Junior and Family Classes at Basingstoke Sports Centre

Junior Bootcamp at Basingstoke Sports Centre Thursdays and Fridays 4.25-5.25pm (this half term started last Thur and Fri and is £22.80 for the six weeks, there are still spaces). Next half terms starts 25th&26th April.

Mini Movers at Basingstoke Sports Centre Thursdays 11.15-11.45am (pre-school movement class), this half term is 6 weeks long and is £12 for the course, (works out at £2 a class).

Family Pedal at Basingstoke Sports Centre Saturdays 12.10-12.40pm. Spin class for the whole family. Also £12 for 6 weeks this half term (spaces left).

For more info: https://www.mybst.org/basingstoke

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