciality classes at the K Dance Academy.

Kids Kan Dance has been open for 5 months now and is growing day by day, it’s been an exciting time and I’m loving every minute of it!!​

Thanks for reading and if you would like any more information about classes then please contact me at

Katie x

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Toddler Games: Making Gloop!

This post is for Jo who thought I said “Goop” and then thought I was best friends with Gwyenth Paltrow because she has a blog called “Goop” :-D.

I’ve been wanting to do this for ages with Miss NHM, since before she was born! I can’t even remember where I first found out about Gloop, but it’s such a simple idea and a very cheap activity.

What you will need

1 cup cold water

2 cups corn flour

Random buttons

Making the Gloop

Slowly add one cup of water to two cups corn flour in a bowl.


Stir until the water is absorbed by the corn  flour.

Add buttons. Fishing buttons out of the gloop is great for your little one’s fine motor skills.


Miss NHM played with the Gloop for about an hour. We had a brilliant time playing with it and fishing the buttons out added another dimension to her interest.


Go to the toilet before you start. I didn’t do this and spent most of the time playing, wishing I had gone beforehand! The thought of leaving Miss NHM on her own or trying to get her to stop playing just wasn’t an option!


Don’t use fabric buttons like I accidentally did. Duh.

Do this somewhere that you don’t mind getting dirty. We found the kitchen was the best place. I probably wouldn’t do this in a carpeted room.


You can also step it up a level by adding either food colouring or food essence. We might try this next time.

Also, if the weather is nice next time we try this, I will try this outside.

Let me know if you enjoy this activity as much as we did!

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Alternatives for those affected by the closure of two local nurseries…

I hope this isn’t too late if any of you have been affected by the closure of two local nurseries.

Cheryl sent me a message asking me to let you know about the offer that Cornerstone Nurseries has:

Cornerstone Nurseries are sorry to hear that both Headstarts & Funhouse nurseries have closed at such short notice.

We would like to offer any parents affected by this, emergency childcare at one of our 3 settings in Basingstoke, with 1/2 price fees for the month of October to help with the disruption you’ve had.

If you then choose to stay with us, we will guarantee a permanent place for your child (at our standard fee rates).

For more information please call 01256 818118.

Spotlight UK Classes for preschool children

Meg sent me a message asking me to let you know about the classes for preschoolers that are at Spotlight UK:

The classes at Spotlight UK are a fab way to meet parents with our jammed packed timetable for preschool age children…..

  • GYM TOTS – Tuesdays 10-11 am – £2.50 per week
  • PARENT & BABY FITNESS – Tues 11 am – 12pm – £2.50/wk
  • PARENT & BABY FITNESS – Wed 11 am – 12pm – £2.50/wk
  • BABY BALLET – Thurs – 1- 1.30pm – £2.50/wk
  • TINY TAPPERS – Thurs – 1.30-2pm – £2.50/wk
  • GYM TOTS – Fri 1-2pm – £2.50/wk

Spotlight UK based in Popley, Basingstoke would like to welcome all Parents and babies to our pre school classes.

Call now today to book or find out more: 01256 325 420 or contact the team via their facebook page: Popley Spotlight Centre

Registered Charity No: 1129258

Games to play with your baby or toddler

Are you looking for ideas for games to play with your baby or toddler?

The following link, from cow and gate, shows a play time planner which allows you to input the time you have available, whether you want to play indoors or outdoors and the age of your child. You hit return and at the bottom of the screen are a list of relevant games to play with your child:

BabyCentre also have some great ideas for games to play with your little one. If you have signed up for the weekly email from BabyCentre it will include the games that are relevant for your toddler or baby’s age. If you haven’t signed up, you can find the list of games at the links below:



Do you know of any other websites that have a great list of games to play with your little one? Please add to the comments section or on the Facebook page. Thanks!

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All those Questions you’ve been dying to ask your Toddler…

1. What is something Mummy always says to you?

2. What makes Mummy happy?

3. What makes Mummy sad?

4. How does your mummy make you laugh?

5. What did your mummy like to do when she was little?

6. How old is your mummy?

7. How tall is your mummy?

8. What is her favorite thing to watch on TV?

9. What does your mummy do when you’re not there?

10. What is your mummy really good at?

11. What is your mummy not very good at?

12. What does your mummy do for her job?

13. What is your mummy’s favourite food?

14. What makes you proud of your mummy?

15. If your mummy were a cartoon character, who would she be?

16. What do you and your mummy do together?

17. How are you and your mummy the same?

18. How are you and your mummy different?

19. How do you know your mummy loves you?

20. What does your mummy like most about your daddy?

21. Where is your mummy’s favourite place to go?

22. What is one thing you wish you could change about your mummy?

23. What would your mummy do with a million pounds?

24. What do you wish you could go and do with your mummy?

25. What is one thing you hope never changes about your mummy?