Guest Post: Surviving Primary

Wendy sent me an email asking me if I could have a look at her blog and see if I had any feedback.

It’s a brilliant blog with lots of really great suggestions and has helped me with supporting and engaging Miss NHM through her journey at Primary.

Hopefully it helps you too!

Thanks for the great blog Wendy!!!

Surviving Primary

I’m a Mum with two kids at Primary School. It’s always a struggle keeping up with all the different subjects that they cover every term or half term. You try and help your kids as best you can but we all know that time is precious and sometimes you don’t have a lot of time at weekends.

I started putting my ideas down into my blog so that I could remember what resources we used and what home activities we all got involved in, to help continue the learning at home. It contains links to books, home craft ideas, days out, costume ideas and even YouTube videos.

I’m hoping that this blog will help other parents, guardians or carers out there.

Remember to share/comment on the blog. The more interaction it has, the more help to other parents. Let’s share our ideas to make things easier for ourselves!

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